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  1. Well the name is appropriate... $30 +$10 shipping for a single LP. It isn't terrible, it just sounds like you listened to Science Fiction and wrote a whole album that sounds kind of like 137.
  2. Any Blonk collectors who don't have the clear with splatter with the censored "What's My Age Again?" looking for one? Hit me up if you're interested. I can't get myself to buy another copy while I have this one, but I'd really love one I could play without it frustrating me that it's not how I remember.
  3. Honestly, and not trying to be a jerk here, I would suggest returning that player and getting something else if you think she is going to continue down this path and you're able. There is a pinned thread on this sub called "a beginner's guide to hi-fi" - give that a read. Best of luck!
  4. So glad I waited on Metaphysical Graffiti, found one sealed on discogs under $30 instead of $50. Still more than I like to pay, but worth it to continue snagging these reissues.
  5. You're not wrong. You know I'm not about $40 single LPs either, and have gone out of my way to deride the greed of labels in the past, so it's out of character for me to get hyped about one. This is really good, and as I said a good bit of that price is shipping from Europe, so that feels like it softens the blow a little.
  6. I was listening to it tonight and bit the bullet on it. It really is pretty awesome. I love it when these old private label presses get some love and are rediscovered by people outside the usual sphere that would know about it. 😄
  7. Saw this on Reddit, thought I'd share. This is an insane psych/blues album from 1971 getting a re-issue shipping Dec. 16 (alegedy). Aaaaaanywho, check it out. Get it or don't. It's pretty bananas though. A little steep on price. And by a little I mean it's $40 for a single LP after shipping which is nuts, but it's because it's being imported from EU and the shipping is quite a bit. https://farmband.bandcamp.com/album/farm
  8. It took me a minute to find it in the app, but if you press the search button, the barcode scanner will pop up right next to it. As Mitchard and I said though, it likely will not be super accurate, especially for older records that will share a barcode across a large number of different presses.
  9. Right on. I thought at some point they had a barcode scanner in the app, but I may be remembering wrong, or it got removed.
  10. I'm way with you in the first half. This isn't for me, but im glad whoever likes it does. The issue with the second half of what you said is they'd have to make it able to scan matrices and etchings to actually be accurate for most older pressings, which would be terribly hard. As someone who has taken the time to go through and carefully and accurately catalogue 90+% of my collection...it's time consuming, but a worthwhile endeavor. I can't be put out to add any of my weird old Korean, Japanese, and Chinese records that have no entries on discogs though, so it will never be complete.
  11. Graveface put out a cassette version of Sagarmatha for Black Friday RSD to go along with their vinyl re-issue. https://graveface.bandcamp.com/album/sagarmatha?mc_cid=1351fdcb0a&mc_eid=b012045a2b They've also put out tape copies of Peregrine, Two Conversations, and Illumination Ritual.
  12. Ah, right. The argument that because worse things are going on in the world another shitty thing doesn't matter. Gotta love that old chestnut. More than one thing can suck at a time. And suggesting someone give up a hobby they've been involved with for 18 years because they voiced an opinion you appqrently disagree with? Seems like you're super stable and fun to be around.
  13. I'm quite familiar with Fantastic Planet, and Failure as a band. I've said it before and I'll say it again, aftermarket prices should have no effect on a new pressing of a release. If that were the case you'd be paying ridiculous prices for most represses that have been OOP for a while.
  14. $50 is steep for any of these. I'm not sure when $50 2xLPs became acceptable to people, but I hate it. Not even The Weeknd, who is notorious for high priced vinyl, has had the gall to cross that threshold yet, and just because this is a band people here like doesn't mean this is a good price. There is nothing extra here to differentiate this from other bands/labels putting out gatefold 2xLPs for $30.
  15. I know that feeling. I need to have a garage sale next summer and get rid of a bunch of stuff.
  16. It feels like we used to have this thread, but all I can find anymore is the (band or label only) one or whatever it's called. Here's mine. I actually have a solid number stuck in that closet as well, but I'm not about to drag them out of them our.
  17. Sure, or course. The other option is not to do either obviously, and hopefully that drives the price down rather than paying artificially inflated prices and encouraging it across the board for other releases. Whatever you do is up to you, we can all only do our best in any endeavor, and that differs for everyone.
  18. Not a huge deal, but if you buy this it just means you're part of the problem causing this.
  19. You have so many 10" that it's hard for you to decipher which is which in alphabetical order? Like...yeah, sucks that it isn't on there but I think you're making it a bigger deal than it is. I have 2000+ records and literally 15 of them are 10"
  20. Yyyyyyyikes. Missed this by a while, but kind of glad since I likely would have passed at $40 shipped anyway. Wow.
  21. So...wow. Stopped by Walmart today and bought a bunch of stuff I didn't expect to. Garage Inc, Load, Reload, Jagged Little Pill, Sour, and Man In The Moon 3 for $15 each. Never would have probably gotten most of those if they were more than $15, but still sweet.