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  1. It's gotten out of hand, see every scorpio release. Quiet vinyl does not make an audiophile pressing, hell a well mastered record does not make an audiophile pressing. Living Stereo shaded dogs/mercury living presence classical records are audiophile, Belafonte "At Carnegie Hall" is audiophile, those boring ass direct to disc sheffield lab records are audiophile. I'd say Cowboy Junkies "Trinity Sessions" is audiophile, but a record needs to be well recorded and then well mastered to be considered an audiophile record. Some of the stuff MOFI/AP release aren't even truly audiophile because they weren't well recorded to begin with, as I stated earlier it's a real small cross section of well recorded and enjoyable music. I like all sorts of music that isn't well recorded but just because it sounds better than it has ever sounded doesn't make it audiophile if it was recorded in a less than ideal room without using top notch recording technology and proper mic placement (hell some people debate music recorded with more than one mic discredits it from being audiophile in certain parts of the internet)
  2. I'd be inclined to agree the cross section of well recorded and quality music is very small
  3. bubble wrap/stiffeners can prevent seam splits in most cases, but they try to cut down on overhead. I got my black copy from the FA store today, still waiting on the VMP. I wish I had gone through the hassle and cancelled I could have bought a pearl copy for less than the price of the black and got it a week sooner, it is what it is though
  4. They are mostly instrumental jams, I think only one vocal track. It nicely bridges the gap from 4GP to Anahata, I scooped one on discogs a year ago for $8 in great shape
  5. I preordered right away this is looking to be D2C too unless it's a small distro my shop doesn't use. My rep asked around and no one had a clue and they were listed as a distro on Porterhouse's site. The first pressing is only 1000 copies. It's everything, it's all analog and Ryan Smith is mastering it (he is as good as Gray/Hoffman/Bellman). G.I. is out of print and What We Do Is Secret is overpriced for an EP. Seemed like a no brainer to me, you could sell your rhino, buy this and have money leftover
  6. Thanks for sharing! I now covet them even more, been on the hunt for years.I have standard black copies of their whole catalog (tropics is missing the stamp set but this disc is close to NM, and 4GP is missing the poster). My Anahata was purchased new in 2010 there was still dead stock left at that point. Another interesting note is In The Fishtank was recorded direct to disc, it sounds pretty great as a result.
  7. https://www.discogs.com/June-Of-44-Tropics-And-Meridians/release/7696269 https://www.discogs.com/June-Of-44-Engine-Takes-To-The-Water/release/1741773 But I would love to see better pics if thepunkguy feels like sharing
  8. Gotta keep the collection complete so will pick this up hopefully retail on release, also someone trade/sell me the tropics & meridian wooden box and the library edition of engine
  9. Came out great looking, and killer record too. I really enjoyed the Vandal Moon record too (not shoegaze but worth mentioning)
  10. The stereo set is fine, the initial copies had pressing defects on many copies but good ones are definitely better sounding than 60s rainbow, red or green labels or even apples as it's from a lower generation source even if it's a digital transfer (purple labels are debatable, those wally cuts are great). At least worth grabbing Magical Mystery tour as it's true stereo unlike all copies outside of the german horzu (yes including the mobile fidelity)
  11. Oh yeah and they emailed me of a forthcoming Mare Vitalis reissue as well, so get excited if you need a copy or another copy. I think I'm covered with my Record Club variant
  12. Got my teal today. Didn't see any traction for like a month, sent an email I wasn't trying to pester with a pandemic and all but they apologized and told me it would go out tomorrow. Another week passed, no tracking so I emailed asking for tracking and they assured me it went out and provided tracking the following monday said not received, and updated to leaving kentucky Wed and arrived today in great shape. Turned out real nice color, packaging and sound, no surface noise and they did what they could on the remaster, it says masterdisk inside the gatefold. Not sure who pressed it but was not GZ. Now I just need LLO and Sagarmatha
  13. the remasters are great and can be had for cheap through dischord and discogs. I have Talking Songs and Sound In Time and I'm quite pleased with the reissues.
  14. The Tennis System Fuck Everything Else looks great on the blue/white starburst. How ya'll handling the bag situation? I cut it on the opening, the cover inside was also shrinked. Got 65/200 on The Tennis System and 6/200 on The Vandal Moon. I also got some leftovers: Appleseed Cast Mare Vitalis, Tokyo Shoegazer Crystallize, Tennis System Lovesick, Dott Swell and hooking up a dear friend with the Peregrine hand pour since they are helping me get the VMP Fiona Apple. So anyone on the fence about the record club there is some really rare stuff left including a ton more not listed (unless I grabbed the last of any of those, and you gotta take the plunge before you can see the list, but I'm pretty damn happy with my first shipment and 3 slots left still and I've got my money's worth and then some)
  15. I signed up for the record club during the pandemic and my first shipment is coming including this, really looking forward to hearing this!
  16. I would guess that a euro or us press exists but is most likely scarce, perhaps promo only and has yet to be added to the database. I've never heard of an instance of an american record only being pressed in Mexico
  17. Weird, mexican pressing is the only one on discogs and no recorded sales on popsike, that tracklist looks pretty weak though. Great film though
  18. I get the wanting the rare variant, but if we are truly in the hobby for listening purposes that is not always the best path, I missed the tricolor the closest show was 4 hours away and without consecutive days off it was not feasible and sold out before I could try to rearrange my schedule so I settled for the black, and from what I hear the tricolor is noisy, the black is not and the mastering is superb, Heba Kadry is one of my favorites for modern mastering engineers, she did the recent Daughters and Chelsea Wolfe. I got my employee discount so $14-15 for a record with 3 of my favorite modern artists still seemed like a no brainer even with no hope for resale down the line, but that is also tough to say. 10 years down the line who knows they could all be on different labels and at a stand still for licensing a reissue
  19. What an album! On first spin my inclination is this is a better album than SITP. I feel it is a tad more cohesive and drags less, there were some really strong songs on the first one, but this just feels more enjoyable front to back and I think it is better recorded, produced and engineering , it says Robert Ludwig did the mastering, not sure who cut the lacquer as he stopped cutting lacquers years ago, but it's a fine sounding record