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  1. Fucks sake, no 'High' reissue and only/1000. Should be at least a 5000 release and High has never made it to vinyl.
  2. Thanks for the thread Roandy, I bought a Dinked edition which is selling fast
  3. I havent really followed this reissue program but Good seems like an odd choice given their is a readily available and readily 2019 reissue already available: https://www.discogs.com/Morphine-Good/release/5167426 There must be many other titles that should be ahead of the queue, say like Morphines 'Like Swimming'!
  4. interesting set, I love Showbiz and would like to hear the early Newton Abbot songs. Couldnt find a singed version anywhere so think I will wait and see how it reviews on release.
  5. Whilst its a pretentious gimmick, I am surprised at the package overall. Its better than I expected and some of the artwork is interesting. The spider skeleton is bound to give a few young kids nightmares 😁
  6. I would have been happy with Bleedy Country (best of) but looks like I was too late. https://www.cherryred.co.uk/product/dinosaur-jr-ear-bleeding-country-the-best-of-double-white-vinyl-limited-deluxe-edition/
  7. Fantastic, thanks for posting. $15 shipping to the UK is not bad either.
  8. Surprised this is going ahead after all the store closures in the UK. I would speculate this will be the last year, it was probably all planned and in place before the brown stuff hit earlier this year.
  9. That Rolling Blackouts LP is fantastic, if the pressing is up to Newburys usual quality I can highly recommend it.
  10. Thanks, Lethal, I didn't realise this was another vinyl club. Think I will just buy a regular copy. Cheers
  11. I have spent 20mins trying to order this but cannot work out how to create an account. There is an option to Login but not register an account and if I checkout the only option given is to log in. beats me!
  12. Thanks, I thought that was a good deal so bought a copy. It doesn't release until 18th October though, these PO's are really stretching out.
  13. Me too, I dont even remember seeing an email on the record of the month. They used to send these but I have only recently rejoined.
  14. Thanks Andy, it seems a few copies made it onto the market and found their way to Discogs a couple of weeks back. Now we have a few places taking orders again, MerchBar were showing an April 12 release date. May order from Johns site as a backup. Cheers