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  1. Sick of it all rev s/t 7” on gold/300 https://generationrecords.bigcartel.com/product/sick-of-it-all-s-t-gold-vinyl /100 rev has it in the bundle with the book/100 coretex has a hundred too
  2. Exactly the same thinking, last I saw these were around a $100 on discogs right?
  3. HA! One of my biggest regrets is having one in my hand at a record store and not pulling the trigger on it cause I thought it would be around for a while....
  4. If it’s anywhere from a 5-10 degree angle off the turntable go Karen on their asses
  5. I can ride the hate on train bandwagon all day, but..........
  6. Sorry if this is rhetorical but it’s streaming on Spotify now too
  7. What are the chances of this pre-order shipping before my repress of astronaut from SRC? 🤔