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  1. Please make offers if you're interested Updated 4/6 with what is left. 12" Records - Blink 182 Splatter Series: Buddha: Clear w/ Baby blue, green and yellow splatter Cheshire Cat: Clear w/ Blue, yellow and green splatter Dude Ranch: Clear w/ Yellow, orange and brown splatter Enema of the State: Clear w/ Red and blue splatter The Mark Tom and Travis Show (2lp) Clear w/ Pink, blue and green splatter Take off your pants and jacket: Clear w/ Red, yellow and green splatter Blink 182 (2 lp): Clear w/ Pink and green splatter Greatest Hits: Clear w/ Black and grey splatter Neighborhoods: Clear w/ Black, grey and white splatter Coheed and Cambria: The Color Before The Sun: Storm Blue (Tour Edition) Not Opened -Panic! at the Disco: Too Weird to live, Too rare to die: White w/ rainbow splatter -The Early November The Mother, The Mechanic and The Path (3LP) White w/ Purple Haze 7" Records -fun. We Are Young/One Foot PIcture Disc -Batman Animated Series Theme Song Man-Bat Edition -Chiodos RSD: R2Me2/Let me get you a towel: Transparent green
  2. It looks like TDR put up some more of the first press variants as well. They really did an awesome job with all the colors
  3. It would be awesome if we got some great "cheetah videos" like they did for Self-titled and TOYPAJ...keep the fans updated and such...I always loved it when they'd update their website with a new Cheetah video
  4. There was a pre order for Panic! at the Disco's A Fever You Can't Sweat Out and Fall Out Boy's Take This to Your Grave, about a year and a half-2 years ago
  5. The one I got from merchnow (the smokey blue) isn't gatefold, but I really wanna get that 180g gatefold from the uk