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  1. was always bummed that I sold my copy on blue a long time ago, and then got even more bummed when any other copy of this went for stupid prices on discogs. stoked that I held out for this one
  2. My neck would be killing lookin up at that tv all the time
  3. After listening to it, sound isn’t much better quality
  4. Yea mine are both dark yellow pee pee with no brown. I was able to recently snag a copy of the last newbury 12” variant on white for not a terrible price. So now I’ve got an ugly double 10” and a 12” that doesn’t sound so great.
  5. Got my retail variant of SWYA today. Definitely not poop brown, it’s highlighter yellow pee pee. and 2 songs on the back are listed as “live” but they aren’t… but the embossed lettering on the cover is nice 🤷‍♂️
  6. Anyone pick up the Gatorade color? My splatter has a lot of surface noise, debating if I wanna get the other one if it sounds better. also this album rules
  7. Dishwasher, pots and pans setting, extra hot dry. Don’t forget to use jet dry or else you’ll get hard water spots on them bitches
  8. Rev has a few copies of the orange red splatter
  9. This could use a 2nd press, missed out on the first and saw these guys open for fiddlehead. They were wild, sold out of merch before they even played