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  1. NapalmBrain

    Hearthstone anyone?

    yep, ive had fun but not ranking as high as I was in past months. also have had limited play time lately, am enjoying spiteful priest still despite the nerf to summoner, white lady/dragons makes for a fun deck but ive topped out at rank 10 so far this month, was getting up to 5 a few months back
  2. NapalmBrain

    SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    great set, I do recommend the centennial collection over this but you won't find it for that price point. The newer set has better sound quality, less shellac hiss and better sequencing but you can't go wrong with Robert Johnson anyway you can get it
  3. This album is great and the album themes are extremely relatable, aging punk who lives a less successful life based on their inability to grow up and fit into societal norms in favor of pursuing something they love and is extremely self-aware of it all. Me fucking too Pay Also the half black/half bone looks great too, showed up unscatched which is why I love ordering from deathwish, RFC has sent me warped records, seam split records, wrong variants (I know minor gripes) but given a choice between the 2 I'll go with the former everytime. Pressing is pretty good, a few ticks here and there but it's to be expected with half/half variants, this is one of my favorite albums of the year and quite possibly their best album to date
  4. NapalmBrain

    PO: The Coathangers - LIVE

    The record is pretty cool, it's not amazing quality but the pressing itself is fine, and there is some really fun moments. Strictly for the big fan as I think the studio versions are better, but I pretty much auto-buy anything really since I got into them with Suck My Shirt. If anyone wants to let either of the first 2 albums go for not $100 each hit me up, also down to trade.
  5. NapalmBrain

    Do you have a vinyl only instagram?

    The Drizzle is now The Fume
  6. NapalmBrain

    Rare Vinyl in Poor Condition

    if they are in the budget bin sometimes I just roll the dice, some records from the 50s and early 60s were near indestructible, I have Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry Records in like G+ condition and they power through everything and barely even overpower the music at any point. The only record I have that skips and I just can't bear to part with is https://www.discogs.com/Art-Blakey-Quintet-A-Night-At-Birdland-Volume-1/release/2108341 it sounds really good outside of that damn skip. I have a few rare 45s that playing is either not advised or not enjoyable but they take up very little room and I probably paid a quarter or less. Not everyone collects the same, I don't think it's any crazier to fill up your shelf with rare beat up records than it is with 5 variants of the same record that you never play. I have even overheard kids in my store bragging about finding cheap beat up copies of Howlin' Wolf records, they find the character charming or are just excited to own a record and not have to pay out for it.
  7. NapalmBrain

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    from Luxury's facebook, the 12" bundle is steep for international customers at $297 shipped but for $25 us shipped you get 9 7", I purchased since I've wanted the westkust and makthaverskan ones for awhile and curious to check out some other artists A little while ago we had a huge discount on a CD package. Now it’s time for a nice price on two different vinyl packages, one with 7” and one with 12”/LP. The 12” package costs 200 euro within Sweden and 250 euro outside Sweden (incl shipping). That's for more than 25 records. The 7” package costs 20 euro, for 9 singles, incl shipping worldwide. Send money to [email protected] through PayPal. Write 12” or 7” as message, and your address, and I’ll send the records within a week. (Swish funkar också, 0736709198, skriv namn som meddelande och maila din adress) The Tough Alliance - The New School LP The Tough Alliance - Make it happen/Holiday LP Westkust - JUNK EP 12” (US version) Makthaverskan - II LP Westkust - Last forever LP (US version) Alice b - Så unga LP School ’94 - Bound LP HOLI - Drifting on a timeline LP Guggi Data - Pop/Rock LP It’s For Us - Come With Me LP Makthaverskan - Ill LP Luxury 2006-2016 - Rare tracks LP Happy Hands Club - S/T 12” Xenia Kriisin - Hymn 2LP Katakomb - Giant Anton Kristiansson - Fred på jorden LP Palpitation - Palpitation LP Palpitation - I’m absent, you’re faraway Katakomb - Katakomb 12” My Darling YOU! - Sorry 10” Hagaliden - Dansa blodet 12” Xenia Kriisin - Bleed 2LP The first orders also get these titles, that are almost sold out: Bam Spacey - 1998 LP My Darling YOU! - Techno music for the indiepop haters 12" Pretties for you - We have our reasons LP Skansros - Skansros 7”: My Darling YOU! - Let the good times roll Makthaverskan - Something more Xenia Kriisin - Firearms Agent blå - Strand Franke - Skinnad Westkust - Summer 3D The Naima Train - Goodbye5times Beluga - Beluga Cave Cat - Deception
  8. NapalmBrain

    SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    Got one of my biggest wants yesterday, I had to pay $75 plus shipping, but it was a white label audition copy of Irma Thomas "Wish Someone Would Care" LP in mono. The cover just has light wear and the audition stamp on the back and the LP is almost mint, can't believe it made it this long in this shape and some lucky bastard before me either the seller or a past owner found it at a thrift shop. On my second spin already, this is an incredible album and the sound quality on this copy is top notch. I'm a very happy collector today, I have been hunting this record for 8 years and lost ebay auctions for more than I paid for stock copies in the past
  9. NapalmBrain

    The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    I think I read that whole dumpster fire and did anyone actually comment on the sound quality? You would think 45 rpm from the original reels vs digitally remastered would be the big selling point not what kind of jacket and a gatefold. Looking at the sticker price of some of my better sounding records at $48.99 for the Grant Green RSD and $44.99 for 2 LP Rumours it seems like a steal at $30 for a 2LP 45 rpm record and I would think the gatefold was axed because of the production costs of doing it this way. I'm not saying it's going to be an audiophile release but it likely sounds better than the current press, but Dom got eaten alive for actually bringing up the listening experience. Also going to use this opportunity to soapbox for the 2 LP Rumours seriously everyone reading this buy it, every copy you have ever known is a flaming pile of crap compared to this
  10. Whoops missed this drop luckily I'm not too late and just ordered the DW exclusive since as someone previously stated I also have had my packages arrive safer from DW (quicker too!). Also goes with the album art a little more. Heavily anticipating this album
  11. An improvement from the CD, a little more detailed in sound. Decent pressing, some light surface noise here and there after a wet cleaning but not really worth mentioning. The pressing is decent, the white has some black streaks in it, so they didn't clean the machine after the last record was pressed on that machine which probably accounts for the light crackle. Worth picking up for sticker price, but it's not a drastic enough improvement to pay current ebay prices, so I'd say hold out for a black copy if you didn't get lucky.
  12. NapalmBrain

    PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    I'm still mad about this release I ordered it immediately for my store and still haven't received my copies, I've talked to some other owners and managers and it seems everyone who used the same distro I did didn't get theirs either and everyone who had them on Friday used the other distro. On top of the stress of RSD prep missing sales on this, and not being told what we were ordering was really agitating. At least i'm not my friend who had to cancel 70 online orders. Not naming distro names for job reasons. They might show up in the next couple days or not at all, I'm not sure but it's possible more copies will appear due to one distro not getting these out on time
  13. NapalmBrain

    PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    actually the opposite, heavier records take longer to cool giving it more opportunity to warp. The advantage is in theory a more durable record, all that stuff about enhanced bass response I don't think has any tangible proof. Records were pressed on 120-160 grams for years and sounded great, I think it's a way to squeeze a few more bucks out of people, but I could be wrong and it could have its merits
  14. NapalmBrain

    I Think I'm Gonna Quit The Hobby

    if it's not the bootleg, sell the blonde and buy a turntable with it, isn't it going for like $300?. I'd personally rather have a smaller collection and be able to enjoy listening to what I have
  15. NapalmBrain

    Record Store Day 2018

    RSD was awesome for me, I've been on both sides of the counter but this was my first experience managing a record store for RSD. We gave out donuts and coffee for the morning crowd, had local artists perform from open until close. Raffled off concert tickets, new cds, new and used LPs including a gold copy of the Drive soundtrack, brushes and cleaning fluid, a carrying case for 45s filled with rare 45s, some rare Linda ronstadt records (it's an inside joke unless you have been to my shop, we got a collection containing every Linda Ronstadt record or single on any format including 8 track and also variants on just about every country of release from Japan to Argentina, so we did a test pressing and an import picture sleeve and a picture disc LP for the raffle). It was humbling to see that many people having a great time and buying physical media. Sales were up a sizable amount from the previous year, so I'm beaming with pride. I oversaw all the ordering and spent countless hours prepping and it was well worth all the effort, and my staff was on point the whole time and leading up to the event, I could not have done it without them. I rewarded them with gourmet pizza. I in turn was also rewarded because at the end of the day I was still able to grab the Tim Armstrong, Dessa 7" and The Grant Green Slick set. I did snipe one thing and it was the Sundays but I had the other 2 and I was damned if I was going to miss this one but I paid sticker price. Luckily the other local had a Bert Jansch, so all I missed out on from my list was the Gene Clark and I think I have a line on a leftover. Fantastic experience all and all but I am exhausted.