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  1. Deicide!!!!! https://shop.runoutgroovevinyl.com/en/run-out-groove/deicide-roadrunner-years-9lp-box-d2c-color-vinyl-red-edition/081227883515.html
  2. Any other bands you'd recommend? Not familiar with I, Voidhanger. I jammed a few other titles briefly but nothing came close to grabbing my attention like Bekor Qilish
  3. It's hard for me to have high expectations any more with black metal but holy shit, this is really good.
  4. I ordered a few hours ago and an hour later got shipping info.
  5. Got my red/black merge from DW today. Killer packaging. I can't wait to jam this tomorrow.
  6. This song sounds like a Soulfly song minus Max Cavalera singing. I dig it.
  7. I would have expected if they were going to cancel the orders they would have done it by now. Time will tell. I gave them a 4+ month loan until it ships so hopefully they can make some interest.
  8. Metal related - I can no longer make it to the Philly Metal and Beer Fest. Anyone interested in a 2 day pass for $50?
  9. I saw Sick Of It All / Agnostic Front this past Sunday and then went to Deftones / Gojira on Tuesday. Both shows were killer, though Gojira is better in smaller venues imo. First 2 shows I’ve gone to I ages, I finally felt comfortable trying to go. Wore a mask at all times at both and today tested positive for Covid, so that’s cool. Here’s to hoping the wife and kids don’t get it. I guess this means back to no shows for a while. What a time to be alive.
  10. Chimaira - Pass Out Of Existence arrived today. I forgot how crushing this record is. Hopefully ROG does The Impossibility Of Reason at some point.
  11. Got this today as well. Can’t wait to jam it tonight. I love how they put a barcode sticker on the slip mat which left a sticky residue after peeling it off. That was smart of them.
  12. They shipped me a Rolling Stones box set with only plastic wrap once. That was super cute. Fortunately I talked them in to basically giving it to me due to the box damage but still ridiculous.
  13. In stock atm - https://www.plaidroomrecords.com/collections/new-releases/products/slipknot-iowa-coke-bottle-green-vinyl?fbclid=IwAR2BCLtsakSt7LSN1-ERLV_UPj8ylLb7klMFRTkF9EmPKIx_61ackZkv994
  14. At those prices, this show will be canceled due to low ticket sales but will be blamed on band members having Covid.
  15. I just got my copy of Iowa from Bullmoose. It looks really nice, now if only my new stylus would arrive so I could play it.
  16. Echoing what everyone else is saying. I wish they had done this as a fall pavilion run.
  17. Just received self titled. The standard single pocket jacket with a nice printed inner sleeve. I don’t kind the vinyl color. I’ll have to compare it to my OG but it’s quiet. I had to crank it, most records at the current volume setting would be blasting. I’m on my living room set up which is small and kid proof and need to jam on the trve basement setup. For the price, seems like a total bargain compared to the single lp RSD releases.
  18. I’m surprised how hard this was to find. That being said it has not held up well at all imo but still a fun nostalgia trip.
  19. If anyone sees the Delvon LaMarr Piano Trio please let me know. It’s the only thing I didn’t find at local shops.
  20. I consign a lot at my buddy’s shop so I picked my stuff up this evening. Kittie - Spit / currently jamming and it doesn’t hold up well. RHCP- Unlimited Love - silver cover is rad. L.A. Guns - Waking The Dead Voivod - Angel Rat Sepultura - Revolusongs Corinne Bailey Rae - The Sea Night Ranger - Somewhere In California Motorhead- Live In Norwich Jazz Sabbath - Vol. 2 Kirk Hammet - Portals Only thing he didn’t get was the Delvon LaMarr Organ Trio which I’m sure I can find at another local shop or online. That being said, for a day that’s celebrating “the hobby”, these pressings have the most mediocre packaging ever considering how overpriced they are.

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