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  1. Was always bummed about not picking up Eudora years ago, nabbed it for $16, stoked!
  2. Cool, picked one up. Thanks. The color looks really close to the original first press blue, one of my biggest vinyl regrets was selling mine a LONG time ago
  3. Where in the fuck are they coming up with these color names, hot piss? Warm milk? Warm milk looks like grey milk, who’s drinking grey milk? And who ever is taking a piss that looks like that “hot piss” needs to get their shit checked
  4. https://epitaph.store/artist/896?ffm=FFM_cffd4c77755d5669a62f957a88afb12c
  5. /200 yellow already sold out /250 blue from Brooklyn vegan still available https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/products/praise-all-in-a-dream-limited-edition-blue-lp-only-250-made?utm_source=Klaviyo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=oso praise (YjdsbH)&_kx=waRWdN7-fbF7vnzmhO4ofTahNEAQxripMTS6ZRNj2HICZ7uBS5rA59OlnuX-cUAC.VQcnFn
  6. I melt down Dave Mathew’s band lps and vaccinate myself with them so I am immune to his shitty music
  7. I use mine as dinner plates and pair the genres of music to the meal so I can listen to it in my head
  8. DIY and punk ethics aside, I’m sure at one point these dudes where saying they were printing their own currency

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