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  1. Looking for Thrice, Wonder Years and Youth Of Today. Plaid has two of three, so hopefully that works out. My store didn’t get all three.
  2. That Glassjaw Junkies, GJ cut out? Or repress with standard center?
  3. About 15-20 people at Turntable Lab, doesn’t open for another 3 hours.
  4. Amazon has it listed as a double LP. Wish they would put the reissue bonus tracks on it.
  5. Man did not have to see these after the spending day I just had. Guess it was a treat yo self kinda day cause I just bought three of them.
  6. Thursday just added a show at Saint Vitus that comes with a limited edition copy of Full Collapse signed by the band to your name to help stop flipping.
  7. Hey looking for any color way besides black of Gaslight Anthem - Get Hurt. Hit me up if you’re interested in selling.