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    PO Now:Joey Bada$$-1999

    I have a strong feeling we are going to be seeing some variants pop up of this so I am going to wait it out a bit but this is awesome to see!
  2. I like to know my vinyl has been around the block a few times. All those enchanting skips and beautifully haunting pops does things to me no virgin vinyl could dream of doing! Basically, what I am saying is..... I fucking love that shit bro! #Fistbump *EXPLODE!*
  3. The other day I weighed my collection and sure enough I have a record that is only 167 grams while my friend has a copy of the same record that is the full 180 grams and I hear details in his copy that just are not present in mine : // #fuckingIRATE #mylifeisover
  4. First thing I thought when I seen so many people complaining is they knew they would either get a good discount or a free album so now that VMP is not letting them keep it on top of a refund they are even more pissed and "outraged". I mean it is a fucking copy of a 90's hip hop album that still looks and sounds great supposedly which is pretty readily available in standard black for $10-15. I could see a bit of a disappointment over it not being a gate fold because I hate that as well with 2 records but it is really not that serious at all.
  5. Good album but still about $630-635 too rich for my blood.
  6. Yeah, TMR has pretty much become a flipping hipsters shitshow paradise at this point. Whenever I see a limited release I just ignore it since I do not live near a store and have no desire to pay crazy prices in the secondary market since 80+% of there releases are now bought by flippers.
  7. This is Samuel Cooke we are talking about so I say you just go balls to the wall and treat yo self to the nearest haven aka Urban Outfitters and get yourself a fancy little record frame then head upstairs to get the flyest fucking outfit to present that framed masterpiece to future company BUT ONLY wear this outfit when you first introduce people to it and friend, those two pieces will last you a lifetime!
  8. hype

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    No problem, Thanks! They are trying desperately to compete with amazon so they have been running a lot of promos. A couple weeks ago they had one where if you used the google assistant on your phone you would receive $15 towards a target purchase along with another one where free shipping is only $15 site wide for a month and several others before that. I def. recommend keeping an eye out for future emails from them! Not usually big on buying from Walmart but with deals like these I have no problem with it at all haha Another thing, if there is anything wrong with your order as far as damage or it being late you can message google express support and they will usually throw another $10 credit your way. Luckily I have only had one problem so far after about 4-5 orders.
  9. hype

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    I am sure a lot of you have heard about the referral system on google checkout by now where you give a referral your link and you both get $10 off but they just added that free shipping is good for orders $15 and above (Until May 4th) on all sites versus $25-35 you usually have to spend to get free shipping (this is somehow targeted and i'm not sure how they choose but most seem to be getting it). There are some crazy deals where quite a few albums come out to under $10 shipped! Even with the normal 25-35$ shipping limit there are some great deals to be had with Walmart price matching amazon on so much stuff. I usually stay away from Walmart but the prices on Music and Movies with this deal is pretty damn good. Here is my referral link but you can also find countless others all over the place. https://express.google.com/invite/7JGNF25U4 A good example is the new Grayson Capps I got for $6.56 after shipping and tax. https://shoppinglist.google.com/product/1635142251638868130_9623751601490676455_8175035
  10. That would be nice since asking an employee there turns it into a complete shit show. They say I have to go upstairs pick them out and then come back down, wait in line and then they can check for me. Then repeat if I want to know anymore. All hella awkward trying to carry 20 albums at once so I don't have to go back and forth a bunch. Only time it was worth doing this was when a bunch were $1-2 and even then I probably only got half of what I would have if there was an easier way.
  11. hype

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    I ordered from them for the first time and two of the three got cancelled due to "being out of stock" even though they were available again within a day or two but the third one just arrived today and it was in an lp mailer that was identical to the amazon records I recieved so i'd say you should be good. As long as I can get them shipped and do not have to go to the actual store I might order from Walmart again in the future. You can also use a $10 off 30 coupon if you use a referral which is what I did. Juse google and find one or you can pm me if you still need it.
  12. I finally was able to swap. The guy said he just found out the plan for the record yesterday and could do the swap haha not sure why it took an entire week to get to that when all the members already knew but I got it so its all good in the end. Surprised as well that T.Y.E. - 32 is still available in the flash sale for only 13.. Really solid album and a steal at that price imo.
  13. Might be a few repeats but here are some that caught my eye the most that I haven't seen a million times yet all over. Jason Isbell - Here We Rest + 7" - $10.00 (Use code 20LRR at checkout) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004PGGH9I Jennifer Lewis - Acid Tongue + CD - $12.68 https://www.amazon.com/Acid-Tongue-2xLP-Jenny-Lewis/dp/B001DPC4QY Sturgill Simpson - A Sailor's Guide To Earth +CD -$13.06 https://www.amazon.com/Sailors-Guide-Earth-Vinyl-Bonus/dp/B01CJ1SLNU Old Crow Medicine Show - Best Of +7" -$14.23 https://www.amazon.com/Best-Old-Crow-Medicine-Show/dp/B01N7CD942 Raekwon - The Wild (White Vinyl) -$12.39 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071LGVPPB/ Burl Ives - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer -$10.36 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MXEJL9W/ Logic - Under Pressure -$12.05 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00PAU1RQ6/ Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibition -$12.84 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KGR1820 Frank Zappa - Hot Rats -$12.36 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01GIUU9TM/ Pink Floyd - Meddle, A Momentary Lapse of Reason & More are all $13.97 each as well. Also, I just placed an order through google checkout for the first time finally since Walmart is price matching just about every deal and got $10 off using some random persons referral link .. Here is mine or you can find endless more all over the internets https://express.google.com/invite/7JGNF25U4 I was able to get Acid Tongue, Best of Old Crow & Sturgill from the list above for about $34 shipped.
  14. This guy on there support is ridiculous.. I already corrected him on something else as well so I am not even surprised.. Thanks though, i'll shoot one more email now that he is obviously wrong again.
  15. You sure Guru is because they just told me in an email it was not a swap option this month?
  16. Damn, that is good to hear. Thanks! I might just swap for that then.
  17. Yeah, I seen that 3 month hip hop gift subscription but I already have the Erykah Badu which stopped me from getting it last month as well. It's all good though, just frustrating. Anyone that's a current member know if Guru is a switch option this month?
  18. It is frustrating seeing them get these hip hop exclusives that I want really bad but I have absolutely zero interest in any of there record of the months lately. People flipping them hard too.
  19. Thanks! Just cancelled my order I made yesterday and re-ordered the same albums for $13-14 cheaper.
  20. Finally pulled the trigger on a few albums from the Amazon UK sale. Lowest prices I have seen for all of them.
  21. Honestly, the deals on Amazon are as good or better then ever they are just available in much smaller quantities then maybe the past. You just have to do some of your own digging here and there to find them because many times there will be only 1-3 copies remaining for an album and it hits like $5-10 but as soon as I buy a copy the remaining few shoot back up to $20-30. Same with Warehouse deals, the best ones go quick so you will rarely ever see the best deals available posted because someone else already snatched them mutha fuckers up while you were furiously posting complaints in this thread.
  22. I couldn't care less if it is an actual good deal, then it is nothing but appreciation but the problem is the people that post those links always seem to get greedy and suddenly you are getting all these affiliated links to "deals" that are mostly just close to regular price because they want to get more money. Look at reddit for example, I would say a good 80%+ of the posts in /r/vinyldeals are either extremely mediocre to poor "deals" or are just another repost from a deal less than 24 hours before. Smile links are an entire different thing though obviously since it is for charity so I am not going to complain about that. If the mods let this become a secondary reddit I will just unsubscribe like I did on there, not worth getting all pissed over but I hope that doesn't happen.
  23. Hell yeah, I am going to grab both of those.. Anything from the LL crew is great to see on vinyl. Hopefully Eligh's new album gets a release date sometime soon as well!
  24. Of course, getting my mouf clean and those views up!