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  1. Another colored variant (grey) is up for pre-order on Banquet Records.
  2. Vinceron LLC is a sketchy retailer that claims to be a record store but they aren’t, I’ve heard bad things about buying from them. Edit: Forgot to mention that this seller buys a lot of limited/exclusive records for the sole purpose of flipping.
  3. Picked up the swirl and one of the new dogs eating dogs dad hats. Accidentally put another merch item in my order that I don't need, anyone know if you're able to cancel one item in your order without canceling the entire order? Just submitted a ticket request on their website.
  4. Totally agree, 8:20 am? Are they really expecting us West Coast fans to be up at that time lmao?
  5. Just went back to the site and was able to complete my order! Scored a copy of FH, shipping was kinda expensive though.
  6. So excited that this album is getting pressed on vinyl. I know a lot of people didn't like the direction blink went with on this record, but personally I think it was some of their best more recent work.
  7. So excited for this! Been waiting for a Forever Halloween repress for what seems like forever. Hopefully they will do some represses of Lovely Little Lonely, American Candy, Black and White, and Pioneer at some point in the near future as well.
  8. I second this, the variant matches the album art well and it's still available at many record stores.
  9. My first order of records I placed at Target during the buy 2 get 1 free sale just arrived and they are in great condition! Shipped in a proper record mailer and everything. Hoping everyone else who picked something up has the same experience. Definitely sets my mind at ease for future vinyl purchases at Target.
  10. So glad I waited to order a copy of the record, that lunchbox and koozie were calling my name and I had to pick it up. Really loving the new track "Crying Out Loud". Can't wait for this record to come out!
  11. Love this, she seems like such a genuine person. Really happy I discovered her music this year.
  12. I agree, I get the guy is annoying but what lostcrimes said was really vulgar. Definitely think it's best to lock the thread.
  13. Dude, please stop. You comment on this thread way too much, this album has been out a while and there’s been plenty of supply of finding it on vinyl. The record was decent but not the most amazing thing I’ve heard. No need to keep bumping the thread, people can find copies of the record themselves easily.
  14. These posts have me worried, I didn’t realize how bad Target packages their records. Hopefully I won’t have to deal with any returns, I just couldn’t pass up on the deal going on right now.