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  1. It had a little surface noise here and there and a tick during the piano intro and there is a dish warp but it plays through and sounds pretty serviceable. I'm not going to bother asking for a replacement, I doubt the next would be any better, I've gotten worse new records.
  2. My sleeve was fine on Feels Like You, but the LP has a bubble or some yellow looking mark on one side and a small scratch on the other, not sure if it is going to affect play yet. I got it drying now since it sounded like it was a noisy pressing I went ahead and gave it a wet clean first. Been looking forward to owning a copy for awhile now
  3. Ugh don't like seeing 2 bad pressing reviews already. Mine shipped out on the 7th but got lost in purgatory for a few days, should be arriving by the end of the week though. I was gutted when I missed out on the first pressings, so I've been really looking forward to it. Any comment on Distressor? I already have the final Graveface pressing and I'm happy with it, so I am hesitant whether I want to double up although it would be cool to have the original cover.
  4. Just saw this, and grabbed Feels Like You. I was starting to worry I was going to have to drop 3 figures if I wanted a copy. I'm glad this pressing lasted a little longer. Thanks for the tip!
  5. Fuck it I'm getting a bonus this week and I deserve it. Ordered the Band variant
  6. Is indie exclusive mean record stores will carry this or is this going to be the band variant? Cause I'd love to not drop $47 plus shipping this time of year on myself. I really need LLO though
  7. Thanks for clearing that up, the punk note of self titled is tempting but I hate double dipping. This album is no sonic marvel, so I think I'll be good with my reissue from the earlier part of the decade. I have that RSD 7" already. I'm glad these will be available again widely, it's kinda dumb the reissue I have has been fetching $40 when it's just a run of the mill united repress.
  8. I'd really like the punk note Rock For Light. I have copies of s/t and the 7" but I've wanted a copy for years and love that punk note project, if they ever used the Blondie ones for reissues I would have to buy them all on principle. It says coming soon though did they sell out already or has that one not dropped?
  9. I was surprised AEC had this listed as special order (usually they show stock levels), so I threw 4 in the cart about a month ago and low and behold all 4 copies show up this week. I was able to get 1 of those for myself (black, was not expecting a color variant since it's usually the least limited variant for retail). So to anyone who missed out perhaps try requesting your local store orders you one, they may have held back a chunk of these for distros which may be why they sold out so quick online.
  10. oh god there are variants! You are killing me Juan I didn't even need the white vinyl copy I got last month. This is not necessary to own on vinyl, but it's cool if you are a fanboy like me, it's just excerpts from the prime christmas special
  11. If anyone needs the indie variant https://vinylren.com/seahaven-halo-of-hurt-vinyl-lp/, we still have 2 copies left. It's a pretty good record, I'm not sure if I like it more than Reverie Lagoon but that has been in regular rotation since release and this is my first spin. I will say it's probably one of the least photogenic variants I've ever seen. It looks black if you try to take a picture, and even from a few feet away.
  12. As cool as that looks, that's an expensive ass candle. I think I'll stick with the indie exclusive. Looks like my distro is going to fill my 3 copies I ordered, so one is going home with me but there will be 2 extras if anyone has no luck finding one locally
  13. I got my copy today and it was worth the wait. Obviously not an audiophile release but Ryan Smith did a great job as always. It's a single pocket jacket with a 2 sided insert. Disc 1 is standard black Disc 2 is a Blue/Black Marble. Both discs were flat but off center. Disc 2 was not as bad but it was a tight squeeze on to the spindle on disc 1. This is a great way to get all their stuff in one purchase (minus live and studio outtakes). I'd highly recommend ordering a copy if you have not done so already. There have been some really great reissues this year and this up there as one of my favori
  14. It does sound pretty good compared to the last 2 which were really muddy even for shoegaze. I still think GoE is the best sounding Nothing record, that Heba Kadry mastering is wonderful.
  15. As nostalgic as I am for this album I think I'll pass for now, I'd be shocked if this sold out and was going for a high secondary price later. I'll wait for an inevitable sale or secondary market buy down the line. Great record though one of the last bands I remember with a keytar
  16. Whoops my dumbass sliced the obi and the cover opening up the shrink. Good thing I'm not trying to resell. The indie exclusive kind of came out cool, not exactly like the mock up but to be expected, I do not have any other variants like this. Spinning DOTBT while it dries.
  17. I got the ALS AAA myself yesterday, played it twice already. It was the best I've heard the album, I have not heard an original stereo but I have heard an original mono. I highly recommend anyone who enjoys this album to pick up a copy, not sure how many more times this is going to get cut from tape.
  18. The unauthorized releases are the rights holders generally, put up a Metallica boot it's going to get taken down, pick an artist who doesn't care or have the money to patrol ebay and they don't get policed.
  19. Looking forward to this, going to grab the indie variant at release. I could use some new Seahaven right about now.
  20. What a way to get exposed to a ton of old music even if there are less than ideal copies it's a great way to get acquired with some music you may not have heard otherwise. Hell of a score unless it's all polka
  21. I found them to be very inspiring in their banter on stage when I saw them both in store and that evening at a local venue. They all just had great attitudes, and I'm glad they still have Max playing guitar, I had some great conversations, his eyes lit up when I told him the venue had a leslie amp they could plug into. That evening I saw 4 people carrying that monster out onto the stage and they sounded fantastic. If you want to see their in store, I guess it's been 2 years my how time flies
  22. I gotta check out the War & Treaty, truly amazing humans so full of love. They played my record store last year and introduced themselves with big embracing hugs. I have a signed CD Healing Tide, they took it literal when my coworkers told them to sign it "to the guy behind the register". Glad they are getting some traction and have signed with Rounder for their new album.
  23. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but Ocean Songs got delayed until drop 3
  24. ooh been wanting a copy for a long time, I hate half and half variants so I might just pick this up at retail in December, but I'm tempted. Birth Of Violence is one of the best sounding new releases from the last decade to my ears, the dynamics are incredible and the vinyl is dead quiet

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