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  1. I was lucky enough to grab one this last time around, just got mine in today and I'm not disappointed Defeater-Live On BBC Test Press /20 Iron Chic-The Constant One Pink/White Split /700 Alcoa- Thank You Red/200 Lemuria- Varoom Allure Gold/300 The bands i listed were Iron Chic, Crime In Stereo, Defeater and Alcoa so thats almost everything I listed. Taking offers on Lemuria and maybe the Defeater test press since I got rid of most of my 7" collection.
  2. Just found this group on here! I think a lot of you may like our stuff www.littleshopofgore.com Also recently finally watched Us, liked it but felt it would've worked better as two or even three movies. It just felt like there were too many ideas crammed into 2 hours.
  3. Most of these come from my personal collection, but some are from used purchases and trades so if the condition of one of these is very important feel free to message me and I will check over the entire thing. All the vinyl itself should be in great to near mint, most of the jackets/inserts are fine but some may has some seam splits here and there so ask for specific details. If you want multiples I'm willing to work out deals and buy any 4 LP's get free shipping in the US. I'm open to offers, as long as they're reasonable. Black vinyl unless otherwise noted LP: After the Fall- Dedication- Blue /200 -$5 Against Me-Transgender Dysphoria Blues(Gatefold)- White w/Black Splatter -$30 Captain We're Sinking-The Future Is Cancelled- Grey /200-$10 Captain We're Sinking-The King of No Man-Yellow /300-$10 Dead Bars-Dream Gig- Test Pressing -$15 Defeater- Empty Days & Sleepless Nights- Black w/Red Labels /1000-$25 (Comes with the original included Book) Earl Sweatshirt-Doris-$10 Focused Minds-The Fact Remains- $5 Four Year Strong- Explains It All- Clear w/green splatter /375-$15 The Front Bottoms-The Front Bottoms- $10 Green Day- Dookie (2008 reissue)-$15 Hardside- Time Is Punishment- Clear -$5 Harvey Danger-Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone?-Test Pressing /20-$40 Iron Chic- You Can't Stay Here-Ultra Clear w/red, black and gold splatter /800- $30 Le Matos-Coming Soon- Random Colored Vinyl w/Screenprinted Cover /500 -$60 (Never played still in packaging) Living With Lions-Make Your Mark- Clear -$10 The Menzingers- A Lesson in the Abuse of Information Technology- Army Green -$10 The Menzingers- Chamberlain Waits-$10 No Trigger- Tycoon- Test Pressing /20-$40 No Trigger-Tycoon- White (Subscription Press w/OBI Strip)-$20 Paint It Black-New Lexicon- Black /270 -$15 Shai Hulud-Reach Beyond The Sun- White -$15 Slapshot-Blast Furnace- $5 Street Brats-Dead End Kids- Gray-$10 Street Brats-See You At The Bottom-$10 Strife- Witness A Rebirth-Clear -$5 Such Gold-Misadventures-Teal /500 -$10 The Suicide File-Some Mistakes You Never Stop Paying For- Clear-$10 Troubled Coast- Awake and Empty- Black w/blue haze /400-$5 Teenage Bottlerocket- Tales From Wyoming- Beer Color- $20 Tubers- Anachronous- Brown Mix Test Pressing-$5 The Virus- Nowhere To Hide- White Marble /100 -$50 The Wonder Years- Suburbia I've Given You All and Now I'm Nothing- Clear /1000-$15 -ON HOLD The Wonder Years- The Greatest Generation- Ivory 2xLP -$20- ON HOLD The Wonder Years-Sister Cities- Light Blue /500 (Banquet Exclusive)-$30 Carry The Torch 2xLP Compliation- Test Pressing -$50 Soundtracks: Drag Me To Hell- Red w/white Smoke (Subscriber Variant)- $30 It Follows-Light Blue/Dark Blue mix- $20 Stephen King's IT (1990)- FYE Exclusive Red 3xLP /750-$40 7": Dads-Pretty Good-Clear /150-$5 Daylight- Run For Cover Acoustic Series #3-Black /500- $8 Defeater- Live on BBC 1- Silver /300- $5 The Menzingers- Lookers/Bad Catholics- $5 Suburban Scum- Hanging By A Thread- Clear /200- $10 Swamp Thing-S/T-Clear /200-$5 Touche Amore- Live on BBC 1- Purple /300 -$5 Trouble Is..- Tempest in a Tepot- Gold- $5 (10")Living With Lions- Dude Manor- White- $10
  4. Open to reasonable offers especially if buying multiple items. Prices don’t include shipping. 2018 Waxwork Sub Variants: Dawn of The Dead-$50 Drag Me To Hell-$45 Get Out-$45 Night of the Living Dead-$50 Nightmare on elm street box set-$200 Goblin-Suspiria/Dawn of the Dead 12” Ghoulish Gary Exclusive blue vinyl-$20 Mondo Tests: Batman TAS: Heart of Ice/Deep Freeze Test Press- $50 Youre Next- Test Press -$50 Le Matos- Coming Soon /500 with Screenprinted Cover-$75 Defeater-Lost Ground 2x7” (red,white, blue swirl /500 first press) -$20 Defeater- Travels (brown first pressing)- $20 Four Year Strong- Explains it All (Kelly splatter /375) -$20 The Lillingtons- Stella Sapiente (Green)-$25 The Wonder Years- No Closer to Heaven (Splatter First pressing)-$35
  5. This is how I felt last night listening to it all the way through. Definitely some tracks that I know will be my favorites but I know I'll appreciate all of them twice as much knowing the lyrics too.
  6. Yeah I was hoping the locations for that scavenger hunt were going to end up being locations for pop-ups or something.
  7. Seriously, I remember TWY releases staying hyped right up until the release date.
  8. Damn, that is a such a well done gatefold. I almost want to buy it for that alone.
  9. Agree with this completely, its a good album but definitely wasn't as good as the rest of their catalogue
  10. I forgot about their variant for TGG! I never picked up a copy until it was repressed as a 2xlp. I intially was waiting for a variant I liked and then I heard all the complaints about the sound quality so I held off. I'm gonna also assume they'll have a tour variant this spring/summer
  11. since they did that with NCTH I'm guessing they'll do one for this, and most likely it won't go up a few weeks from now like it did with NCTH
  12. I haven't gotten through all of the albums yet, only up to part 3. All of them so far have sounded really nice and I don't have an amazing set up. Very minimal surface noise here and there during the super quiet parts. I had no pops or skips or anything so far though. $215 shipped I would say definitely worth it. It came to like $280+ for me after tax/shipping
  13. thanks for that, been holding out for one of the colored variants but this was too good to pass up
  14. Last time I bought a warehouse deal it was Deja Entendu for like $15. It got here and I opened it up and it was a Lumineer's record. I called them for a replacement and they informed me that warehouse deals (even though its amazon) is considered a 3rd party so they would only refund me and not replace it. By that time the price had gone back up to $30. Haven't risked it again since, but I did get a free record I just wish it was something I wanted at least haha.