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  1. My receipt says: 1 x Brand New's Fifth Album - Limited Vinyl (Bundled) Did anyone else get anything different? (I.e Very Limited Vinyl (Bundle))
  2. Good thinking. The VIP from JN says it'll be here Thursday via USPS. Does Richard ship through them as well? Setting up an account with them seems smart.
  3. Did you guys get a shipping notification when they sent yours? I ordered the VIP from JN and the deluxe package from Richard and haven't received anything yet. I know I'm being impatient, but hearing you guys talk about the record is driving me crazy as an Edwards fan.
  4. Myself being on the extreme end of fandom with anything Oberst-related, you friend have my Rushmore. If you get an idea for prices please let me/us know. I can't think of about anything I wouldn't do for that Commander Venus "Uneventful" Vacation",
  5. I guess code "SUMMER15" gets you 15% off all online orders. Maybe I can convince myself I need that Armchair Apocrypha now.
  6. I have Conor Oberst's Upside Down Mountain. I hope. I bought it at Homer's in Omaha. It's shrink-wrapped and with what looks like his signature underneath it, but I've never opened it and I'm not sure how to verify its legitimacy from the outside packaging.
  7. God I love this woman. If this bad boy goes for a little cheaper on Amazon, Bullmoose, etc, I'll be over it like white on rice.
  8. I've had them so long that I'd like to maybe get them framed, but if not I'll throw them up on here for cheap for the next fan. Did anyone else notice the new Digital Ash was a 2xLP? Wonder what's going on with that? The older box set had exclusive Japanese import tracks included on Letting and Fevers, hopefully they'll do something similar for these guys,
  9. God dammit, I'm almost 27 and I showed zero constraint purchasing this even though I own all of them. Fan boy 4 life I suppose.