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  1. I came across a decent sized collection of old Shakespeare plays and was really drawn to the artwork more than anything. The vinyl's are in pretty incredible condition and the cover's are pretty good but some scuffing on the edges here and there. Any idea's? Looking to get rid of them but I might just drop them at a local library/college. https://imgur.com/a/tSn1p
  2. Bump - also have Makeout Videotape - Ying Yang if that strikes your fancy.
  3. Thanks for the word of encouragement! I'm a big fan of what PIAPTK does but am not always buying things. However, I buy every damn thing he does with Floating Action. I wouldn't even know about Floating Action if it wasn't for me missing out on "It". That guy just churns out music and it's always in my wheelhouse of enjoyability. Then, you add on the customized hand painted covers and everything else that goes on and it really puts the overall experience over the top versus your run of the mill standard cardboard cover/black vinyl. The recent Blank Tapes album was stellar as well.
  4. bump - also can offer Makeout Videotape - Ying Yang if you not interested in the McMicken swaparoo.
  5. Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap. Been out of the Mondo game for too long, set my alarm for 12pm PST. FAK! The black will have to do!
  6. Straight up swap. Not looking for anything else and will not sell the album. Thanks!
  7. @Tommy - you are a good soul to remember my desperate, and ongoing search for "IT". I was highly on top of this one and was able to get it I think before the email even went out. I noticed he posted it a couple days ago on the Soild Gold section of the site and have been checking in quite often over the last few days, then went on an F5 spree for most of the morning after seeing the post yesterday until I was able to jump in and get it. I might even get desperate and try to trade this for IT after I listen to it just so I can say my ears at least tasted both, while only actually owning one!
  8. Darn - Jurassic Park black version only. One day the dilaphosaurus will come my way...one day.
  9. I'm in the same spot yancey47 is. I also had not received any information on the new Kishi Bashi live album that came out. I pre-ordered the plain black version, and after 4 emails over the last 8 days they finally responded to tell me that the black version was the last to arrive at their facility (3-4 weeks late). On my 4th email I cc'd the general info as well as the mail order email address so they may have pushed them to respond to me. I've typically had good experiences with them so this seems a little out of character, could just be holiday madness.
  10. still looking for this if you're out there... http://www.discogs.com/user/stpullin/collection
  11. 1) The Floating Action album, which I can't believe still hasn't sold out, was one of my favorite purchases this year. Some really fun songs on there. 2) Can't lie I'm bummed to see those McMicken albums up for $75. I hesitated when purchasing it as I was curious about the bundle and started looking into Floating Action/Eric Slick. 15 minutes later the solo McMicken, and the bundles were gone. I'm right there with Bake in that i've been scouring every week on ebay and discogs and seeing if something pops up reasonably priced, or someone willing to make a trade, but just can't afford that. Totally understand though that it's his business and he needs to do what he can to continue releasing the albums in this format, which I admit is pretty cool.
  12. I'm just tired of getting reemed with shipping...so like you said I might just wait to see if a local shop gets it or go with prime. When a $25 album suddenly becomes $35, I feel like ticketmaster must be involved.