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  1. So who’s replacing Thrice tomorrow at the Vagrant show?
  2. Anyone go to the show yesterday? Wondering about merch.
  3. Honestly if they did a subscription I’d sign up. Cause I would probably grab whatever they press.
  4. Put all three in my cart and when I checked out it only had the 100 and 700 in it. Was able to go back and place a second order for the 200. Honestly like some of the shirts but will wait till I see them in Jersey City this summer.
  5. As much as I would like that to be true I found tonight’s opener, Regulate.
  6. Wouldn’t get rid of those tickets just yet. Glassjaw moved the first 6 datas to October. Maybe you will be available then.
  7. Ironically about two post before you someone mentioned Glassjaw… and they are basically offering you a jewel case. But it’s pick up only cause it’s so fragile.
  8. Got this and Thrice together yesterday in a really solid mailer. I’m glad I ordered both. I had been doing Big Scary Monster subscription for a while and they kept mailing LPs from overseas in a mailer like that. I had to cancel cause it wasn’t worth it and they did nothing about the damage or future shipments.
  9. Poor life decisions. Says I have 53 test press, now have over 100. Why did I buy another 50 test that literally no one needs? In just 6 years. https://deadformat.com/collection/Hookups96
  10. What color was Teenage Bottlerocket? Know there was two one for retail and one for the bundle?
  11. I didn’t miss out. I just couldn’t afford it. And looks like the repress is just as crazy.

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