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  1. Definitely no 7 inch on this reissue
  2. I hadn't realized the 2015 reissue was going for so much now, still waiting for them to put out A Weekend In The city
  3. craigeduk

    PO: Aphex Twin - Collapse EP

    Yeah lovely release!!
  4. Yeah I was referring to the Flightless retail versions, all black or solid colours in the past as far as I can remember (although the odd copy of their web versions have eventually turned up other places in time). As these retail versions appear not to be straight ATO releases but Flightless/ATO collab of some kind I'd expect them to follow the Flightless pattern so that their web version release strategy is protected. Otherwise in future web sales might slow up. I could always be wrong though!!! Also waiting to see if Heavenly announce anything on these as well seeing as they've been releasing KG in Europe long before ATO started to in the US.
  5. Are those Flightless releases or ATO?
  6. Don't think so yet, could be a colour version as retail although non splatter probably
  7. No details on the versions then I see, so black versions I suppose. Asked my local about them yesterday and they'd had no details yet Good prices though if people ain't fussed over a fancy colour version
  8. Glad it's not been too long to wait
  9. I've got a lot from them and never had a single issue
  10. Picked up a copy of the Silver version at the Bella Union store today, very nice pressing
  11. http://www.resident-music.com/productdetails&product_id=58370 My local has it
  12. craigeduk

    Smashing Pumpkins

    i cancelled my original one for the violet and swapped for gold
  13. craigeduk

    Smashing Pumpkins

    More variants announced, so far we have: Violet https://store.smashingpumpkins.com/ Gold https://shop.napalmrecords.com/thesmashingpumpkins https://www.napalmrecordsamerica.com/store/smashingpumpkins Silver http://www.resident-music.com/productdetails&product_id=58370 https://www.normanrecords.com/records/172853-smashing-pumpkins-shiny-and-oh-so-bright
  14. craigeduk

    Smashing Pumpkins

    https://www.napalmrecordsamerica.com/store/smashingpumpkins/shopby/category-sound/ https://shop.napalmrecords.com/thesmashingpumpkins label links which include the gold vinyl LP details SIDE A (running time:17:53 ) 1 Knights Of Malta 2 Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts) 3 Travels 4 Solara SIDE B (running time:13:55 ) 5 Alienation 6 Marchin’ On 7 With Sympathy 8 Seek And You Shall Destroy 3x7" details 1 x 7inch Side A: Solara Side B: Etching 1 x 7 inch Side A: Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts) Side B: Etching 1 x 7inch Side A. Knights Of Malta Side B: Etching
  15. craigeduk

    Smashing Pumpkins

    Cheers. Just went for the violet lp seeing as it doesn't say if the 3 7 inches have additional tracks on them.