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  1. Had this come out after Devil...people would have lost their minds. Some people still will be disappointed with this album. But it's damn good. Wish it had come out in 2009, but late is better than never. Honestly this can be their last album. I'd be okay with that idea now.
  2. AV Club just put out a good article with some decent starting points if anyone is looking to get more into synth-wave stuff... http://www.avclub.com/article/stranger-things-score-gateway-synthwave-240466
  3. You can easily get that record here in Austin. The last time I was in End of An Ear they had several copies. I can drop by there sometime later today and look to see if they have anymore (a few days ago they had at least 5 copies.)
  4. These dudes have been big in Austin for a while now. Glad ST have given them the attention they deserve. Holodeck puts out quality tapes, too. Probably going to get the tape as well.
  5. My white copy (Rainbo) was flawless. I cleaned it before spinning and had no pops or sound issues.
  6. Got my black as black yesterday. Ordered back in June of last but didn't get a 7". Oh well. Sounds great and wasn't expecting it to be pressed at 45, or maybe I did and just forgot.
  7. Whatever happened to that deal that Dine Alone had with SRC that eliminated those high shipping costs from Canada? I've been out of the loop for awhile here...