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  1. I was watching those auctions, I can't believe how much AWKIF goes for now. I definitely feel lucky to own an OG copy. That same seller also has a sealed MCR Conventional Weapons boxset that I would literally kill for but I already know that listing is going to go for close to a grand. I also ordered this from Amazon but haven't received an estimated shipping date yet. I ordered it at the beginning of this month though, right before they went temporarily OOS so hopefully Amazon actually fulfills orders. Luckily all the other FBR 25th anniversary reissues seem to be widely availa
  2. Bump! Still on the hunt, hoping someone will help me out!
  3. Hi all. I'm currently on the search for Paramore's self-titled album on translucent blue vinyl (Hot Topic Exclusive) and The Maine - Lovely Little Lonely (any colored variant). I am looking to pay around discogs median prices for the above albums. I also am willing to trade or do a partial trade along with cash. Feel free to look through my Discogs collection. Please pm if you are interested in selling and/or trading. Thank you!
  4. For anyone who payed by credit/debit card and not PayPal and didn’t get an order confirmation yet, I just received mine exactly 1 hour after the drop.
  5. Had a black in my cart, got all the way through entering my information, payed via credit card, and my payment was just loading for like 2-3 minutes before I got an error message. No confirmation email, but my credit card was charged. Hoping I secured a copy but at this point who knows.
  6. I just got this record in the mail from Bandbox last week and it looks and sounds great. It’s a double LP, hand-numbered, and also comes with a really cool DCFC zine. I initially subscribed for $29 so I could save a few bucks (shipping was also free) and skipped my next month’s subscription because I didn’t really want or need any of the other records on their site. I decided to cancel my membership for the time being but you can easily re-subscribe. I would definitely recommend Bandbox, their customer support is also really friendly and quick to respond to any questions.
  7. Hey, so sorry for the nearly 2 year old bump but I’ve been on the hunt for a colored variant of Stranger In The Alps and was wondering if you still had your mystery blue variant for sale? I would be willing to pay a decent amount. Let me know, thanks!
  8. So, today is the release date for the Love Record Stores red/blue galaxy variant. I was able to snag one off the Juno Records UK webstore yesterday afternoon and it already shipped, but I live in the US so I'll be waiting a bit for it to arrive. Anyone else pick this variant up and can comment how it sounds? I sold my red swirl copy a few months ago as the sound quality wasn't great but I thought I would pick up this new pressing in hopes it may sound better. Plus the variant looks super pretty from photos I've seen!
  9. For those that missed out, Popmarket restocked 5am on their website, you can pick it up for $27.79 with free shipping. My copy arrived last week and it looks and sounds fantastic. I got #444 which was super cool.
  10. I also would like to know if anyone who placed a pre-order for the pink self-titled before 1/28/21 actually has received or will receive their order? I know SRC is notorious for not fulfilling pre-orders by their said available date so I was hesitant to place a pre-order. I was waiting until the record said it was in-stock to place an order, but that never happened. I just got the Futures by Jimmy Eat World on blue last week after placing an order for it about 2 weeks ago on SRC's website. It was in-stock then which was the only reason why I placed an order.
  11. Man, lots of hate in this thread. Your fulfillment center did a great job packing orders and shipping items promptly with the Cartel - Chroma reissue back in September. Excited for this reissue of Ocean Avenue! Will definitely be purchasing.
  12. Bump, message me if you are selling, thanks!
  13. I don't see it available anywhere at the moment. I would frequently check Discogs and eBay, a few copies were sold on both sites in December, more may pop up for sale in the future. I pre-ordered from Popmarket back in October and still haven't received the record yet lol, USPS has been really delayed here in the US.

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