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  1. chicomak

    PO: Terror - Total Retaliation

    I ordered this one: 200 (PN Webstore) - Ultra Clear w/ Heavy Black and White Splatter As well ordered the Triple B, which should be waiting for me at the post office today, for pickup.
  2. chicomak

    PO: Terror - Total Retaliation

    This arrived this week. No insert, no listing of credits anywhere, and no digital download. Anybody else get an insert?
  3. Coretex has a gold variant/200. https://coretexrecords.com/Sick-Of-It-All-wake-the-sleeping-dragon-PRE-ORDER_1
  4. I just noticed on the US Matador site, that line about 'first 150 orders gets a photo print' has now been removed
  5. Anyone know pressing info, and whether other variants will pop up? It says the tri-color is limited to matador webstore, which leads to believe there may be more variants? Or just means that black variant is available everywhere else then?
  6. Anyone know if this will be released on 6131 as well, on different variants?
  7. chicomak

    PO: Terror - Total Retaliation

    Sweet, ordered the PN / 200 bundle with long sleeve. Waiting now for the Triple B variant to go up...I had been holding off on getting several Triple B releases, so I can bundle a few items together to save on shipping.
  8. Pre-order the new album, there are bundles available https://www.shopbenchmark.com/martyrinc/
  9. Anyone know the pressing of this? Southern Lord doesn't list out the numbers on their site.
  10. I recently created an IG account. I don't really post vinyl, but more old concert flyers and pictures. https://www.instagram.com/andy_chico_mak/ I'm currently posting a series of Minor Threat pictures, sent to me by their bassist some 20 years ago.
  11. New Brant Bjork album. There are quite a few variants, and a test press. I find it ridiculous though that limited versions get more expensive...I guess it costs much more to press, if you're pressing for say /50 or /100, as opposed to 1000. But majority of labels sell each variant for the same price. https://www.heavypsychsounds.com/shop.htm Between this and Yawning Man, I spent a ton on the most limited colour, and the test press.
  12. Love Muggs but these are jacked up robbery prices.
  13. Debut 7 inch up from Bridge 9. http://www.b9store.com/products/618934-beach-rats-wasted-time Beach Rats are a brand new band featuring an all-star cast of scene veterans including Brian Baker (Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, Bad Religion), Ari Katz (Lifetime), plus members from The Bouncing Souls and more. Beach Rats play a brand of hardcore/punk that stays true to their members' roots while creating something completely fresh and urgent. Their debut EP 'Wasted Time' features 5 songs of fast, melodic hardcore punk that will leave the listener begging for more. 'Wasted Time' officially hits stores via Bridge Nine Records on July 27th.
  14. chicomak

    PO: Integrity / Krieg Split

    FYI - the /100 from Relapse was originally sold out, but now it’s available. I wonder if it was marked as sold out from the beginning, and being made available only now. I cancelled my /300 order and ordered the /100.
  15. I have the original pressing on vinyl. A funny story...many many years ago, I ordered the OKD bloodlust from amazon or somewhere. I thought it was the CD for some reason, and then was surprised I got the vinyl.