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  1. UK link https://www.resident-music.com/productdetails&path=23086&product_id=79205 This is the Blue & Red version
  2. Couple back up at Resident (uk) https://www.resident-music.com/productdetails&product_id=79047
  3. He was due in later today to do the signing, they have both signed & non signed stock that will be going live at 6pm on this link (buy button will show then) https://www.resident-music.com/productdetails&product_id=79047
  4. What was it you were after? All UK stores will be online from 6pm (UK time) Try Resident, Banquet, Rough Trade, Drift. Just got all my stuff from Resident (1st in the queue and there are now hundreds)
  5. Electronic Sound Magazine with white 7" featuring 2 tracks from "Pure Phase Tones For DJs" https://electronicsound.co.uk/shop/p/issue-78
  6. Latest reissue incoming 23rd July https://pjharvey.kontraband.store/products/a-woman-a-man-walked-by-lp https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/A-Woman-A-Man-Walked-By/70720000000
  7. Catch all for the Tommy Boy 40th anniversary release campaign: House of Pain (Orange, Green & Yellow) Ziarecords.com Amazon.com bullmoose elusivedisc.com Handsome Boy Modeling School - White People (White) https://elusivedisc.com/handsome-boy-modeling-school-white-people-2lp-white-vinyl/ De La Soul Is Dead (White) https://www.srcvinyl.com/de-la-soul-de-la-soul-is-dead-white-vinyl-2xlp.html https://elusivedisc.com/de-la-soul-de-la-soul-is-dead-2lp-white-vinyl/ De La Soul - 3 Feet High & Rising (Magen
  8. I'm assuming all the releases as part of this 40th anniversary might be expensive. 3 Feet High & Rising has just gone up at RT in the UK at similar cost https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/de-la-soul/3-high-and-rising
  9. Started using the managed payments in Jan this year and its totally fine, 1st sale using it is a little fiddly but after that smooth sailing. Also the new system without paypal taking their cut means you make even more from a sale if you have any listing deals (like $/£1 flat final value fee instead of the usual % cut).
  10. Looks like all the UK stores were asked to take down their listings, official announcement coming later today (5pm uk time)
  11. New album coming August Blue https://chvrches.manheadmerch.com/products/screen-violence-limited-edition-transparent-blue-vinyl https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/Screen-Violence-Limited-Edition-180gm-Transparent-Blue-Vinyl-LP-Signed-Art-Card/708V0000000 Retail store exclusive Transparent Red https://www.resident-music.com/productdetails&product_id=79929
  12. Looks like the cover version isn't on the release, as they posted this as set list on instagram Drown Tristessa Slunk Window Paine Bury Me Snail Siva Luna Blue I Am One Silverfuck
  13. You get emailed a unique code when you sign up to the mailing list. Was going to be just over £80 shipped to the UK even with discount applied so will pass.

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