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  1. I suppose we'll get Double Plaidinum, Have A Ball, and Novelty Forever this year. I wonder if they'll do a 30th anniversary of Duh pressing.
  2. I wonder if the 25 year anniversary pressings for 2022 are going to start going up soon.
  3. Mine is stuck in customs I think because I ordered from Merchpit. But I'm glad to see everyone is enjoying this pressing. Now bring on Catalyst!
  4. I managed to get one from here, it was pricey but I really wanted it. I am honestly 50/50 on whether or not I actually end up getting this.
  5. I was wondering about these because I ordered them back in September without knowing when they were shipping and never got any notification about anything so I wasn't totally surprised when the order was cancelled. I wish merchants were more communicative about shipping delays. I understand that there is a massive strain right now but I hate spending $$$ with a merchant and having no earthly idea when I can expect to receive my order.
  6. Got an email this morning from DeepDiscount telling me my order was cancelled and they are issuing a refund, anyone else?
  7. The way things are going these won't ship until the album's 25th anniversary.
  8. Did this ever ship to anyone? I haven't gotten any update on it.
  9. Grabbed the splatter too. It was actually hard to find on the TC site. My pre-order list is not getting any smaller lol.
  10. So is the vinyl preorder all 4 EPs on one LP or just the Spring one? If it's the latter than big yikes on the Feb 2023 ship date.

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