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  1. Reading through this thread I couldn't help but chuckle at the people who said they had one in their cart but passed on it because of the ridiculous price of $55.
  2. I got my NUFAN in the mail 2 days ago, but I live less than 50 miles from Fat. Never got a shipping notification, but I did get a "Delivered" notification.
  3. Wow what a blast from the past reading this thread. Can't believe how long it's been. Thanks for posting, I can never have too many variants of this, I think it's my favorite TA record.
  4. The problem with that is that it wasn't a mystery box, it was something like "spend $35 or more in the store and get a free Have Heart 7 inch" And it was an April Fool's Day prank. I got one, I thought it was hilarious. People were PISSED.
  5. By the way, PVC sleeves are terrible. I'd say 80% of mine are hopelessly split or just cracked and ruined. The other 20% have "minor" splits.
  6. You got it all wrong, only the first 1,000 were limited to 1,000. After that, it's unlimited. Hope that clears things up! /s
  7. $52 for full band would be cool. $52 for just Tom is not.
  8. These songs aren't great but I'm a sucker for AFI. Their last few albums took some time to grow on me so maybe these tracks will too.
  9. Missed the standalone but snagged a shirt bundle. Not much of any of the shirt/hoodie sizes left at all.
  10. I had an email come in from Fat Wreck at exactly 12 noon PST, clicked the link and the record wasn't up yet. Refreshed a few times then it was finally up. Ordered it, then posted the link here. All within a couple of minutes. Looks like the Tweet was posted at 12:17, by which time the stand-alone was close to sold out, if not already sold out.
  11. Individual sold out. Get it with the beanie while you can!
  12. The individual Color Vinyl will be sold out very soon from the looks of it.

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