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  1. i'll bite even tho i have OG UK one. the plain was garbage. this can't be worse. too bad MOV didn't do 2xLP tho.
  2. bailing on weasels, inc. first release i'm not ordering when it came out since wiggle.
  3. I don't have much complaints about the Rhino reissues I have but I haven't heard the holy grail pressings. Out of my budget.
  4. yea that is true. i think i only have 2 (L7 and butthole surfers) and just play the originals most of the time. i've ditched any others i've had.
  5. ...and i bought both bc i am a sucker for L7. i'm not sure about that alternate cover w/ the color vinyl tho.
  6. i hope it's better than the crap Plain Recordings pressing.
  7. i was huge strike anywhere fan when they started. i listened to this exactly once. to be fair, iron front isn't great either. And I wasn't in to the Great Collapse either. Which leads me to conclude Matt Sherwood was a big deal.
  8. ever since discogs started automatically adding sales tax my sales cratered for whatever reason. maybe ppl just don't want my shit anymore.
  9. cool. i've never heard this. i'd buy vinyl release of this.
  10. red splatter making this easier to resist. i have original Catheter pressing. But having all the OG pressings didn't stop me from getting all the Jade Tree reissues.
  11. got green/white from Amazon on the west coast. sounds like it's pressed from a CD/non high-res digital but not too terrible. https://www.instagram.com/p/CWMcPkTPAEA/
  12. i think it was no paypal that made me go get my wallet that sunk me lol
  13. yup. i was gonna try to trade for a poker chip if i got it anyway.
  14. there are 5 colors so one left to see /500 each 2500 total (per LTJ IG)
  15. i would not be surprised either. it doesn't sound of the era (late 90s) and def has more 80s hair metal going on, at least w/ this guilty song. i'm not listening to more of this lol. https://hardrockaorheaven.blogspot.com/2011/02/restless-alone-in-dark-japan-edition.html RESTLESS isn't the 'real' name of this band. This moniker was chosen by leader Roger Sommers and the german label who resurrected this material on CD format in the late nineties. All these songs were recorded during the '80s under the band name FREELANCE. The group never managed to find a deal back then...
  16. also try reddit/tipofmytongue they're good at tracking things down
  17. i picked one up. i dunno how well it holds up for me but guess i'll find out. i prob still have the CD around somewhere. if i didn't already have og rev and @#$! i would've gotten those reissues when they came out too.
  18. I have a Pro-Ject VCS, which is much more affordable than a VPI. Works great.
  19. what is cd cleaner/repair fluid? you could find a place w/ an ultrasonic record cleaning machine. originals vinyl in SF cleans vinyl. ask them what they think. https://originalsvinyl.com/