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  1. Still waiting on this to show up. Emailed the merch fulfillment company and never got a reply. Should I be worried?
  2. Don't feel bad at all. Glassjaw is an awesome band and have some great music. At least they're self promotion and merchandising is inventive, albeit frustrating. I am seriously considering the vinyl myself. I have been a fan of the band ever since the original release of EYEWTKAS. Honestly, I have paid more for other vinyl records in the secondary market, but this is a hard price to swallow. If your a fan of this band, than who's to say your wrong for spending the money though?
  3. So I got two copies with Black A records, and Orange B records. The email I got from Warners says that I do not need to return the black records in order for them to send me orange records to fix their mistake. Does anyone have an extra Black B record that they want to trade for one of my A records? Maybe someone that had the same thing happen to them?
  4. I ordered all the variants separately when they were first available, and still nothing.
  5. I highly suggest everyone open and check the color of their vinyl. Got my 2 copies today (My sister in law is a big fan and we got her one as a gift). Both records had black vinyl A records (side one and two) and orange B records (side three and etching)
  6. I think we all forget that this band has been around for close to 30 years, has toured most parts of Europe, Japan, Australia, parts of South America and is the only punk band I know of that has toured in India. They have toured with some of the biggest bands in the genre including Blink-182, Descendents, Face to Face, No Doubt, and Bad Religion. And their early records have never been repressed. MxPx has a huge fan base.
  7. And in record time.... Look at this chode. https://www.ebay.com/itm/BOX-SET-THE-MXPX-VINYL-RECORD-BOX-SET/284225412615?hash=item422d279e07:g:f2IAAOSwuNVgVORa
  8. Any guess as to how long these will last? I was browsing the sold mxpx vinyl on ebay this morning, and it seems like the demand is still pretty high. Especially for the early records. I've been a fan since Pokinatcha came out, so I have the originals of all of their records, but the collector in me couldn't pass up this box set.
  9. What albums from the set do you want to keep?
  10. Was able to pick up a copy. I dig that foil cover!!! Already have one of the blue hot topic presses, hoping this one sounds better.
  11. Sorry if I'm late to the game with this... The line-up for Furnace Fest this year is crazy!!! Does anyone know if bands press or repress variants specifically for this festival?
  12. Just got a confirmation email. Very happy to not have to pay secondary market prices. Been a fan since Ryan Key was in Craigs Brother.
  13. My card was charged even though I never got a confirmation and I had the spinning circle of death on my purchase box when I clicked. I thought I got kicked out, and then I never got past the cart again. I am still waiting for a confirmation email.
  14. Would you take $100 for that MXPX - Life in General on white?

  15. I love "Say Hello to Sunshine". I remember a couple of years back, SRC had the yellow or blue variants on a special sale for $5 a record.
  16. Totally bummed I missed this. Does anyone have an extra I can buy or trade for? Any of the colored variants besides the picture disc?
  17. Looking for JEW Chase This Light on blue vinyl. Can anyone help?
  18. Looking for JEW Chase This Light on blue vinyl. Can anyone help?
  19. Does anyone have the blue and white cream w/ pink splatter variant of this record? I would really like to find one that isn't $80 on ebay...
  20. I know I'm making an assumption, but Stephen smokes a lot of weed.... maybe he has lived his life high so long, that he can't tell reality from "baked thoughts"?
  21. Haven't seen anyone post about this, but only went back three pages... UK Sound of Vinyl has pre-orders for Weezer - Green Album on Green Vinyl. https://thesoundofvinyl.com/*/Colour-Vinyl-Campaign-2020/Green-Album-Exclusive-Green-Vinyl/6PO90X5R000 Here is another link I found for UDiscovermusic https://store.udiscovermusic.com/*/Colour-Vinyl-Series/Green-Album-Exclusive-Green-Vinyl/6PO90UEI000 $22.99 is not bad, but shipping I think is around $9. I think I saw something online about Wal Mart also getting it in the US. I'll post the link if I can find it.
  22. Single sounds pretty good. I haven't really paid attention to the last two albums they had. Does this sound like a pretty big departure from their normal sound, or have they been changing over the last few records and I just haven't paid attention?
  23. Yes!!! I am not really into SNW, but I think their S/T record is highly underrated! I rank it just below WP, but before DE as far as my favorite Deftobes record. I feel like it is the closest they come to post hard-core, which I personally like, yet the record has a ton of depth and mood in the variation of the songs. BTW, if anyone has a S/T hot topic press on black marble, I am looking for one. I am planning on purchasing this version of WP along w/ BS, but I have a lot of vinyl to catch up on, so its a bit low priority for me.

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