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  1. I know what mailers you're speaking of. Those things are the worst.
  2. I like this record and haven't really cared for much of their output since the Blue record. Side 2 has a weird silent (very quiet) transition, but other than that, I find it to be a really enjoyable album. The talk-singing didn't feel as awkward on the 2nd spin fwiw. To your point, it does feel really short.
  3. This record is so damn good. Definitely an album of the year contender for me.
  4. What to do, what to do.......................I think I'm going to grab the Electra 2000 and You'd Prefer..........and call it a day.
  5. Agreed. I found some awesome records at a flea this weekend but most were visually VG so I passed. That said, one record looked great but plays G+. It must have groove damage that I can't see from heat because it's still jacked after cleaning. The other 5 I bought from same collection based on persons name on the jackets were great. Records............but here I am complaining about a Europe record sounding like shit. I need help.
  6. VG shouldn't be garbage if it's graded correctly, but also skirts a fine line of G(+) depending on the grader. Once you get to that grading, visual doesn't cut it any more and it needs to be listened to which is obviously time consuming if you're selling in volume. It's a slippery slope. I try to be ultra conservative, don't have time to play grade, and probably pitch records that sound better than they look at times but that's life.
  7. Mine finally arrived today! I got Vault #5 - Aladdin Theater which I'm pretty excited about. I was hoping for #3 but am more than happy with what I received.
  8. The new Outer Heaven record is so good. AOTY for me atm and I’m comfortable saying that will likely last. Pallasite Chambers is one of the sickest songs ever.
  9. Anyone snag one of the mystery vaults today? I thought I had posted a heads up but apparently didn’t press submit. Excited to see what I get. Fingers cross for the Constitution Hall show.
  10. New Incantation is PO is up at Relapse. https://www.relapse.com/collections/incantation-unholy-deification
  11. Right? Getting compensated for your time, energy and everything else that goes into the release is silly.
  12. I really want this but can't bring myself to pull the trigger. Not sure if it's the $85 record or $15 shipping that kills it for me............ https://madamezuzus.com/collections/neath-the-darkest-eves?&utm_campaign=campaign%3A+darkest+eve's+release++(64888c6d30e673bf6cc42ddf)&utm_medium=email&utm_source=omnisend&omnisendContactID=60b30a031971975089e3d3e3
  13. It sold out on the US and Germany site. It was limited to 1,000.
  14. This Dismember box set is going to be sick and $229 shipped feels like a steal for a 12 lp boxset. https://shop.nuclearblast.com/en/products/sound/vinyl/vinyl-bx-set/dismember-historia-mortis-boxset.html
  15. Just my opinion. Take it or leave it, I could care less. I find good cheap used records all the time because I dig a lot, but here I am explaining myself to someone on the internet. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. I'm glad they packed these in a box with extra room and no padding. Mine got beat to shit, so that's cool. Well worth the nearly 1 year wait.
  17. Got mine. Bare bones. I’d buy it used for $15, not $25 + shipping. I’d only recommend buying if you’re super desperate for a copy. I feel bad for saying this because I like Asbestos but that's my take.
  18. It is, just got the ROG email after the random notification earlier in the day. Bummed they didn’t make it. Fun concept but probably not cost effective given todays market.
  19. I’ve had over 28,000 orders and sold 77,000+ records in the past 7 years and have never given anyone anything for free. I must be doing something wrong.
  20. Penalty = death. If that's the reason they can't do it then they should get rid of offers and move on. Being forced to wait 4 days for some deadbeat asshole to not pay while tying up inventory is stupid.
  21. It blows my mind that they still don't have a cart system that doesn't create an order until someone pays.
  22. Avail - One Wrench and Front Porch Stories up at Fat.
  23. Nope. The Ron Desantis Act says you can't talk about this until after the 12th grade. This is clearly a Middle School issue.

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