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  1. WOW this was unexpected. Thought we'd never get new music from them.
  2. This was an instant buy for me, even before listening, knowing it's Hunter from AFI, Matt Skiba, and being put out on Asian Man Records. Snagged myself a bundle. The shirt is pretty cool.
  3. Agreed, but rumor mill on the afi subreddit is that people have reached out to the band/band's management directly and they aren't aware of it... On another note, I was at the record release show for Crash Love at the Roxy and it remains the most memorable AFI show I've been to, and one of the most memorable shows I've ever been to. They brought up Geoff Kresge and Nick 13 to sing NyQuil with them.
  4. All right, now let's speculate 20th anniversary show exclusive merch. STS repress /500 on silver with silver cover????
  5. My devil's advocate take on this (and I say this as a spectator, never been involved in writing/recording/releasing music on a label): I guess I understand why Chad Gilbert is upset about small labels acquiring licenses to re-press his music on vinyl without him knowing, but my dude, the reason this is able to happen is because of the contracts you signed when recording and having these large labels release your music. Signing contracts like that can bite you in the ass if you make it big, but it could go the other way around if the band never took off. That's the premise of these types of contracts. The label gives a generous(ish) offer (I assume) but they take on a lot of the risks associated with putting out an album. You'd be able to legally stop it from happening/let your friends put the vinyl out if you hadn't sold your rights to make those kinds of decisions, rather than just banking on "my blessing." Idk, am I off-base with this one?
  6. Was able to get an order in at 8:13am pst for the custard. Received a Paypal confirmation, but no order confirmation from the label. We'll see... Site is now showing a banner that says "Sorry, but we aren't open for business"
  7. There seem to be some left here, but only as a bundle with a shirt: https://ceremony.merchtable.com/
  8. I'm not familiar with your exclusive variants. Do you carry copies in-store or do these usually just sell out online?
  9. Snagged, just under $17 shipped ain't too bad. I'm bummed their record release show for this is going to be in LA though. I believe this is only the second time ever they haven't had a record release in the Bay Area. The other time being the Sick 7" record release, which was in Pomona in 2010 with Circle Jerks, 7 Seconds, and Municipal Waste. If anyone is going to be there on Thursday and can hook me up with the Brain Dead-only copy, I will be more than happy to pay for one.
  10. They're up for me now on Spotify US, holy shit these tracks are rad. Would love a full length of this style.
  11. Wow, love the new single. And that LP price isn't too bad, glad to see.
  12. Am I missing something or was the Newbury Comics exclusive $69.99? Also, small gripe but I dislike how similar this color is to past variants.
  13. While I don't have a copy of the bootleg, I can confirm, the original press of this album did not sound good.
  14. A thread I didn't expect to be bumped today. I miss this band.
  15. I remember paying $24.99 for this through Adeline mailorder. Then picking up a second used copy from a local record store for $29.99 and thinking it was nuts to charge more for an unsealed record. Crazy to see the price of them now, and bootlegs. If the band (specifically Davey Havok) have any say in it, I doubt any of their releases will ever get repressed officially.
  16. It's letting me add to cart right now. Don't think I'll order one though.
  17. Dang, no bumps? I'm digging the dreamsicle color combined with that album art.
  18. Man, I'm so tempted. I've passed on all other pressings of this album, and I really like that colorway and print.... 70 bucks though.....

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