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  1. The Baby Pink isn't HMV exclusive, it's also available at all uk indie stores (at much cheaper price too)
  2. Another variant Baby Pink limited to 1000 https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/smashing-pumpkins/cyr/lp-plus-x2
  3. Baby Pink limited to 1000 https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/smashing-pumpkins/cyr/lp-plus-x2
  4. Thanks, was trying to find a UK option yesterday with no luck!
  5. Well the new one certaily won't be short. 20 track double album out 27th Nov Cyr: 01 The Colour of Love 02 Confessions of a Dopamine Addict 03 Cyr 04 Dulcet in E 05 Wrath 06 Ramona 07 Anno Satana 08 Birch Grove 09 Wyttch 10 Starrcraft 11 Purple Blood 12 Save Your Tears 13 Telegenix 14 Black Forest, Black Hills 15 Adrennalynne 16 Haunted 17 The Hidden Sun 18 Schaudenfreud 19 Tyger, Tyger 20 Minerva
  6. I've got the same uk version, according to Discogs thats still not the actual full original mix though, so I guess it all depends whats considered the "original": Sample notes: -Uses the ORIGINAL SAMPLES version of "Frontier Psychiatrist" FOOTNOTE The following is true for every vinyl pressing of "Since I Left You" (except the Rex Records test pressing): "Since I Left You" and "Live At Dominoes" do not contain the "younger than springtime" sample from Rodgers/Hammerstein. "Summer Crane" and "Extra Kings" do not contain the flute sample from War's "H2Overture" "Radio" does not contain the "Johnny!" dialogue at the beginning "Diners Only" does not contain the "good evening gentlemen" dialogue at the beginning
  7. Considering this was probably manufactured at the same time as the previous 2lp versions its unlikely to contain the original mix either
  8. Looks like 8 panel double gatefold vs gatefold sleeve, can't see anything else (colour variants only on deluxe?) It also specifically lists " A SIDE / B SIDE Configuration" for the deluxe. Whatever the hell that means!
  9. UK official Picture Disc https://uk.theavalanchesstore.com/*/*/WE-WILL-ALWAYS-LOVE-YOU-EXCLUSIVE-GATEFOLD-PICTURE-DISC-2LP-Signed-Inner-Sleeve/6P7U0000000 Doublemint & Electric Blue https://uk.theavalanchesstore.com/*/*/We-Will-Always-Love-You-Limited-Edition-Deluxe-LP/6P7H0000000 Black https://uk.theavalanchesstore.com/*/*/We-Will-Always-Love-You-2LP-Signed-Inner-Sleeve/6P7T0000000
  10. New single feat Tricky, Denzel Curry & Sampa coming in 20 mins so should get the official links same time i expect
  11. Yeah Modular are now defunct (lawsuits and all sorts with the founder i think) and was subsumed in to Universal , however that happened before 2017 and the previous standard reissues, so that can't be the issue either. Maybe the remixes themselves contain troublesome samples that just can't be cleared! Whatever the issue its certainly annoying!
  12. Yeah it would suggest there WAS a lot produced, however the fact that its obviously been in the works for years and maybe even produced in 2017 could mean that its been totally pulled and even destroyed for some odd reason? Very unusual for a release sitting around that long, can't imagine they were just waiting for 20th aniversary!
  13. It will be in indie stores as well, already up on RT https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/bdrmm/the-bedroom-tapes