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  1. Updated with sold stuff. Thanks to everyone that's grabbed something. Might add 7"s in the next few days if anyone's into that
  2. moving so I'm trying to consolidate my collection a bit. Will ship anything in an LP mailer for $5 flat (if you buy over 5 records it might be more). HMU in the DM will keep this as updated as possible. thanks! LPs - $8 each or $5 if you buy more than one SOLD! american football s/t lp duh black lp best coast - fade away LP big kids - hoop dreams LP SOLD!- brand new - devil and god music on vinyl lp (marketing sticker on record) SOLD!- bright eyes - digital ash in a digital urn lp case studies - this is another life LP SOLD!- - caspian - you are the conductor clear / 600 ceremony - zoo LP converge - no heroes LP (black) SOLD! death of lovers - buried under a world of roses SOLD!- empire! empire! i was a lonely estate - what it takes to move forward - clear w/ pink splatter (lil jacket rip on top, about half an inch) SOLD! empire! empire! i was a lonely estate - when the sea became a giant (baby blue) (this is a 10 inch) SOLD! envy / jesu - split (gold) SOLD! eskimeaux - ok clear w white cloud fear of men - early fragments lp fear of men - loom lp fucked up - couple tracks 2xLP i rise - for redemption LP SOLD!- into it over it - intersections lp gold SOLD!- into it over it - twelve towns lp clear SOLD! kevin devine - matter of time 2xlp black/orange w/ gray splatter, clear blue w/ splatter king krule - s/t 12” ep lemuria - pebble lp (green) SOLD! lvl up - return to love LP SOLD!- - mobb deep - blood thicker than water vol 1 2xlp SOLD!- nick cave and the bad seeds - the firstborn is dead lp SOLD! pissed jeans - hope for men lp pulling teeth - paranoid illusions paradise delusions lp (black) SOLD! pure x - crawling up the stairs lp SOLD! pygmy lush - mt hope raein - sulla linea… (not spelling this whole thing out, slight record tear on top about an inch wide) rhye - open RSD 12” EP rvivr - s/t lp black vinyl saddest landscape - exit wounded picture disc saddest landscape - lift your burdens high for this is where we cross SOLD! saddest landscape - the sound of the spectacle shook ones - unquotable AMH lp SOLD! soft moon - zeros stick together - no more second chances lp (blue marble) superheaven - ours is chrome lp SOLD! tegan and sara - sainthood lp (black) whirr - sway lp pink widowspeak - the swamps lp SOLD! zola jesus - conatus LP SOLD! zola jesus - stridulum EP SOLD! - zola jesus - the spoils lp SOLD! zola jesus valsai EP
  3. i saw him at the beginning of this year and it was incredible, one of the best sets i've ever seen. was at the jesu/skm boston show & it just sounded off - it was the first day of tour and they had all traveled from different parts of the world (without practicing i'd assume) the day before. was pretty funny to see people expecting a jesu set walk out once they realized that the 50 year old man on stage wasn't going to stop mumbling over the songs lol
  4. RFC: 15% off storewide with 50% off flags, other new stuff too http://www.runforcoverrecords.com/categories/black-friday-2016
  5. http://www.sunkilmoon.com/godblessohio/ new song Double CD "Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys Of Blood" 2/28/17
  6. one just showed up in my pokemon GO app but this stupid tauros was guarding it SMH
  7. haven't head the tori amos cover but the other 3 songs are some of my favorites from them. bump this shit all the time
  8. silo 7" was tour exclusive limited to 500 copies silo flexi was limited to 300, 100 available in NY, boston and LA to the first people through the door i believe?