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  1. mucusoffmybrain

    Primus Reissues

    Stephen Marcussen mastered the albums and cut the new lacquers at Marcussen Mastering. November 16: Pork Soda (2LP 180g black) Pork Soda (2LP ltd. edition gold metallic color vinyl) – 1,000 copies worldwide First vinyl pressing since 1996 Newly remastered from original analog tapes Brown Album (2LP 180g black) Brown Album (2LP ltd. edition translucent orange color vinyl) – 1,000 copies worldwide First vinyl pressing since 1997 Newly remastered from original analog tapes November 30: Tales From The Punchbowl (2LP 180g black) Tales From The Punchbowl (2LP ltd. edition magenta color vinyl) – 1,000 copies worldwide Brand new cover art First vinyl pressing since 1995 Miscellaneous Debris (1LP EP 180g black) Miscellaneous Debris (1LP ltd. edition olive green color vinyl) – 1,000 copies worldwide First ever vinyl pressing Newly remastered from original analog tapes December 14: Antipop (2LP 180g black) Antipop (2LP ltd. edition translucent blue color vinyl) – 1,000 copies worldwide First vinyl pressing since 1999 Rhinoplasty (2LP 180g black) Rhinoplasty (2LP ltd. edition translucent red color vinyl) – 1,000 copies worldwide First ever vinyl pressing Includes the bonus track "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" for the first time Newly remastered from original analog tapes Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People (1LP EP 180g black) Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People (1LP ltd. edition opaque yellow color vinyl) – 1,000 copies worldwide First vinyl pressing since 2004 https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/primus-to-release-seven-remastered-albums-and-eps-on-black-vinyl--limited-edition-color-vinyl-300743408.html
  2. It doesn't come out until Feb... Here is the first released song:
  3. mucusoffmybrain

    Primus Reissues

    Amazon has Pork Soda for $23.68 (-$1.55 at checkout) right now. http://smile.amazon.com/dp/B07HSLQDKQ Wish they would announce the box set if it's truly happening.
  4. mucusoffmybrain

    System of a Down Re/Pressings

    Bullmoose order will be here tomorrow!
  5. mucusoffmybrain

    Kurt Vile - Bottle It In (10/12)

    $4.67 media mail shipping from Matador https://store.matadorrecords.com/new-releases/bottle-it-in
  6. mucusoffmybrain

    Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    There are some new RATM represses coming out in a few weeks, this is prob from that pressing. I can't find any info on them besides they are suppose to be 180g. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/27902518/rage-against-the-machine-evil-empire-180g-vinyl
  7. Up at Bullmoose: JJ - Uniform Clarity - Standard White Vinyl “The idea for Uniform Clarity came from Uniform Distortion- an album of intentional chaos/dirt: literal and figurative distortion of lyrics and sound- meant to echo and hopefully shed some light on the twisted times and distortion of the truth in which we now live. Uniform Clarity is meant to illuminate the other side – raw and real, but very clear, much like in the early days of recording where all you could hear was the truth because there were no ways to manipulate recordings in the studio. Working with Shawn Everett, we created a document style recording of these songs- just vocals, guitar and the space itself- no special FX. A crystal clear illustration of the flawed beauty of what a song starts off as or sometimes remains- a thought. a seed. a light from the womb of the universe brought to life down here on earth." - Jim James
  8. Secret Machines - Ten Silver Drops won! Pre-order opens: 9/10/18 Pre-order closes: 10/9/18 · Out of print on vinyl for over ten years. Second hand copies are elusive. · Expanded to include a bonus LP of B-sides and rarities making their debut on vinyl · Pressed on 180g vinyl at Record Industry in the Netherlands and comes in a deluxe gatefold tip-on Stoughton sleeve. · Sourced from the original masters with lacquers cut at Sam Phillips Recording Studio. · Each 2LP set comes numbered and strictly limited based on pre-orders https://shop.runoutgroovevinyl.com/ten-silver-drops-expanded-edition-1.html https://www.bullmoose.com/p/28058018/secret-machines-ten-silver-drops-expanded-edition-2lp Track List Side A 1 Alone, Jealous & Stoned 6:46 2 All At Once (It’s Not Important) 4:37 3 Lightning Blue Eyes 5:31 4 Daddy’s In the Doldrums 8:23 Side B 1 I Hate Pretending 5:15 2 Faded Lines 4:59 3 I Want To Know If It’s Still Possible 5:00 4 1,000 Seconds 5:15 Side C 1 Daddy's in the Doldrums (previously unreleased alternate version) 8:00 2 Another Minute Standing Still (non-LP track from “Lightning Blue Eyes” UK single) 5:19 3 Everything is Free (non-LP track from “All At Once (It’s Not Important)” UK single) 4:13 Side D 1 Solar Bloodlines (non-LP instrumental track from “Lightning Blue Eyes” UK single) 6:15 2 I Want To Know If It's Still Possible (previously unreleased alternate acoustic version) 4:55 3 Angel in Love With Her Own Wings (non-LP track from “All At Once (It’s Not Important)” UK single ) 9:37
  9. mucusoffmybrain

    Kurt Vile - Bottle It In (10/12)

    Indie variant?
  10. More details/images: http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/08/31/exclusive-check-out-the-rick-and-morty-soundtracks-epic-vinyl-covers
  11. mucusoffmybrain

    Far - Water & Solutions: What Happened

    Backed the bonus vinyl package. New update from Jonah this AM too: So, I went to sleep, and we're already just about there somehow? Pretty sure I'm awake. Talk about a dreamy start to the tour (jonahmatranga.com/shows). Okay, since I'm in dreamland, let's dream some more. Let's dream about either making it to $18,000 or 360 people being a part of this, whichever comes first. If that happens, for anyone at $90 and up, I'll be able to afford gorgeous gatefold packaging for the vinyl, so you'll all get that. I've never gotten to design one of those myself, and it's been a dream of mine since I was a kid. AND, for everyone at every level, I'll also be able to afford a run of cool WS20-themed USBs to put all the music on. I have a design in mind for this project, so if 18 or 360 happens, I'll figure out how best to make it happen. I like USBs cos they're universal, the basic tech has stuck around for a little while and should do some more, they're durable, portable, and they encourage sharing stuff -- and they're cute AF. It'll be another sweet memento for what you are making a truly sweet project. Anyone got any other ideas for further bonus rounds? Who knows where we can go? We do. Okay, off to the first show with a grateful, giddy heart. Seriously, it's beating fast. You did that. Thank you. Love, Jonah
  12. I see a $4.70 Media Mail option and free pickup at local record store. nvm - your'e in the UK
  13. https://www.subpop.com/news/2018/07/12/rick_and_morty_gets_expansive_soundtrack_adult_swim_and_sub_pop_to_release_double_album_on_september_28th_with_deluxe_box_set_to_follow https://megamart.subpop.com/releases/rick_and_morty/the_rick_and_morty_soundtrack PRE-ORDER DETAILS Deluxe Box Set +7” and Cassette formats will be released at a later date on NOVEMBER 23rd, 2018. 2xLP/CD/Digital formats will be released on September 28th, 2018. ****Because there are two release dates, if you place an order that contains items from both release dates, nothing in your order will ship until the November releases are ready to ship out! If you’d like to receive items from both release dates as they come out, please place separate orders. Thank you!**** September 28, 2018 A standard CD A Loser Edition 2xLP pressed on Blue & Green-colored vinyl featuring two single-pocket LP jackets housed together in a custom die-cut slipcase. A full digital release of all of the material on the CD and double LP November 23. 2018 A deluxe, double LP box set that will include “portal” colored vinyl housed in a box with an etched plexiglass window with LED lights which make the etching glow. The box also contains a custom poster, a patch, a sticker, and a bonus 7” single (featuring an extended mix of the screaming sun from the 2nd season finale.) Cassette tape on a special colored shell featuring custom J-card inserts. All pre-orders will also receive any and all pre-release track downloads in advance of the album release as they are made public, which will be available from your SubPop.com account as they become available. All physical pre-order items should ship out from our warehouse in Seattle, WA between 5-8 days before release date, so long as there are no delays in manufacturing that would delay this advance shipping timeline. International orders may not arrive by release day as extra time must be taken into consideration for distance traveled and customs department clearance. Rick and Morty is the critically acclaimed, half-hour animated hit comedy series on Adult Swim that follows a sociopathic genius scientist who drags his timid grandson on insanely dangerous adventures across the universe. Rick and Morty stars Justin Roiland (Adventure Time), Sarah Chalke (Scrubs), Chris Parnell (Saturday Night Live) and Spencer Grammer (Greek). The series is created by Dan Harmon (Community) and Roiland who also serve as executive producers. This release is the first official collection of music from Rick and Morty. All formats feature 26 songs, 24 of which are from the first 3 seasons of the show, and 18 of which were composed by Ryan Elder specifically for the show. The album also includes songs by Mazzy Star, Chaos Chaos, Blonde Redhead, and Belly, all of which have been featured in the show, as well as two new tunes from Chad VanGaalen and Clipping inspired by the show. The box set includes a special bonus track on a 7”. Adult Swim will also have their own exclusive colored vinyl variant of the deluxe box set (limited edition of 1,000) available for pre-order during San Diego Comic-Con at the Adult Swim campground; plus, a separate exclusive variant pre-order of the double LP will be sold at the Adult Swim Festival in Los Angeles on October 5-7, 2018.