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  1. Oh man, they've got the controversy training rolling hard with this album lol. I'm glad to see they're back and hope to one day see them on tour. I can't imagine they'd do it forever and it's supposed to be amazing live.
  2. Yeah most bands cave to a popular demand for their singles. They've been releasing snippets of different riffs on YouTube and they seem promising. I thought Flake did the backing vocals but maybe that was just the video lol.
  3. Seems like a nice package to me. The new single was pretty good and the video was incredible. I don't stake much important in track title, but maybe others do?
  4. It's up: https://www.noquarterprod.com/product-category/carpenter-brut/pre-orders/ Shipping for the set was 25 Euros, ouch.
  5. Not a bad idea! I'm going to head that way now, they're usually not too busy.
  6. Anywhere else selling pt1+2 together? Thehyv lets me add to cart but then says sold out on checkout. Maybe local stores will have this, too?
  7. Yessss, just got In Waves and Ascendancy. With all of these reissues that should pretty much cover everything they've done recently aside Vengeance Falls, no?
  8. I just got what "TICKUS" on the tail was....fml
  9. Mega Man and NES Vol 2., older releases with a second chance at getting them. https://www.discogs.com/Yasuaki-Fujita-Harumi-Fujita-Mega-Man-3/release/11516136 https://www.discogs.com/Various-NES-Greatest-Hits-Vol-2/release/11516123
  10. My copy was super warped. They sent me a free replacement but I never bothered checking (go figure lol).
  11. From the video it almost looked like the boxset with a different cover.