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  1. lol cool go sell it on discogs for $150+
  2. Yeah thats very true! I shouldnt be hating on it cause its a cool project. The wax stamp and the design on the front are both pretty awesome! Im surprised he doesnt also do a pressing with normal jackets tho cause the demand is definitely there!
  3. I just went and checked the email from 2014 to be sure lol. He said he folded them up as they were ordered and just forgot to add my number so it was definitely #266. The first press sat in his store for awhile so its crazy how quickly they sold out on black friday.
  4. Yeah first press was definitively way nicer which is weird cause he made 300 of those and only 100 this time! I had to email him to find out which number of the first press I had and add it myself because it just came saying /300. Im not sure how he actually knew I had #266 or if he just made it up in the moment lol.
  5. Was anyones jacket numbered? It says they were on discogs but I dont see it anywhere!
  6. Ended up with a second copy of End Paths, someone trade me for another sweet cassette. Still in shrink wrap.
  7. Yo! Someone sell me Ratboys demo cassette so I can complete that sweet sweet discography! Payin the big bucks. Hit me up.
  8. Damn I was expecting something like Blank #13 but that track was sick as fuck! The bass is so good.
  9. Been trying to find a copy of this for awhile! Just let me know the price and Im all over it!
  10. I wonder why the cassette club didnt get arrows in her? That album ripped
  11. Yeaaaaaah Ive been pretty curious whats going on with all that stuff. How many tapes have we gotten so far? A dozen?
  12. I just got in Empire! Empire! IWALE #1, Joie De Vivre #1 and Old Gray #3 all on clear lathes. Anyone else manage to snag any of the /25 clear?