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  1. lol at all the salt here. Not that I have to justify anything to any of you, but for albums I love I try to own 1 of each variant. I like collecting physical music from bands that I love and I keep the majority of them sealed. Because I'm a collector. The records aren't on my wall and my better half would rather me buy her a bag. Here's my discogs - 100% buyer rating, 0 seller rating because I haven't sold anything, nor do I have any intention to - https://www.discogs.com/user/heyjoespin Happy to also share my ebay account to see 100% buyer feedback, nothing sold. Or my reddit posts looking to buy records. Or search my profile here. Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday and did something positive!
  2. Did anyone receive a copy without a variant sticker on it? I ordered one of each variant, one had the sticker, the other didn't. I emailed the label and they said they ran out of stickers and check the barcode. The barcode is on the sticker lol
  3. Been looking for an Aeroplane box for a while if anyone wants to unload theirs
  4. Yup you guys are right. For some reason I thought it was this drop. Sorry dudes!
  5. I'm so bummed with this release list so far. They came out of the box so strong with the anniversary, Alk 3's Infirmary, etc...but no Hot Rod Circuit, Hey Mercedes, Saves The Day (the bsides is cool but stay what you are would have been awesome), and theres like 3 Alkaline Trio records that are missing.
  6. Went to the Jersey show last night. Picked up both copies. My glass vinyl box had the records, the merch guy said he personally packed them up earlier that day.
  7. hi there! I'm looking to pick up any of the above named records. Looking for sealed/mint only. I've got 100+ positive feedback on discogs with 0 negative feedback. If you have any of these records and are willing to sell them at reasonable prices please hit me up! Thank you in advance!
  8. If anyone has an extra copy of Radical they want to get rid of HMU. I never picked it up and after listening to it way too much this weekend I realized I should have acted sooner.
  9. I think you mean Rockets From The Crypt and not Hot Rod Circuit
  10. https://www.juno.co.uk/products/bloodhound-gang-show-us-your-hits/812269-01/
  11. The shipping is brutal, comes to $55. Shipping costs almost as much as the record.
  12. Hell yeah I was there! RIP VV :-( - I saw so many great in stores over the years. I went about a week before it shut down to say my goodbyes and it was heartbreaking to see the store the way that it was.

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