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  1. ooOOooo that caustic wound looks interesting! wonder how the magrudergrind drummer got involved from nyc...
  2. a few blood eyeballs popped up last night, couldn't help myself! been sold out for a few days. Looks like some 500 left of the blue... always interesting to see where the demand goes. i like the manic change of pace on this one!
  3. Use it all the time... I kinda wish Spotify just did this tracking for us and gave the stats. I have a fairly strict rule against listening to anything I own physically, so lastfm is helpful when I'm in the record store wondering what I should look for. Yea though, seems pretty dead otherwise... https://www.last.fm/user/mmmmmya
  4. Oof, yea both of my discs are pretty bad. Highest I've had to go with the counterweight for any record and thankfully was able to cleanly play. That needle is movin!
  5. Sick! Ordered. Love the nod to the old Corpse Fortress house.
  6. i'm ya muthaphuckin NIGHTMARE :angry:

  7. I've recently gave up on updating my df page and, like others have said, I prefer viewing the df list for sure. It just didn't make sense to manually update df after I bit the bullet and built out my discogs collection. I can always export the list I figure if I want to view it like that. yea discogs!
  8. Heyo! This is now for sale from Tym records in Australia... TeePee should have some as well, but they have not put them up for sale yet. One time pressing of 400, 200 black, 200 splatter. If you're in the US or Canada, you can choose the 'small item' shipping option, per Tym's facebook post.... comes out to $31 USD... not bad! http://tymguitars.com.au/collections/vinyl/products/tymrecords038-earthless-liveattymguitars12inch
  9. Hey yall, clearing out mostly doubles. $5 shipping with tracking. US only, please. Shoot me an offer if ya want! 7" ACxDC The Second Coming To Live a Lie third press green /500 $5 Burnt by the Sun / Carbomb Relapse orange $5 10" King Buzzo This Machine Kills Artists Vol 1 Amphetamine Reptile 70/400 $100 12" Arabrot Solar Anus Fysisk Format $10 Black Angels Another Nice Pair Light in the Attic red $10 Boris Smile Southern Lord clear orange 180g /1000 $15 Earthless From The Ages Tee Pee Records blue sealed /500 $25 Flaming Lips Zaireeka 4xLP WB / Lovely Sorts of Death $25 Have Heart The Things We Carry Bridge 9 3rd press green/yellow/white $25 Melvins a Senile Animal Hydra Head 4xLP peach,olive,yellow,darkblue $95 Melvins Freak Puke AmpRep/Ipecac Gary Taxali/signed (split seam on top, record was shipped in sleeve) $80. Melvins Hold It In Ipecac $10 Nothing Guilty of Everything Relapse white first press /750 $30 Portugal the Man In the Mountain In the Clouds Equal Vision/Atlantic white $15 Portugal. the Man The Satanic Satanist Equal Vision VC first press red/orange sealed /100 $35 Portugal. the Man Censored Colors Defiance neon yellow first press /500 $60 Portugal. the Man Censored Colors 2xLP Equal Vision blue/yellow first press /250 $70 Portugal. the Man Church Mouth Defiance green marble $30 Portugal. the Man Waiter: Vinyl Collective /200 2nd press clear w/ black splatter $40 Puig Destroyer s/t No Sleep Records white/red RSD /700 $10 Ryan Adams and the Cardinals Cardinology Lost Highway red w/ 7in, comic $50 Sleep The Clarity Southern Lord black /1000 $15 Torche Meanderthal Robotic Empire black first press /800 $20 Weedeater Goliathan Season of Mist trans blue /500 $15 Young Widows Old Wounds TRL first press amber /70 #2 $25
  10. Very stoked! I was at these run of shows and even the one that was made up a few months after... I thought they were excellent! I've listened to sets of theirs in the past with much of it being a indistinguishable mess, this is not the case here. Cool that they changed colorways on that poster. They sold them black with silver ink originally, dope.