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  1. chicomak

    PO: Rancid/Murphys Law split 7"

    I was just perusing and saw the Rancid black/blue was still available so I purchased, along with the Agnostic Front/Powerhouse black blue also out of 100. Not sure why the AF/100 is still available yet the AF/400 is sold out. Right after I purchased the site said the Rancid black/blue was sold out. Either I got the last one or I’m getting the other colour.
  2. You can get one here, selling for a ridiculous price. https://www.ebay.com/itm/JULIEN-BAKER-TURN-OUT-THE-LIGHTS-VINYL-LP-SCREENPRINTED-COVER-50-COPIES/273199636565?hash=item3f9bf7a055:g:6e4AAOSweoBbCZCe
  3. Pre-order for Yawning Man's new LP on Heavy Psyche Sounds. They still have the /30 test presses still available, as well the /200 limited colour. I ordered the test press and /200, but damn, converting from Euro to CAD, this was damn expensive. I'm a sucker for Kyuss and related music. On this release, they have their original version of the song Catamaran. https://www.heavypsychsounds.com/shop.htm
  4. chicomak

    PO: Integrity / Krieg Split

    Are these new Integrity songs? I see posts in 2015/2016 about talks about this release. Maybe back then the release was rumoured, but the Integrity songs weren't written yet. The first Integrity song sounds new, with Dom Romeo's signature guitar solos. I pre-ordered the /300. I may see Integrity this coming Sunday, and too bad they won't have the /200 available yet.
  5. Wow, good for you! This one seems to be most rare then. Can you send a picture of the black blank label? I'm curious to see how this looks like.
  6. That limited screen print version, is that purple, and what's the pressing on that?
  7. chicomak

    Power Trip - Nightmare Logic

    I love Power Trip, but man, they're really milking the Divine Apprehension and Suffer No Fool songs, which already came out on the 7" from lockinout, and the split with Integrity. I'm gonna pass on this, as I have all of these releases already: “Opening Fire: 2008-2014,” a complete collection of Power Trip’s earliest non-LP output. The release documents the self-titled 7”, “This World” (from “The Extermination Vol: 2” LP compilation on Flatspot Records), “Hammer of Doubt” (2010 version from “America’s Hardcore” LP compilation on Triple B Records), and the entirety of “The Armageddon Blues Sessions.”
  8. chicomak

    PO: Madball - For the Cause

    Which single, the song For The Cause, which also came out on a split with Wisdom In Chains? I thought that song was really good. The video teaser shows Hoya playing guitar and Matt Henderson too. That should be interesting enough!
  9. chicomak

    PO: Madball - For the Cause

    Coretex has a gold hand numbered/300. I'm a little disappointed there isn't any good bundles with shirts/hoodies. Been listening to Madball for over 2 decades...can't wait for this! https://coretexrecords.com/Madball-for-the-cause-PRE-ORDER
  10. My RFC Oxblood came this week and no damage. I assume of a bunch of the stock had seam splits...and some didn't. This thread is becoming more of a distraction on the seam splits, which I admit I contributed to as well....but the album is really good! I heard it a few times already and need to spin it more.
  11. chicomak

    Records You Are Lucky To Own

    Not records....but signed copies of Minor Threat tape and discography cd from Ian Mackaye. We had exchanged several emails back and forth because I videotaped a Fugazi show in the 90s, and I sent him the master tape so he could make a copy. I knew they were looking to archive anything Fugazi related. I sent him a few things to sign as well, and he returned the video tape and all the signed inlay cards at the same time.
  12. I love the new album, especially the slower melodic songs. If I saw this post during initial pre-orders, I may have jumped, but now...I don't need another variant...or rather the same blue variant but with another sleeve. I'm wondering if this is just a way to get rid of stock.
  13. Same here, big seam split from my Lockin Out order. I wonder if this occurred for much of their stock. But excited to spin this record!
  14. Is the Epitaph version a 2nd press, and what's the pressing info? Thanks
  15. I picked up the clear from Dischord...was able to save a few dollars on shipping to Canada. On the bandcamp site, it indicated there were 10 clear remaining...but not sure how many is split between bandcamp vs dischord.