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  1. I would be into joining a league as well if there is interest and room available.
  2. I have 4 year old twins and a lot of this resonates with me. For my own sake, I had to keep my turntable and records in a spot where they could still be enjoyed, but I made sure the table was out of reach of little hands. My purchases have slowed drastically (mostly to vinyl bought from a show or something), but I still try to listen whenever possible. We try to have family "dance parties" and I enjoy seeing what music they get attached to. That being said, there is still plenty of music that I like which isn't quite appropriate for the little ears. So I invested in a decent pair of headphones with a 20' extension cable. So after they go to bed I can still turn up the volume and sit on the couch while looking over the album/inserts/etc. I get excited to sit down and experience a new album (uninterrupted) that way. In regards to the original post, having less money to blow on records has allowed me to really streamline current purchases to things I REALLY want in my collection. In the past where I would have more easily succumbed to impulse buys (that eventually just take up shelf space), now I feel more tuned in to just purchasing the "good stuff" and downloading everything else.
  3. Yes!! I've cycled through that video and their album several times in the last few days. Now if I can get a tour date around me sometime soon i'll be a happy boy.
  4. I kinda dig the collection of random thoughts actually. Or maybe I just enjoy the back and forth between that format and the full on cohesive stories to keep things fresh. Also, I'm waaaaaay into that new Black Midi album. Glad to hear someone else is too! More people should know about them... best new music I've heard in a while.
  5. Was wondering what your preferred outlet is to sell vinyl? Here on these boards... eBay... discogs... something else? I'm new to selling records online and have a few "high end" items I am looking to unload but don't want to get scammed. I've seen several horror stories over the years on this board. I'm looking to get closer to the current market value (which means selling online and not to my local shop) but want to limit any potential for being hosed. Any advice or guidance? Thanks!
  6. Even though you might not get a lot of sleep and things may get stressful you just have to make the most of it. You may not ever have that much time again to straight up bond with your kid. We had twins so my experience may be a little different, but as far as advise goes.. routine is key! Both for your child as well as yourself. Helps get to keep everything moving. And venturing outside helped us a lot. Even if it was just to take a walk in the park or grab a coffee or whatever. The sooner everyone gets accustomed to being out and about the better. You could also try picking one "other" activity for each day of the week. So outside of the normal routine things you might go to the park one day, or grocery shopping one day, or visit the record store, etc. We listened to a lot of music together so spinning some records together would be cool too! At that age, as long as you keep them fed and diaper clean you can pretty much take them anywhere. OHHH... and beer... have a beer with your lunch. Something about a midday beer just helped me remain calm. Enjoy man and good luck! Congrats as well!
  7. Digging the new song... thought I was listening to The Mercury Program for a bit there. I'm excited for this new release. Might be heresy to some, but I sorta prefer LP2 to LP1.
  8. That is great news... been wanting this album forever. I hope the comment about keeping your schedule open means there will be more live shows for them.
  9. Hey all... looking for a bit of advice on components I should or should not upgrade in my set up. I'm not necessarily unhappy with anything but if I were to upgrade a piece what would make sense based on what I have? I'm guessing my cart would be the weak link, but what option would pair will with my modest setup of pretty much all older gear? I'm pretty partial to the amp though because I love the look/feel of it and the built in phono. I guess that is a separate question as well... would getting a standalone preamp make much of a difference? Thanks! Technics SL 1800 MK2 Shure M97xe Marantz 2015 Klipsch KG 3.2 Floorstanding Speakers
  10. At first I put everything in a separate room that was gated off, but found I didn't listen as much and I didn't like that. So now it's back in the living room but I have a length of baby gate that hooks together placed in front of it. If my 1 1/2 year old twins knew any better they could just move it out of the way, but the fact that it's there seems to deter them and I've had no incidents so far. Sometimes they go pull/shake on the gate so I'll just re-direct them and try to not make a big deal about it. And I don't move the gate while they are looking. As was just mentioned above.. any records you particularly care about should be moved up high. I also moved the turntable up high so that it couldn't be touched. Pic of my record setup
  11. Love seeing all the autographs people have acquired. There's always good stories to go along with most. The ones I have that I can remember are: Frank Turner poster Beach Slang poster Minus the Bear - Acoustics II Into It. Over It. - Standards (Tour Edition) [Evan only] Death Cab for Cutie - Kintsugi Justin Townes Earle - Harlem River Blues Less Than Jake - GNV FL Hop Along - Painted Shut Fugazi - Fugazi EP [Ian only] Cursive - Happy Hollow [Tim only], plus a setlist by the band Moneen - The Red Tree [whole band] and my prized possession... The Beatles - Twist & Shout [Paul & Ringo]
  12. About 2 years ago they said they were working on a repress of 'A Data Learn Language'. I think it's supposed to come out this year along with a new EP. So hold tight on that one.
  13. Does anyone have one of these Wal-Mart versions next to an Ikea version? I have a few Ikea Expedits but need to expand and was hoping these would be same size/look side by side.
  14. Maybe try this place: http://www.cosmicvinylrecords.com/custom-records/