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  1. yeah I heard most likely late march or april before the deluxe ships on a FB group, which sucks cause in hindsight I'd have double dipped on standards to hold me over but i'll just be patient
  2. the NAD is a pretty good amp at its price point, my shop is an authorized dealer and I'm pretty impressed for the price. If you have a receiver without a phono stage already it might be more affordable to buy a nice preamp instead, get a rega fono mini 2ad, also gives you the option to digitize your collection and it's a really good phono stage it will be a noticeable upgrade from your previous receiver for only about $175.
  3. Had to grab the mayday, it has since sold out, any word on the coathangers exclusive variant popping up anywhere?
  4. NapalmBrain

    Record shopping at thrift stores?

    great price on a 2nd state, I'd agree find any old copy and stick it in there if you really want to complete it. Doesn't matter, Yesterday and Today is not a sonic marvel, the late 70s/early 80s purple labels are the way to go if you want a listening copy Found a Jonathan Richman in the shrink and a shaded dog living stereo Chopin out of the $1 bin at a couple thrifts this past week, so good stuff still shows up on occasion
  5. NapalmBrain

    SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    The Skull Snaps reissue on Mr. Bongo that came out a couple months back is really good, nice packaging, flat pressing and sounds great. I can't compare to an original or the scorpio, but I'd guess since members of the band were involved this was pressed from a better source than the scorpio. Well worth the $25 price tag
  6. NapalmBrain

    Vinyl Survey

    Done, good luck with your project
  7. NapalmBrain

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    I'm really happy, nice linear notes and sound quality, don't like how it's 4LP in a wide single pocket but $70 for 4LP on a major label isn't bad. I will say I prefer the sundazed mono for the 3 International Submarine tracks from Safe At home, have yet to have a shootout for the regular album with my original press but my OG has some marks so the new press is at least quieter. But I bought this for all those extra Gram tracks and that delivers
  8. NapalmBrain

    PO NOW: Why? - Alopecia (Reissue - Multiple Variants)

    I traded in a dragonball blu ray I was given at the trade show a few months baqck and got $6 trade so I grabbed the cloud colored version with the 7" and it could be the upgrade from the 2M red to the 2M blue since selling my OG but this pressing sounded better, best I've heard it and I spent lots of time with the CD when it first came out. Grab a copy if you can joyful noise was almost sold out even on the black so might not want to wait too long
  9. NapalmBrain

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    thanks to everyone who ordered from us, I pulled all your orders off the floor they will be packaged up tomorrow and shipped out monday. It really means a lot to me, it scored me points with our owner and helps me continue getting a paycheck doing what I love
  10. NapalmBrain

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Just got our leftovers up, we will get the images to go with it soon, but here is a link to what is left: https://store.vinylren.com/new-vinyl/?sort=newest&page=1
  11. NapalmBrain

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    crazy long day, worked almost 10 hours at the record shop but it was epic. Had a couple local acts play great sets and then All Them Witches played a killer set, I had to wait until the end of the day to buy anything but I was able to get my top 3: Breeders, Byrds and Nothing, there was more I wanted but that's all my wallet will allow today. We have a bunch of leftovers including some titles that have been requested i'll try to post tomorrow when we get them up online
  12. They just need to press this on a Cocaine white 7" and it will be the crown jewel in every Star Wars collection
  13. That Habibi is tempting, selling for less than normal copies too. I heard that album like 3 months after it came out and it was already OOP. "Detroit Baby" is the jam
  14. Emperor Tomato Ketchup is a similar vibe, I also recommend Transient Random- Noise Bursts With Announcements I grabbed Vol. 1 today, sound quality is fantastic. My copy was a little dished but it tracks through so I can deal
  15. boo you got me all excited for another new release, cause my body is ready after have you considered punk music. It probably matters to someone, but I can't get down with TA