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  1. there is a spotify version now too....blue vinyl limited to 1000 copies. https://takingbacksunday.fantasyrecordings.com/sff/
  2. There is an Urban Outfitters variant limited to just 500 copies for $29.98 that went live this morning: UO Link
  3. Even better? No Media Mail shipping for that $17 single. Only option is USPS ground select for $12, so yeah with taxes it'd probably be over $30 for a 7" record.....ummm no thanks.
  4. Thanks for posting. 500 copies on the first press, 200 on pink and 300 on clear w/green splatter. Each is $25. Went ahead and ordered 1. new song underrated is ok.
  5. New Sophomore LP On their highly awaited sophomore album, Black Pumas broadened their palette to include a dazzling expanse of musical forms: heavenly hybrids of soul and symphonic pop, mind-bending excursions into jazz-funk and psychedelia, starry-eyed love songs that feel dropped from the cosmos. The debut was nominated for 7 Grammys and reached one million album equivalents. The new album ‘Chronicles Of A Diamond’ arrives as the fullest expression yet of their frenetic creativity and limitless vision. Tracklist: 1. More Than A Love Song 2. Ice Cream (Pay Phone) 3. Mrs. Postman 4. Chronicles Of A Diamond 5. Angel 6. Hello 7. Sauvignon 8. Tomorrow 9. Gemini Sun 10. Rock and Roll LIST OF VARIANTS: Official Store (Clear $26 (no pressing info) and Silver $32 (4000 copies) versions, including each color signed for $75): Black Pumas | Official Merch Store | Hello Merch ATO Store (Silver Signed Copies (100 only there) for only $40 (save $35 from official store version) Black Pumas - Chronicles of a Diamond - Limited Edition Silver Edition - Signed | Shop the ATO Records Official Store VMP press (750 copies Gold & Cream for $40 for non-members, $36 for members available only for 48 hours): The Black Pumas 'Chronicles of a Diamond' - Vinyl Me, Please (vinylmeplease.com) Texas Edition (Gold & Brown Vinyl, Foil Stamped $26.99, pressing unknown); https://endofanear.bigcartel.com/product/black-pumas-chronicles-of-a-diamond-texas-gold-brown-vinyl-foil-stamped Levitation Version (350 copies Red w/Gold Splatter $25.99) : https://levitation.fm/products/black-pumas-chronicles-of-a-diamond Target Version (Purple Splatter $25.99): Black Pumas - Chronicles Of A Diamond (target Exclusive, Vinyl) : Target Urban Outfitters (Cloudy Gold /1000 $29.98) UO Link Barnes & Noble (Red & Gold $28.99) Chronicles Of A Diamond (Red & Gold Vinyl) (B&N) by Black Pumas | Vinyl LP | Barnes & Noble® (barnesandnoble.com) Rough Trade (exclusive White/Clear w/Orange Splatter $26.99) Rough Trade UK Clear Red/US Clear Red (Indie Store Color): Black Pumas - Chronicles of a Diamond (familystorerecords.co.uk) Magnolia Exclusive Clear in White Color $30 Black Pumas - Chronicles of a Diamond [Exclusive Clear in White] [Pre-Order] Vinyl | magnoliarecord.store – Magnolia Record Store Walmart Exclusive Golden Haze Marble $29.97 Wal-Mart Exclusive Golden Haze Marble Spotify Fans First Edition (2000 copies, Red, Blue & White Vinyl) $28 Spotify version Amazon Exclusive Haze w/White Splatter $25.99 Amazon variant I think that is all of them, but I am sure more variants will pop up. Edit: Guess not, so just added the Walmart one, so we are at 12 variants that would be nearly $450 w/tax & shipping (not counting the signed ones) to purchase if you wanted them all. Sure, I've just got $450 lying around doing nothing. Screw car payments! The Black Pumas just released 13 versions of their new LP! (sarcasm). Edit 2; Added Spotify version, so we are at 13 variants which would now make it $485 to purchase them all. Edit 3: Added Amazon version, so we are at 14 variants.
  6. so we've had 2 variants so far, how many more you think TS will release?
  7. This was already being discussed in the RSD thread. Plus, everything that Modern Vinyl is getting their info from is the same source used here in the RSD thread---the Wax Poetic blog.
  8. That is correct! That title has been added to the Wax Poetic blog (new-vinyl.blogspot.com) along with other releases by Braid, Rise Against, The 1975, Jerry Garcia, Ryan Adams and more.
  9. This times 1000. I knew the labels didn't really care about Record Store Day or the stores, when the Flaming Lips Heady Nuggs box came out and you had nearly 7000 made for stores and then they go behind the stores backs and make a more limited colored version (1000 copies no less) and sell it only online. Direct 2 Consumer options will always be there and conducted by the major labels, what they need to do is start being transparent when the folks behind RSD make their list, because when I see a title that is supposedly limited to 1500 copies and then 250 are made available on the band's website, then there is really only 1250 copies available to over 800+ brick and mortar stores to try and be allocated....so the consumer get screwed in the end.
  10. FYI...the first list has leaked......might want to check a certain RSD blog....hint hint
  11. Then point John to this listing on Cobraside (http://www.cobraside.com/b2b/details.php?id=900148) and tell him you want one of the 500 copies they plan to re-release (again) for RSD2015 in April
  12. Weekend Deal for VCers only--ends Sunday at Midnight EDT! Buy 3 items--get 10% off + free US shipping Buy 6 items--get 25% off + free US shipping Mention it in the comments when placing your order on Discogs. Sorry to you international folks, I'd love to offer you free shipping, but just can't.
  13. Things have been slowing down, so I may start boxing all of this stuff this weekend to start taking to storage. So make those offers this weekend, because I don't really want to have to dig stuff out of boxes.
  14. I have one SEALED, should be on my spreadsheet in my FS thread
  15. Only 5 more days left! Updated the Spreadsheet to reflect items that have been sold (highlighted in red)
  16. So the Box Set that was released on RSD in 2010 is getting another RSD repress potentially? This is where we're at...repressing RSD releases already? Wow.
  17. Per their mailing list, it appears that pre-orders (on their site anyway) will go live on Monday, Jan 26th
  18. Bump....1 week left. Everything going into storage and I will not have access to it after the 19th.
  19. URP Music Distributors EXCLUSIVE (only available at indie record stores)! Napoleon Dynamite Soundtrack 2LP, 150 GRAM BLUE VINYL, GATEFOLD CLASSIC SOUNDTRACK! FIRST TIME ON VINYL! LIMITED EDITION of 500 in stores 3-Mar-2015 Link: https://www.facebook.com/urpmd/posts/10152566583645846:0

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