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  1. I got one of those title fight winter scarves
  2. Stuff that sucks - I’m a barber that flies as a 1099, independent contractor status. I get no unemployment benefits or paid leave now that our governor has shut down all barbershops for two weeks to probably a couple months. and I’m the sole income provider for my wife and kid. we’re in the process of selling our house and re-locating from Washington to Texas when all this shit started so all my records, books, and video games are all packed away. And I’m afraid that either our buyer is going to back out or our state gets quarantined so we can’t leave. what doesn’t suck - i get to spend more time with my son and wife. The public library has a ton of free comics and audio books to check out. Right now I’m bouncing back between the beastie boys book and Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography. And reading Doomsday clock and the long Halloween
  3. About to move a 300+ collection, got these 13x13x4 inch boxes, got about 25 for $25 on amazon, they work great
  4. Ya know not much...I kinda stick to stuff like lifetime, iron chic, title fight, latterman, shook ones...
  5. Been out of the NFG loop for a LONG time, I fell off after sticks and stones. I like this song, what stuff in between sounds like this?
  6. Bump just listed a bunch of Chelsea Wolfe stuff on color from sargent house, whiskeytown pneumonia, will make deals outside of discogs
  7. Once got a record off discogs that came in two pieces of cardboard taped together with no padding inside that was squished into my 4 inch wide apartment mailbox. Well not only was the record was bent in half and broken, but it was also not the variant of the album i ordered. some people are lazy and shitty
  8. I’m a barber and I find that very impressing, is it loose inside the record so you can shake it around ?
  9. Wow, we’re they a straight edge band or are the 3 x’s supposed to reinforce the do not eat deterrent