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  1. It's so frustrating to me that no one else seems to know what it happening.
  2. I'll be honest with you, it's as much that they're not an established member of the boards and they created this account specifically to shill their instagram and will probably never contribute anything of value to this forum, or had any plans to ever visit it again as the fact that they said Vinyl's instead of vinyl. edit: but I assume you probably already knew that.
  3. Cool, cool. Start a vinyl blog but you don't know that the plural of vinyl is vinyl. Get fucked.
  4. Yeah, the paypal thing was my plan if they don't let me cancel. I have no desire to get it and then resell that shit, and if it somehow turns out to be a huge banger I can always pick up a black copy down the line somewhere or a repress.
  5. Yeah, I pretty much just said, "Hey, these tracks have some of the worst production I've ever heard. Any possible way I could cancel this order because this album is going to be terrible."
  6. What people need to do is push for In Reverie to be repressed through Run Out Groove. Universal owns that program right? Pretty sure they also own DreamWorks.
  7. Yeah, that's the album that lost me for them and I was a huuuuuuuge fan of theirs as a teenager.
  8. Eh. I went ahead and sent them an email seeing if they'd cancel anyway. Worth a try.
  9. Yeah, I had commented in that thread too. I actually hate this more.
  10. I started to listen to this on my phone earlier and was like, "This sounds like butt, let me wait until I get to some decent speakers." So I got to something better, and it still sounds soooooo fucking bad. Why do the drums sound so...splashy? that's not the right word. It's almost like there is a layer of static over them. I don't think I've ever hated production on an album as much as I hate what I've heard on these tracks.
  11. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but anyone saying this is absolutely nuts.
  12. The production is...not great. I never take anything museummouth has to say too seriously though.
  13. Yeah, I'm with you. I've never seen Amazon charge until something is ready to ship.
  14. If you need Metallica - S/T, keep an eye on it. It dropped to $16.99 the other day and then went up again really quick. I got an order in and it arrived today.
  15. Bump. Have had some interest in a few things, but I'm not giving these away guys. Very fair prices compared to discogs/eBay though.