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  1. I won a trip on the Warped Tour cruise. There weren’t many bands I wanted to see, but other then that it was decent. Lots of amazing people watching (which I’m sure will be even better on this). Downside was my wife and I took our 11 month old daughter with us which made things a little tough at times. But she loved seeing Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish snd Face To Face. With that said if I remember correctly we added it up and it was like $6-7k If we had to pay. While it was a good time, it wasn’t worth half of that.
  2. I’m still following it on Instagram, but the account hasn’t posted anything since September 11th. James maybe two weeks ago posted a live video of him playing some old and new songs at a bar in NC at like 2 in the morning.
  3. “Headphone Records, the LA-based indie label specializing in limited edition vinyl reissues, has announced plans to release two classic titles by influential Long Island band Head Automatica on limited edition, remastered vinyl. 2004’s Decadence is the band’s debut studio album which was produced by Dan ‘The Automator’ Nakamura and Howard Benson. Propaganda is Head Automatica’s 2006 follow-up to Decadance, which was also produced by Howard Benson. Vinyl Details: Head Automatica-Decadence (15th Anniversary Edition w/ Deluxe Packaging) on translucent purple with black smoke and 180 gram black Head Automatica-Popaganda 2XLP on pink with silver swirl and 180 gram black Both albums remastered for vinyl at Cohearent Audio by Kevin Gray (Jeff Buckley, Miles Davis, Elton John) Decadence ships 6/28/19 Popaganda ships 8/2/19 Preorder – headphonerecords.net/shop Headphone Records founder Shawn Carrano says, “After two years of waiting, we were able to secure the Head Automatica catalog from Warner Bros to reissue on vinyl. It’s our initial release after relaunching the label this year. We have more amazing releases in the works. Please follow Instagram.com/headphonerecords for updates.” two years of wasting time brokering a bad deal with Warner Bros.
  4. Looking for one if anyone is interested in selling now that it’s been over a year.
  5. So bummed I missed out on that. Anyone at the show tonight? Anything for special for sale?
  6. Could at least ship with a Sk8ology hook to hang it.
  7. I also got from bullmoose and it looks and sounds great. Bummed the hype sticker was ripped. Cant wait for James to put out the rest of Reggie.
  8. Looking for Thrice, Wonder Years and Youth Of Today. Plaid has two of three, so hopefully that works out. My store didn’t get all three.
  9. That Glassjaw Junkies, GJ cut out? Or repress with standard center?