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  1. With how nice ADD came out, I can't wait for this. I'd love to see them press the 2nd Self-titled album too, and AOJB could do with a repress already.
  2. Can't wait for these. Way overdue! As someone else said, I'd have loved a 7 ways pressing, but I'll take what I can get. Seen these guys more than any other band.
  3. Received my order today. Two black, so hoping I can pick up a white somewhere soon.
  4. Ordered two from DA. Been lucky with the previous 2 and received 1 of each. Hope I'm as lucky this time too.
  5. Received my order in the UK today... 1 Red and 1 Black Just need to track down a white tour variant at a decent price now.
  6. Fair play to you mate! Any chance of some leftovers ending up online, or is that down to the band?
  7. They had the tour variant at £15, or the standard variants for £10. They didn't seem to be limiting the number you could buy though.
  8. Went to the London show last night and they were phenomenal! Whatever has happened recently, the fire is well and truly back! You could tell they were all loving it and giving it 150%. Had to leave early, so missed a real old track they dug up, but still a great show. And even better, there's a Green tour variant of Familiar Drugs, limited to 250 total (40 per night)
  9. Next weekend for me! Can't wait to hear the new songs live, especially Complicit...already listened to it about 30 times.
  10. Ordered 2 through Dine Alone. Worked out £9 cheaper to the UK (would've saved even more with surface mail)
  11. New 7" single, Complicit, is available from 10am EST. Pressed on Black and randomly-inserted Translucent Red vinyl. https://alexisonfire.store-08.com/featured/ In my opinion, this one absolutely wipes the floor with Familiar Drugs (which I also loved).
  12. New track is awesome. Blows the nuts off Familiar Drugs! Transparent Red with heavy Black Splatter would look pretty cool is they press a 7".
  13. Got my 2 copies in, and ended up with 2 GITD. May order a black with the cassette, if they add options. The collection's fallen a bit behind, the last year or so. Still need to pick up those /100 albums. Anyone know if the blue marble Dogs Blood ended up properly released?
  14. How has he already got it fully signed!? I ordered 2, in the hope I may end up with 1 of each. Just waiting for them to land here in the UK, to find out.
  15. Any news on that blue Dog's Blood variant being released, Justin?
  16. Yeah, got right to checkout too. Wonder how long until one appears on ebay!
  17. Apparently Roadrunner just aren't too fussed about vinyl. One of the reasons it took so long for KsE's "Alive or Just Breathing" to be repressed.
  18. Only really after the Alexisonfire record, but it's only available in Canada & Australia. If anyone spots it available online, I'd really appreciate the heads up!
  19. I keep checking amazon and other UK/European sites, but nothing here yet.
  20. So happy this is finally being pressed. Pretty sure Jesse told someone on twitter a while back that they were also planning to press the first s/t album. The End of Heartache & As Daylight Dies were only repressed a couple of years ago....That's when I got my TEIH, so can't see those being repressed just yet.
  21. Need to get that flexi myself. When I spoke to the people handling the bundle sales, they wouldn't allow me to purchase one from the UK :/

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