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  1. Yeah it's certainly not cheap. But at least it looks like the book is a high quality item
  2. https://store.sigurros.com/uk/hlemmur.html? numbered hardback book edition on 2 x 10” vinyl - limited to 2002 copies
  3. Hopefully I'll get mine delivered tomorrow to complete my obi set. Fingers crossed on the last 2 chances for a scratch card win!
  4. From the pic I'd initially taken the boxset to be 4LP with extra material but nope its 2XLP and the picture shows sides A/B of both LPs Will wait for the standard
  5. Not that i can see, assuming they are in stock and will ship straight away. We know With Teeth is certainly already pressed and in their warehouse
  6. If anyone is such a massive fan that they need Thee Oh Sees in any conceivable format here is a super limited (100 total. 60 for sale, 40 to band ect), super expensive ($420) 8 Track 12 album boxset that will be on sale Monday 25th Nov 10am PST: https://5sevenrecords.bigcartel.com/product/thee-oh-sees-the-8-track-collection
  7. Mail order only Osees up now - The 12" Synth https://www.castlefacerecords.com/products/osees-the-12-synth https://castlefacerecords.co.uk/products/osees-the-12-synth Sucks Blood reissue https://www.castlefacerecords.com/products/thee-oh-sees-sucks-blood (SOLD OUT) https://castlefacerecords.co.uk/products/thee-oh-sees-sucks-blood (SOLD OUT)
  8. There are a few different colour bootlegs of it. Blue, red, silver & green so far
  9. There is also a neon yellow loser edition https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/wolf-parade/thin-mind/lp-plus