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  1. i really don't know. i had a bunch of 10 minute tapes and just used all that I had to make these tapes. definitely more gray. maybe like 90 gray and 40 blue? couldn't say exactly.
  2. some are blue, some are gray, some have different colored labels. it's all pretty random. most of what is left is blue.
  3. i've only posted the link here so far. figured i'd let y'all have at it first.
  4. Tape is up http://brokenworldmedia.limitedrun.com/products/561121
  5. I have 33 leftover Make Mistakes cassettes that i'll probably put in the store soon
  6. i hired a dude that was pretty much completely fucking terrible at everything and even had to have people help me re-assemble record mailers.
  7. Yeah that is every retail outlet selling the Harmlessness vinyl besides Hot Topic since the have the exclusive variant. We will have our copies by the end of October but I believe the distributor's new street date is 11/20.
  8. heads up, black vinyl was delayed again so it won't be in stores until 11/20 I believe. Huge bummer.
  9. actually seeing those concerns expressied on VC had me get on the phone with epitaph and had them send me tests for shit they've done at QRP. they said the problem i was referring to was the joyce manor record being thin and sounding shitty. they told me it was one of the few projects they sent to that plant and also that plant doesn't exist anymore. the tests they sent me from QRP sounded great so we moved forward with that plant. Bummer about QRP is they won't do any crazy color variants.
  10. epitaph did and they more or less exclusively work with QRP. if it as our call we would've gone with Musicol or Pirates