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  1. Offering the same deal. But different size tees. Hoodie - Size L - $40 ppd (buy from Kylet first) Blue Shirt - Size M - $25 ppd Red Shirt - Size M - $25 ppd The Band has stopped selling these designs.
  2. I ordered both US and UK of Touche Amore new album which came out last Friday. UK also showed up before US for me.
  3. Wonder is this is part of the 1000 electric blue or another 300 pressed. Seeing as how they are still available I’m assuming it’s out of the 1000.
  4. Jeremy said Deluxe would be going out Monday. Mine did not, but I also ordered other pressings with it. My UK pressing shipped today.
  5. I contacted them the next day and someone wrote back saying they had my order and just resent the confirmation email. I never got it but figured I was fine if they were able to see my order. Then randomly I got one last night. Days later.
  6. https://bsmrocks.com/collections/pre-order/products/i-am-the-avalanche-dive-lp Mellow Yellow and Black.
  7. Came for the same thing. See it on my credit card, but no email. One color is sold out now. So hopefully my order for both went through.
  8. What a write up. Still owed records from VC and MTS. Definitely brought back a ton of memories. profile says I have been her since 2008. But was a long time lurker before that. I remember finding this place and thinking it was awesome. Then not being able to remember the name. 2006 was the release of the Every Time I Die Boxset and when I remember starting to come to the site daily.
  9. Lost three jobs during the pandemic.... but had already lost three companies prior to the pandemic. I’m sure he will branch out K.R.E.A.M. to at some point and lose that too.
  10. 10/12 live stream and Record Release Variant.
  11. Why can’t we just get Dream To Make Believe?
  12. I just received the ultimate vinyl set. 4 copies, a 7 inch and a few other things. And it’s all destroyed. They packed it in a 15x15 box with some bubble wrap and paper. Nothing to support the records at all.
  13. Just when I finally almost got my 3000 records entered into Discogs 😂