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  1. Boourns....i still have a crate sub too...but I haven't ordered anything since that last Beach House exclusive
  2. Superdrag “regretfully yours”, had it in my hands new at regular price when side one dummy pressed it...now it’s $100 on discogs
  3. They have them they posted a picture on their Instagram. Rev rules, but bullmoose is cheaper
  4. Rev got these in now https://revhq.com/store.revhq?Page=search&BandId=2129 im still waiting for my bull moose order to ship
  5. https://krrecords.bigcartel.com/product/supercrush-never-let-you-drift-away-12-vinyl-record purple/100 Black/400 All the 7” ‘s plus 2 more songs compiled on 1 lp Other limited colors for Canada http://debtoffensiverecs.bigcartel.com/ euro www.erstetheke.de
  6. Boo to SRC for not sending me a notification email YAY to the VC board for keeping me in the know!!!
  7. Obligatory glad I sold all my good RA shit a long time ago post, but bummer on no possibility of a whiskeytown reunion ever now
  8. Is there still gonna be a VMP variant cause I just saw they put it up in there store but it’s the standard black
  9. Sunuvabitch...I was hoping to hold out on pre-ordering these for a little bit...but now I can’t even get the site to load on my phone, sooo...I dunno
  10. Damn, the new song is good..wish I would’ve copped that splatter
  11. Just got mine today, the gatefold is sweet. Wish I would’ve went with the translucent, but the opaque is still cool
  12. I emailed epitaph a year ago saying they should repress the explosion stuff and they said that was the plan...no word on remastering tho