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  1. Mine arrived today. Nice set but I wish they had done a nice history of the band / records in the set booklet over the slipmat.
  2. No sign existed at the store so, otherwise I would have fought the good fight.
  3. I’ve been wondering the same which would be unfortunate because I liked their releases. Always good quality.
  4. I bought some that weren't exclusives and they rang up at $15. Maiden is the only one that didn't, but I believe it came out today so that's probably why.
  5. I found a copy of Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast / Beast Over Hammersmith at my local store today. The price tag was $57.97, which of course is what it rang up at. The other 4 titles rang up at $15. The manager wouldn’t give it to me and I couldn’t find a flyer saying all in store vinyl was $15. Kinda bummed!
  6. When does the $15 deal end? Hit a few stores and bought some stuff. The 3lp TS Red for $15 has been my best nab.
  7. Lucky. I followed up again and no response. Pretty sure I'll never see my records. Definitely not ordering from Federal Prisoner again.
  8. Impressive. My tracking still hasn’t updated and their customer service hasn’t been very helpful.
  9. That new single is killer. Can't wait to hear the rest of this record.
  10. That’s the same excuse I got. Almost 2 weeks after contacting them tracking still hasn’t updated but they claim it has shipped…….riiiiiiiight.
  11. The link works for me. Looks like they also have black which is cheaper.
  12. Insta-buy. Stoked Sweet FA is finally getting pressed on vinyl.
  13. Mine says it shipped on 10/19 but the tracking still hasn't updated. Anyone else experiencing the same thing?
  14. Canceling an online order with Walmart means nothing. It never, ever, ever, ever, EVER, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever works. Fucking Waltons.
  15. It's this - https://earacheondemand.myshopify.com/?fbclid=IwAR15GshSLOJ8mS_g1jBCyg2C-XA496qPGg4VxEvloAIF0tTtNFOEOE1aV-I
  16. Lol. Somebody’s mad because they wrote a hot turd and people called them out on it.
  17. Media Mail finally came back as an option for me today. I did find a workaround though. You're able to make pre-sets and media mail was an option in the pre-set so that saved me. You can make up to 10 pre-sets and delete and ad as needed.
  18. I had that option to select more yesterday but no more so that’s cool. Thanks for letting me know.
  19. Anyone else not seeing Media Mail as a shipping option on ShipStation? This wasn't a problem until I tried to print labels this morning. Now it's Can'tShipShitStation.
  20. Human Abstract’s first record up at Sheet Happens. https://www.sheethappenspublishing.com/shop/1519/the-human-abstract-nocturne-2xlp-gold-marble-w-black-splatter-vinyl?fbclid=IwAR1AUQP5k_RVW2eAJQTcRkPQ6SrJUw8pP6PekDsPATH5b0gecaEiH98jrz8
  21. Yeah, I saw that article the other day. Jay Weinberg has some awesome moments but a lot of the songs don't feel like they should have been released under the Slipknot name. Like maybe Cory wrote them or something. All I know is I want hard driving, loud and heavy Slipknot and a large portion of this is not that. If that's the direction they're going in, good for them, but I'm out on buying anything moving forward.