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  1. So Blur have now officially announced the BBC Sessions 10" as celebrating the Parklife 25th anniversary, doesn't seem to be anything bigger hinted at coming out later
  2. The Blade Runner 2049 webstore version will be at 12.00 (CT) on Thursday, they usually release on Wednesdays at the same time
  3. Don't think they have said a date for the SDCC leftovers to go up, in the past they have been random times after the events. The webstore variant goes up this week so its a decision to wait to see if there are any SDCC versions at a later date or not.
  4. At the moment in the UK it's not shown up on physical store listings, so not sure just yet.
  5. So from the details of all the sessions it looks like this 10" is the Mark Radcliffe '94 Session. The Amazon listing for it has been taken down at the current time.
  6. A reissue of the 2nd Goldfrapp album Black Cherry finally coming out 27th September, on purple vinyl https://mutebank.co.uk/collections/goldfrapp/products/goldfrapp-black-cherry-limited-edition-purple-vinyl-exclusive-print
  7. Hoping this gets a proper UK release, Knife + Heart was an import only sadly
  8. It's almost certain to be leading to something bigger, would be very odd to release a 4 track sessions ep without much build up (uk & euro sites showing 26th July date) and leave it at that Parklife 25th anniversary was back in April, but could still hopefully be that!
  9. When it 1st came out Cobra wasn't a favorite of mine but after these reissues are delivered I'll own 3 copies of it on vinyl. So its grown on me!
  10. Should be, they are still on the list of US stockists https://stereolab.co.uk/stockists
  11. It's almost certain they won't have any clear versions of any reissues at the shows.
  12. Saw them twice on the UK leg of the tour, blew me away, especially the comparatively smaller show in Brighton