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  1. As someone who has undoubtedly sold almost as many limited edition Vinyl Me Please exclusives as the company itself, where do you see the future of both the forums and VMP headed?
  2. I bought the 7"s and told OP that "subtlety" is not VC's "strong suit". They arrived today and were packed perfectly and play better than Mint. I don't have a camera but here is proof that I got them and am happy.
  3. I have heard whispers that they only sold 500 of the 1,000 copies and will very much maybe perhaps definitely not be making more than 500 now. So, in short, the box is confirmed to be limited to 500 now and you will need want to pay extra on eBay now.
  4. If you disregard everything the main vinyl dude at Warner has publicly said, it's possible.
  5. Download cards add an unnecessary level of complication and stress to reselling limited edition vinyl. Whenever a customer emails me to complain that their download card expired or wasn't included with their $150 record, I send them this boilerplate response:
  6. It seems like Warner is "promoting" and selling this repress directly to vendors as a distributor and not promoting and selling it direct to the customer, so there'd be no need for a promo campaign to announce the repress. It'd be the vendors' job to promote this new product they're buying from Warner. Whether some sites sincerely thought this was a repress or whether they were engaging in some sly marketing tactics is unknown. Weight wise, it's supposed to be 140 grams but it's possible there is variation and some copies might come close to 180. A lot simpler of a release/repress if you just ignore all the speculation and go by what the dude from Warner shared on Instagram.
  7. Bullmoose and all the other places are still waiting to receive their stock from whatever distributor found these extra copies. Looks like Music Direct got their stock in today so you should hear something from Bullmoose in the next few days.
  8. I thought the 3 episodes before the finale were fine to great. Everything else was really bad for me. The increasing amount of layers of abstraction from what was once an interesting metaphor have created a really bad, stupid Matrix sequels-esque literal/metaphorical-hybrid that makes sense in spurts but, as a whole, is just philosophical and character alphabet soup. I really hope they streamline things and focus on a strong story in season 3 and let the trick of multiple time lines take a back seat. /end negative opinion
  9. Some of my best record sales/buys took 3-6 years to complete. Also, drugs.
  10. Oh yeah! I forgot that each co-label got their own portion of color copies, so that was a good call checking the other labels' web stores out.
  11. It's not unheard of for either PIAPTK or Baby Gas Mask to slowly leak out stray copies of sold out pressings, so I'd keep tabs on both of their sites and Baby Gas Mask's Discogs store. The price may be a bit higher than the original price but it might also be lower than what flippers ask for on eBay/Discogs.
  12. I can see that. I think both a loose attachment and a hyper tight attachment help with this record. If you're not a huge AF fan and casually browsing Spotify's new releases playlists for your new music, which is filled with major label D-level/AAA artists, the album isn't wildly different than anything else they offer as "rock" or "indie" music and maybe it's better. If you really really love AF, you can look at the record in a way where you think "Hey, this song is so terrible...that it's now good!" If you're in the middle, you know too much about AF's discography to think this matches up and you probably are too busy listening to other music to dedicate hours to trying and liking it. I am sincere though when I say that I think it's a bad album but that it is cool that people can discuss it and think about it this much, which is much more than albums that are better.
  13. I'm not sure it was intentional but Arcade Fire seem to have provided legitimate value in the form of giving dedicated fans an opportunity to challenge themselves. The album is very mediocre, if not terrible, and very easy to dismiss for most people but I see some followers sticking with it and trying to find positives or relate with the thought behind certain choices. That level of interaction and thought energy is more than you can say for many albums that are better quality wise.
  14. This won't work for everyone but...get banned from VC for making threats to other members, come back immediately under a fake persona of a Russian scene kid whose dream is to backpack to the United States, give silly advice to someone asking for sincere advice, and you should feel great and fulfilled within seconds.
  15. Normally, when people share their music or a project they're working on, we are all really nice to them and we keep an open, supportive attitude. But, sadly, the music just isn't on par with where it should be quality wise. And, because of that, we have to be painfully honest and tell you that it needs improvement, as difficult as it is for us to be negative. Sorry.
  16. How can we fully tear you apart/further insinuate that you are stealing our golden suggestions if we don't have a link?
  17. Take a look at why we focus on one instead of the other and whether we use these sorts of incidents to illuminate the larger situation or distract/deflect from the larger situation. One take is to highlight the UC Berkeley violence as a means to ADDING it to the growing list of troubling and extreme actions occurring from multiple 'sides' and filling out the conversation further. How does violence present itself in troubling political climates? Is the value of violence ruled by a simplified ideology such as "All violence is bad always" and, if so, is that ideology invoked every time a violent act is committed? If not, is there a pattern or common link between the cases where violence is denounced or the cases when it is overlooked? Could there be a biased advantage to minimizing some acts of violence while highlighting others? Is that bias justified if it contributes to less overall violence or is a response to more sinister forms of violence? Or is all bias wrong, again raising the question of whether we want to place blanket simplified rules on things? The point of all those questions is that simply denouncing violence can be important but its also very basic and offers little value without asking or answering those follow up questions. Similarly, it can also be counter-productive. Stripping out context and foregoing follow-up reflection can feel ideologically pure and re-affirming, since you're taking a wild and insanely unpredictable thing and making it solvable with 1 sentence, but it's impractical. For example, there exists a scenario where an individual can use calls for peace, something that without context or further reflection is universally good, as a way to deflect and distract from the larger problem of violence, which is harmful and not productive in practice/reality. This was done with the "All Lives Matter" reaction. It is done in this thread where people who have sat in silence on many instances of violence and troubling international threats suddenly appear when the situation involves liberal college students and begin calling for peace or singling out specific users and calling for them to behave. The calls for peace are not asking us to look at the larger world and how violence has infiltrated that political climate...they are asking us to hyper-focus on this one incident and, effectively, narrow our sights and focus.
  18. At least, the UC Berkeley incident has finally given us an appropriate opportunity to talk about peace. The last few weeks have been so boring and barren of any incidents or world events that could serve as immediate examples of why peace, understanding, and tolerance are important. If we believe in true peace, we should focus all our energy and attention on this specific incident and resist temptation to look away at other events occurring in the world.
  19. Wasn't WAXXX a small business owner who helped create our economy and was tired of being penalized by Barack Obama and liberal over-regulation? Now he is a backpacking Russian scene kid who wants to come to America? What happened to posters keeping one consistent false backstory?
  20. Our family dog used to play fetch with itself all alone in the backyard when it was bored too.
  21. That sounds really inconvenient to have to use your parents address. I'm sure @Polyvinyl Record Co. can set it up so all copies go to the same address every month?