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  1. Deathwish still has the /300 as far as I know I just ordered one for myself as an early Xmas present, no more vinyl purchases for me personally. I did snag a couple other records for my partner for our 3rd anniversary this coming sunday at the record shop today, they didn't have the full of hell/nothing so I figured no one else in town is likely to have one
  2. yep it sure is inside.Lol I'm pretty sure they added the single sided part after preorders. I'm only kind of upset, but it's Whirr and it's on me lol. On the plus side it is a good 3 songs
  3. Got shipping notification on the live album/single! Can't wait!
  4. Got it, got it cleaned and waiting for my girlfriend to be home any minute to spin it. Foldout insert looks great as well as the color. So the runouts look similar to old variants, there is also NRP in there which my research tells me is likely Nashville Record Productions likely did the mastering, no specific engineer credits I can sleuth out. Did old pressings have NRP? For how much these sold for you think someone would have uploaded matrices but I'm too lazy to do it for this one so who am I to judge?
  5. Scored one! I was refreshing every minute up until noon and speeded my way through checkout cause I knew they wouldn't last long. Made sure to setup and account and shipping the night before, only spent a few seconds in queue but it was stressful. They are my partner's favorite band so we are pretty excited to have got one. Been wanting a copy for well over a decade myself now, got into them after IKS and it was the only other album they had so got very familiar with both.
  6. As long as they don't go crazy with the fog machine again lol. I saw them on the final tour and it was brutal between that and the volume, easily the loudest show I've ever seen I'd probably have tinnitus now had I not worn plugs. I still have the setlist stuffed in my Nothing split record, they were touring behind it and grabbed it as a memento
  7. If I could piss away another $30 I'd order one off discogs and compare. My comparison was done on sub optimal speakers, had some garbage technics speakers from the 80s at the time, I think the Dynaudios would probably give me a more accurate opinion now.
  8. probably pressed at Jacksonville look for an () in the runouts, #4 means 4th set of lacquers so would not be an original
  9. I more than likely was not in the first 200, I ordered a little under a half hour after it went up when I got the email at work. I also thought I was buying the tshirt bundle $45 now seems a little steep. Oh well Muta is awesome, listened to the link they sent over in emails. Now if only I could find an affordable copy of Around or the June 7" so I can finish my collection. I guess I need pipe dreams redux but IIRC I preferred the mix on the Tee Pee pressing and got rid of the Redux but my gear has changed so my opinion might as well.
  10. Cheapskate record company they cut costs wherever the could and used pretty terrible quality vinyl as well. I'm sure the B-side wasn't worn so they were trying to get the most out of the stampers and that specific plant just used the old A side and new B side stampers since it's what they pulled to do the pressing. Likely had old jackets sitting around
  11. I use AAA renter's insurance and I'm covered up to $25k in a fire or whatever if I want more than that I can pay for additional coverage but even if discogs says the median is more than double that I doubt I'd get more liquadating unless I sold every last record online and even then fees are going to eat up a portion and would take years
  12. Yes! Used to own a couple 7" and sold them to someone on this board when I was hard up. Looking forward to this one
  13. I would seek out the 2014 pressings cut by Kevin Gray, it was right before Epitaph bought out Jade Tree. Epitaph did not reuse these cuts unfortunately for the black and clear reissues, and while far from audiophile recordings these are the best the first 3 albums ever sounded to my ears.
  14. Scott Hull does great work you should be pleased, can't comment on the other 2 plants but gotta groove presses good records. There is some misinformation given to you GZ can cut from lacquer but I would not recommend cutting a lacquerer locally and shipping it to Europe you generally want the lacquer put to metal plating as quickly as possible
  15. Sigh was hoping for a Sagarmatha reissue it's the only LP missing from my collection
  16. Crossing my fingers for the lottery, thanks for the heads up was in my promotions tab of gmail. I might have missed my chance. I would really love to get one, they are my favorite band and I have a pretty sizable collection but will probably spend the rest of my life trying to get even 1 of each release
  17. Wow the JD test was "only" $800 last night was actually trying to find a copy for less than $100 last night and stumbled upon that while spinning Axe To Fall, I thought it was crazy the Blue 1st pressing was spinning was up to $70+ that I bought at half priced books a couple years ago for $8.99. Surely we are due up for a redux or anniversary repress soon enough. Can't believe it hasn't seen a pressing in over 5 years
  18. That's disappointing to hear but what I expected. I'll buy something else and just pick up the CD for a buck. Thanks
  19. Anyone pick up the Group Sounds reissue? I'm interested but have been pretty underwhelmed with the sound on both Anniversary reissues and The Senses Fail from RSD last year,
  20. Got Laura Nyro, Rick Astley, Bardo Pond and then grabbed an Art Pepper at closing for the sweet deep employee discount. Also got the Tennis System in the mail from the GF Record Club. It was crazy working this year, the Taylor was a fiasco so we did a raffle and are giving our 14 copies away for free. Only felt sorry for one poor girl who stood in line for hours and was told the wrong info and to just get there early, so I may have folded her entry in a certain way to ensure it was pulled.
  21. They will likely settle around $150-$200 (pure speculation) but with a nostalgia release of this magnitude it's liklely 90%+ of orders are to people who have been wanting this for years and would not want to sell after lusting after originals for so long. I finally got a chance and the whole set sounds wonderful (for what it is) and the packaging is otherworldy. One of my favorite records purchases in a long time, 13 year old me would hi five me so hard right now. I hope everyone is enjoying their sets just as much and I hope the unlucky few are able to find one for a reasonable price, I wouldn't even be mad if they did another run.
  22. I saw someone post order #15500ish so probably closer to 16k sets. I knew resale prices would be at least double but looks like closer to 5 to 6 times that now, it could tame down and I hope it does for those who missed out since so many were listed before many of us even received them. Just got mine today, washed all 7 and going to break into the set after they dry. I am blown away with the packaging and everything looks perfect minus a couple light scuffs on the GI disc but I doubt it will even sound. I'll never throw down for originals so short of getting lucky at a garage sale/estate sale this is the closest I'll ever get to owning these in their original format. Been wanting these all since I started collecting and the Slinkees bonus single is icing on the cake
  23. I only had a tracking number since the 13th and then it changed to out for delivery today, so hope it arrives safe and sound soon!
  24. I Think I got Monster Movie - Transistor (which I don't own and love Slowdive/Beachy Head). The number written on the sleeve is the catalog number right? edit: Nevermind It was indeed the title in question, and was in the runouts if I had bothered to think of that.

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