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  1. Got my copy today, it is superb. Nice packaging, gatefold with lyrics insert and a nice surprise it was cut at 45 rpm. Nice job by Rare Form Mastering, there are little nuances ive never noticed on the CD or mp3s I've listened to 100+ times. LPs were flat and quiet minus a little surface noise on Into The Spin but that may settle down on future plays. Highly recommended purchase, one of my favorite albums ever!
  2. I threw down like $30 on the Make Yourself, may do Science too but those are the only ones I like enough to spend like that (unless Enjoy or Fungus Amongus get pressed). I'd go $20 for Crow and be done with it, I'm not as into Morning View and the rest.
  3. it's been marked down but I think original retail was around $35. Science/Light Grenades/Morning View are all coming out on colored variants of /2000 I'm seeing $40ish retail since it's an import. Crow Left Of A Murder snuck out a couple weeks back, I'd like a copy but ill wait for it to reach $20ish prices.
  4. I'd personally go for the esprit it's much better than a PL 100. If I was going to go Rega I would not spring for anything less than a P3 (ideally a P6 but would also consider marantz and clearaudio if spending in the $1200-2000 range). I've had mine for about 5 years, Only repair needed was a reoiling of the motor just in the last 6 months and that is with an average of 2 to 3 hours a day of play. Other than stylus replacement over time of course. I would agree with vinyl addict they do have cheap motors but it still outclasses other tables in that price point and with the built in speed box makes playing 45 rpm records less of a pain and is as speed accurate as a direct drive. We have a tachometer at work and it was within .01% accuracy
  5. Got my blue copy yesterday, decent sounding pressing. The songs are not as immediate to me as the last 2 albums but it might grow on me more. Not a bad album though, I feel like the lyrics aren't quite on the same level.
  6. I'm usually broke when the HazeXXL releases drop and when I'm not I'm too slow or priced out but decided to go for the Cows "Sexy Pee Story", after I saw posts earlier in the week on Amp Rep FB. I refreshed right at 12 and checked out quick, it sold out in under 4 min. Looking to be the proud of owner of https://www.shoxop.com/products/cows-sexy-pee-story-gold-edition . (NSFW) Anyone else grab one or the Seawhores or hardcore enough to spend $180 on the bundle?
  7. I did not have any of these issues either sorry you got a couple duds, you kind of need to crank it but outside of that sounds pretty good. I believe it is only a Euro press which is why they are $41.99 stateside
  8. that's groove wear nothing can be done, seen it many times. A jukebox or a console/cheap turntable played it out. I have a few in my collection like that that are just hard to find in any shape and it's muffled and unlistenable. Copies of this are plentiful I'm sure with some digging another copy will surface. Otherwise they are all over the internet for sale
  9. I'm leaving mine only have had issues when the record is directly touching it like the side by side 7", These Arms Are Snakes/Russian Circles Split or Madlib Medicine Show: Africa
  10. Allocation is always a pain I've worked in stores with multiple locations in the past that got much larger fills and as mentioned later in the thread I agree it seems the more you order throughout the year the higher fill you get which isn't really fair and an ugly side of capitalism. I feel the burn on a regular basis from distros and BF sucked I ordered from distros that didn't even deliver product until that afternoon after the crowds died., not to mention the titles we got allocated 0, I really only got the 1 Patsy because we are in a record store coalition and have our own distro that had the third man titles
  11. $50 that is going to be the one this year that blows up in price, as stated above the allocations were 1 per store (I ordered 8 and when I saw 1 was coming, tried to order more and was told allocations would not allow additional copies). Our only copy sold to the 6th guy in line. Grabbed The Mike Watt 7" (got the color variant) and The Chet Baker, Ya'll need to be hunting the Chet, it's like he is in the room and it's only $25 AAA mono mix cut by Kevin Gray edit: oops meant to quote the poster you were responding to, sorry it's early
  12. Agreed that it's easy on the wallet. had to grab a blue copy. Looking forward to this, Skylight is still in regular rotation
  13. Shit I've been sleeping on the boards I just read about this, I long missed out. oh well I unloaded Sway recently anyways, it was a shitty press
  14. I'm slow on this thread, glad they still have copies left. I ordered one after listening to the 4 tracks available and also echoing a repress of Despondent Transponder is needed, thanks for the heads up
  15. pm'd my 7" collection is nearing completion and most of what I'm missing is here