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  1. Bummer. Changed lyrics on Handguns and Second Chances, and taking bitch out of Bastard Son if it was going to be included as a bonus track.
  2. So. Is this re-recorded? I've been seeing a bunch of stuff about changing lyrics and whatnot. I'll probably just cancel my order if it is.
  3. Lol. No hate, my doggie, just no trust for you either.
  4. Like I said above, they came back to make themself feel better. I'd imagine they were kind of hoping someone would forgive them, but they really just want to give themself the sense that they're "doing the right thing" by admitting they suck. It's like that step in AA when they try to make amends to people they've wronged. It's not to actually do anything for the people they hurt, but to try to assuage their own shitty image of themselves. This person sucks and they're trying to make themself feel ok about doing garbage shit. I don't believe their sob story above for a second either. "The mob was after me for money!!" Nah. I do believe maybe they were addicted to something, lots of people with addiction problems do shitty things, lots don't though so that's not a great excuse either. All in all, shitty person does a shitty thing, then tries to make themself feel better by admitting it. Probably not even sorry about it in reality. I'd bet if they were accepted back here with open arms they'd do the same thing again. Fuck this turd.
  5. It's probably my favorite minimalist/ambient record I've listened to, so it was a must have for me. The album they're bundling it with is great too, so I went ahead and got both. I just knew if it went through a long time of being oop again I wouldn't be able to afford or justify buying it. Shit was stupid expensive.
  6. Got my bundle today, so stoked to listen to this! Can't wait to get my Wave Notation 1 from LITA sometime.
  7. Yeah....on desktop I'm not seeing the search function. What's up with that?
  8. Finally got around to watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and it's got me listening to a lot more Yes than I did before. How is that song so good?
  9. ::sigh:: the holy trinity of anime soundtracks. Probably just going to be teased, but never released.
  10. Yeah. Considering the other set coming out is $90+ dollars and doesn't have all the extras or FWWM, that seems like a really good price. I ordered the second I saw it was under $200.
  11. @Sturdy You're just back here to make yourself feel better and nobody has anything for you here. You did shitty things to a bunch of people and I hope you've genuinely changed, but:
  12. I've been saying if they did a full release of everything on blu-ray I'd pick it up. Looks like this is it.
  13. Psyopus, now there's a name I haven't heard since I moved away from Rochester. They seemed like a real joke there though. I've never seen anyone actually stoked about them.
  14. Beastie Boys are one of those groups that I always want to pick up more than I've got, but just can't seem to justify more than Paul's Boutique and Licensed to Ill.
  15. The original is literally like 4 episodes ok 6. Just watch it. It's so good.
  16. Nah, I enjoyed that show, but the soundtrack isn't anything I need to grab up. I'd be more likely to get something like Trigun than Champloo. Also, totally not a weeb, but I sure do love me a bunch of anime and jrpgs.
  17. Too lazy to see if there is a thread for this buried somewhere but I remember some folks hoping for this when the other reissues were happening. A little steeply priced as most MOV releases are. Amazon looks cheapest in the US right now with Bullmoose right behind, about a dollar more. Feeling too lazy to post links, maybe later.
  18. It's only following it's programming dude. Blame it's designer, not it. Poor thing is hated for just following it's prime directive.
  19. Yup. I'll very rarely, but occasionally buy a blind boxed figure when I don't really care what I get/like all of them, but I'd never go in for blind boxed records, and especially not these gimicky 3" records. Garbage.
  20. Yeah, you had to buy some ridiculous bundle to get it. I think it was timed presale though maybe? Not an exact number to sell out of. It was still a bummer. I don't usually go in for OSTs, but I'd be in for this one, Cowboy Bebop if it ever gets a reasonable priced version, and Evangelion.