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  1. I know I wish. was looking on discogs the other day I could pick up some originals for decent prices, just saw another repress of all out war’s first lp for victory up on newbury. And they seem to be doing these small runs out of 100, so a guy can dream
  2. If anyone missed out on the /200 variant hit me up, listened to it last night and I’m not into it, will sell for face value plus shipping, or trades too
  3. /300 Newbury comics https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/low-double_negative_exclusive_lp?variant=31740515844201
  4. Sicc was just about to post if anyone got 2 to hit me up to work something out. Already hit up nick and he’s got no extras
  5. Off topic, but who owns the rights to Swiss army romance? Drive thru or vagrant?
  6. If you go the uship route post up the bid, I got a similar size collection and will be moving across the country too. Just wanna get an idea of cost.