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  1. The basis for everything I know about records is because of Shawn I worked for Independent for 4 years and he really took me under his wing and taught me the ropes of record collecting and buying for a retail operation and I still consider him one of my closest friends even though we are miles apart now so I love this shoutout. I now manage product for a successful midwest record store/audio equipment dealer. I am in charge of ordering/all used buys and all processing and pricing of used records and I would never be here without him. Smash those preorders for www.beindependent.com they could
  2. the tri-fold insert is in the band variant as well. What is causing a stir is the fold over numbered cover many of us were under the impression we would receive with the /100 bandcamp exclusive. Ultimately all 3 colors look great, the packaging is incredible and it's the best it's ever sounded, so I'm just mad about some phantom made up situation where a neckbeard off the internet tries to challenge me about assembling a band variant in order to sell it for more when in reality I'm probably going to die with this record and it will be my heir's issue to deal with.
  3. I received mine today from bandcamp/steadfast and looks great but I was also under the impression I'd be getting a wrap around numbered sleeve. So there really is nothing stopping anyone from buying the bundle and making their own /100 variant. Oh well, I'm happy to have a copy finally. Bring on a Sagarmatha reissue so I can finish my studio album collection
  4. I saw people looking for Gruntruck (multiple copies) and Engine Kid (I think we have 1 or 2 left). Please be patient though we got close to 300 orders already and our shipping department is 1-2 people a shift. https://vinylren.com/record-store-day-titles/?sort=newest&page=1
  5. we had an angry customer call because apparently we were the only ones in the area who ordered it and he was really perturbed by everyone else opting out on ordering Ari. We got allocated less than half our order so it will probably be a blood bath
  6. fuck it, mulled it over since announcement and I'd rather not miss out. I need this in my life and really looking forward to it. I was considering the new colored press of the first 2 7" by Minor Threat may as well grab these other great releases
  7. appears to have sold out, bummer, just now saw this
  8. Ouch glad I haven't finished my collection or that price tag would feel a lot more disappointing . Maybe there will be a stand alone release later or I'll just play the long game and pick it up when the popularity fails
  9. I was just making a letterkenny reference for the last page of insults
  10. I think it will come down to if they can put up the money to press 100k+ records for the next album, and with their successes of late maybe they can
  11. I mean the red swirly indie was probably at least 10k right? That sold out in the first weekend for my store, and could not be reordered. While this is not a full album her fan base is huge now. I would be surprised if she didn't go major for her 3rd album.
  12. I think I read it was a 20k pressing, technically still limited. I bet they sell through by June. I could be wrong but I bet they sold quite a few already
  13. can confirm and that is if you can get it, distros are backordered on both albums in black again.
  14. well if you do I think this is the only title that is not FOMO, record stores across the country will have it so go support your local. If your local sucks and doesn't carry this kind of music you can always support my store, I am the buyer and I can personally guarantee this is the deluxe edition, it's the only version I ordered. https://vinylren.com/my-bloody-valentine-m-b-v-limited-vinyl-lp/
  15. Understandable, I can't believe how many rare records I've let go over the years that command stupid prices now. Some of these I can only hope to own reissues ever again logistically unless I can catch lightning in a bottle twice.
  16. I'd go for it unless you have m b v already, I think the packaging and art prints are the only carrot on a stick for this one. The original 2013 cut was All analog already and sounds fantastic, decided to spin it tonight in honor of the release drop and to break in my new stylus. It sounds as wonderful as I remember it. Still a little peeved I paid like $50-60 shipped when it was announced and then it was in record stores for under $40 a week after I got it, but I think I've got my money's worth plus I remember getting like 6 DL codes and giving all my friends FLAC versions.
  17. only the deluxe are analog, the standard will be a hi rez digital cut which I'll bet will still sound great, Plenty of people prefer the original digital to the 2018 analog cuts. I can't say myself I've only ever heard the plain.
  18. Ordered a Loveless Deluxe from Juno on lunch break in addition to the standard from the m b v store this morning, the link has been up for hours and I'm afraid they will oversell but crossing my fingers they will come through. If so I'll get to A to B the analog and digital cuts and the nerd in me is really stoked for that experience. Loveless is one of my favorite albums and I traded my plain black copy for a couple original Stereolab records like 8 years ago and stupidly balked on the 2018 reissues waiting for US distribution that never happened. Part of me wanted to drag my feet since I wo
  19. the deluxe was import only, for the standard shipping rates were better. It came out to $39 and some change for Loveless
  20. I'm the buyer for a record store so it's in the bag more or less for me if it happens. I would be leery of even setting up a preorder for deluxe Loveless it will be a bloodbath, and an allocation nightmare most likely. I don't want to cancel 100 orders and piss everyone off lol
  21. Weird cause my rep who distributes for Domino said they are only getting m b v for now. I emailed him this morning while mulling over whether to buy them or not. Deluxe Loveless and the bundle sold out so I grabbed a standard Loveless just to be sure. If indie copies of the deluxe end up happening for Loveless, I'll buy that too but I'm not missing out again.
  22. Sorry for the bump, how was your copy of "Rusty"? I picked up a new copy and it's really noisy on the first song especially. Now I'm wondering if I should track down an original, cause it's a fantastic album that has been on my wantlist for years
  23. Surprise release 7" for Nowhere Generation out today! Check your Indie record store https://vinylren.com/rise-against-nowhere-generation-vinyl-7/
  24. I got an email but it went to my spam, the band also posted on facebook. They rejected the first test pressing and approved the second a few weeks back, they said expect records around the end of the month/beginning of next month.

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