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  1. Vinyl Renaissance & Audio leftovers are live, sorry they don't have images yet. We have to manually add them to each item, we only have 1 or 2 left of most of these titles. Hope we can help some of you out on your searches https://vinylren.com/new-vinyl/?sort=newest
  2. We got screwed by the majors, missing items on invoices that we were billed for and shipments just outright did not show up it was a nightmare we even got an email telling us not to publically shame them, and "RSD releases are still cool after". Yeah well they can fuck off , how about don't switch warehouses 2 weeks before RSD. I got no Elton John, Bowie Pinups, X-Ray Spex, High On Fire, Grateful Dead Warfield, Robyn, Dennis Wilson and many more in demand titles that they sure as shit charged us for, I'm going to drag my ass in there and ill be listing our leftovers online
  3. the margin was nice so I'm not upset we sold them, what has bugged me a little is seeing some of these big dog stores selling everything for below MSRP. They have multiple locations or do big business in new vinyl all year, so they get 50 copies of some titles and sell them cheaper and for a 1 store operation like the one I work for we get severely allocated and don't even get the 8 copies of major titles we ordered, and I look like I'm gouging customers when $74.99 was MSRP on South Park (not accusing you of saying i was gouging).
  4. They have rejected at least 2 Test Pressings so that is contributing to the delay, also apparently the packaging was very challenging to get right. I really wish it was here already but I'd rather wait another couple months and have it come out right than drop that much money for a flawed product
  5. super lame that pricing is proprietary information but it's going to be a lot more than $15 that's all I should say
  6. Thanks for the heads up. Should have paid my internet with that $20 but tomorrow is payday so it's gonna be ok. Have to keep the collection rolling at this point, I don't need to sub for the /100, the red will suit me just fine
  7. If anyone stills needs a colored version, we finally got 3 in last week and no one locally seems interested. I know it does not mention it's colored but I can confirm they all have the hype sticker https://vinylren.com/products/better-oblivion-community-center.html
  8. could be cause all orders were due last week so now it's up to allocation. No idea if amazon will get their fill or not since it's supposed to be an in store thing
  9. yeah that shop (it's in STL) always get artists to sign their albums and then resells them for a premium usually $10-20 higher. Can't remember who but one artist got royally pissed they did that. I saw they were doing an in-store and assumed this was going to happen
  10. I'm going to bow out too, life is just too hectic i won't stay up on it daily. I didn't do well last season as a result
  11. among the many distros we use but yes we can count of them for most titles, thanks for the responses. They burned me on the Drug Church indie exclusive, and I was having deja vu
  12. It's fine I'll blame alliance if they don't show up
  13. excellent! I might have to double dip if they still have copies on the KC date. They sold through both pressings on suicide squeeze. (shameless plug for my store, we got one left of the /2000 https://vinylren.com/products/coathangers-the-devil-you-know.html). The mayday looks great and it's sounds real good, love this band! Also HMU if anyone wants to sell the first album, only LP i'm missing