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  1. I remember going to the final show at ST Vitus (which turned out to not be the final show at St Vitus because they kept adding dates). Then of course they wound up touring the world again. This is a cool die-cut slip cover over a signed copy. They slip cover also had your name on it I guess to stop flippers. I wonder if they will do that for these 20 copies.
  2. Haven’t gotten shipping from Vitus, Brooklyn or Revolver. But still going to be way faster then the one year wait for the original pressing.
  3. I have the original press, and definitely wish they just did a standard pressing you could actually play normally. And the giving a fuck aspect of things, I actually had (and I guess still have) tickets to see them again pre pandemic.
  4. Thanks for posting. I got the standard mail order and bundle together, so I didn’t know which LP was which. Not that it mattered. But I wondered anyways. Still waiting on my release day one to show up.
  5. Thanks to people reaching out about trades after my last post, but @andrewlucasand I had already spoke earlier about the trade. So unless that falls through I am not looking to trade anyone else.
  6. Same. I was like ohh am I getting a second set for no reason. Somehow Virgil used to do that all the time at VC even sent out an order twice to me that had a test pressing in it.
  7. I also just got a shipping notification for my boxset.... that came on the 10th.
  8. That sucks to hear, cause shipping was also super high. I emailed them about it back when I preordered and they just said they would look into it and then that was that.
  9. Props to Goldfinger saying this will ship in March. Just got my shipping notification. Might be my only recent purchase to ship on time.
  10. Shipping to NY was $12 Media Mail, and Priority was $20. At this price and size, I went priority. Hopefully good packing, and no damage.
  11. For those that missed out they are adding two more colors limited to 100 each again today at 10 am. This will make 7 colorways at 100 each, and the picture disc at 222. Best of luck to those variant collectors who just spent $165+shipping on 8 records of 8 reimagined songs.
  12. It’s a one time payment for the year instead of monthly. Saves you some money if you planned on subscribing all year anyways, but also gets you a signed copy of the next record and an exclusive tshirts.
  13. All of these have been popping up all over the place. I am sure they made a ton of each to cash in. The limit was 4 per a customer... why bother at that point? Let the flippers buy tons. I’m sure they can’t be worth much in a year. I waited and ordered through prime just as I have for the other FBR 25th records.
  14. Posted this to my Instagram today, only to realize afterwards that it turned 19 today. original 2002 press, rejected 2002 single LP test press and the approved double LP test press.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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