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  1. ive been crushed since i found out. rip to a true giant
  2. just got my tickets and stuff. will definitely be seeing you there! lets have some beers haha
  3. if you still need help, lemme know. i teach protools classes/am fluent in logic ableton fruity loops ect
  4. dont waste money on expensive RCA's either. all the hype around around expensive cables is just that. just make sure it has good shielding and decent connectors
  5. i will be there by virtue of me living in vancouver/liking fun. say hi!
  6. just looked at the starmaker and it IS an actual guitar amp so disregard most of what i said(except for the chord/cap thing, that still stands as a really good thing to do)
  7. its pretty good stock! you are right, swapping out the old cord is really important, as is removing the death capacitor(DONT DO THIS IF YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO DISCHARGE CAPS!!) the other thing you should do is change the input impedence to something a bit more suited to a guitar. messing around with the tone stack is also probably a pretty good idea, too
  8. i recorded/mixed and mastered this bands ep, and i think it could probably fall under the melodic punk umbrella. give it a go, if you like https://stresseating.bandcamp.com/album/nothing-ep
  9. ALSO; just scooped up a vintage heathkit mono hifi amp with original phillips 6L6's in it for $100. thinking of tinkering around and turning it into a a jcm800 kinda deal. pretty stoked
  10. in regards to the MIM question(wont let me quote it for some reason?) ive palyed a ton of different jazzmasters from the squire/made in vietnam kinda stuff, all the way up to AVRI/an actual 67' jazzmaster. the only problem i find with the mim stuff is A. the electronics(their tolerences are way too forgiving, resulting in values that are way way way off usually) and the bridge+tail piece are REALLLLLLLY poorly manufactured) also from stock, the neck needs to be shimmed/thicker strings need to be put on to make the bridge design work properly(basically no strings lighter than 0.11) or the bridge design wont work properly and your tuning stability will be wanting. other than that though, MIM stuff plays really really nicely
  11. violent femmes-s/t any converge album earlier russian circles stuff cursed i&ii
  12. also, my band put out a single from our upcoming album, that i tracked live off the floor/ also mixed/hastily mastered. would LOVE to hear what y'all have to say abt the mix https://teethdreams420.bandcamp.com/album/never-gonna-die-b-w-ca-h-in
  13. i feel really lucky to live in the same city as him. great dude, great-er drummer
  14. the great river stuff is well, ...great(from my limited experience.) let me know how it goes!!
  15. yup! it sounds so good. its been getting a ton of use ever since i got it haha
  16. ive never really got a chance to look *too* closely at brodcast consoles, but it seems like they always have pretty crazy routing matrix's. definitely looks pretty cool!
  17. thats so cool. my friend engineers at a studio that just got a neve(not OG neve, but like AMS era neve. still pretty cool though). but yeah, if you cant get down with a tascam recorder, you shouldnt be recording at all but hey, thats just one guys opinion
  18. oh man, that sounds pretty cool. id love to hear some tracks, if you care to share. that sounds like a really cool setup. also, fuck yeah tapeop. ive learned so much from that magazine haha.
  19. Thanks man! they do a lot of different stuff but for the most part they are mic preamps and analog to digital converters, with a few compressors and EQ's thrown in their for that analog flavour haha. its for a recording studio i run with a friend of mine. we have a pretty cool live room that i will snap a picture or two of later today. Also, that is EXACTLY how i started recording haha. some of the best results can come from extreme limitations. also, its surprising what can be done with a USB mic and garage band. i know someone who writes/records stuff for degrassi using an apogee usb mic into an ipad, which is pretty wild imo haha
  20. also for any one wondering what im running: my main front end is a focusrite clarett 8preX(which to my ears edges out the UA apollo stuff in terms of preamp headroom/cleaness, and AD/DA) i also have a UA 4-710D feeding into the clarett via ADAT. i can currently do 18 in at a time, but i can expand up to 26. i also have some nice outboard pre's/comp's/eq's. mostly running protools 10. real happy with this setup!
  21. do you exist? i cant be the only one, right? what kind of rigs are y'all running? im just in the midst of some pretty big reno's at my studio, and im really excited to see everything finally coming together.
  22. petty details, friends. codeine is oft considered slow core, but imo that is a bullshit/not real genre, so ive always considered codeine an emo band. honestly not that much of a stretch. also the indian summer album i was referring to was the compilation of the previously mentioned 3 splits. i guess none of this is really surprising though considering what bands are being brought up in the other emo thread lol
  23. as far as female fronted emo goes, 1905, and submission hold were probably my favourites. summerkill/taxa are current favourites who are both local, and dare i say, killing it
  24. it is ok, but imo a far cry from the best. that indian summer album is leaps and bounds ahead, i think. white birch ep by codeine is also a contender.