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  1. chicomak

    PO: Angel Du$t - Pretty Buff

    Wow the video from youtube, about getting girls up front to sing, is awesome. Props! And I think as well, another variant besides the red, like on Popwig or something, will appear. Their last album had variants of /200, /300, /500...
  2. hi - does anyone know what is the pressing on the book? I'm seeing them in August, and am not sure if it'll sell out by then.
  3. chicomak

    PO: Shook Ones - Body Feel

    Curious, did you folks order the black one cause it was /200, or the color variant for the color aspect? I ordered the black from rev.
  4. me too please! I'll pay for the vinyl and shipping. I don't really know anyone on this board, so any stranger love, would be much appreciated!
  5. chicomak

    PO NOW: Snail Mail - Lush LP

    Agreed, it was 2 pounds cheaper than the Rough Trade site. Thanks for sharing!
  6. chicomak

    PO: Terror - Total Retaliation

    I got the Triple B variant, and there was a 6 page big poster which had credits and lyrics. I contacted Merch Now and they advised the Triple B version was special and included a poster, whereas the Pure Noise version did not. I also accidentally posted the Pure Noise version did not have a download card...it did actually.
  7. chicomak

    PO: Terror - Total Retaliation

    I ordered this one: 200 (PN Webstore) - Ultra Clear w/ Heavy Black and White Splatter As well ordered the Triple B, which should be waiting for me at the post office today, for pickup.
  8. chicomak

    PO: Terror - Total Retaliation

    This arrived this week. No insert, no listing of credits anywhere, and no digital download. Anybody else get an insert?
  9. Coretex has a gold variant/200. https://coretexrecords.com/Sick-Of-It-All-wake-the-sleeping-dragon-PRE-ORDER_1
  10. I just noticed on the US Matador site, that line about 'first 150 orders gets a photo print' has now been removed
  11. Anyone know pressing info, and whether other variants will pop up? It says the tri-color is limited to matador webstore, which leads to believe there may be more variants? Or just means that black variant is available everywhere else then?
  12. Anyone know if this will be released on 6131 as well, on different variants?
  13. chicomak

    PO: Terror - Total Retaliation

    Sweet, ordered the PN / 200 bundle with long sleeve. Waiting now for the Triple B variant to go up...I had been holding off on getting several Triple B releases, so I can bundle a few items together to save on shipping.
  14. Pre-order the new album, there are bundles available https://www.shopbenchmark.com/martyrinc/
  15. Anyone know the pressing of this? Southern Lord doesn't list out the numbers on their site.