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    Brinkmann LaGrange / 4Point
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    Lenard Symphony Reference 4-way active
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    N/A (active speakers)
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    RCM Sensor Prelude
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    ZYX Ayame (semi nude LOMC)
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    Llandudno (ex Oz)
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    Audio & music, hillwalking, photography, fitness, beer

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  1. Thanks for posting this, I thought £28.50 posted for the signed standard vinyl & Cd was not a bad deal.
  2. Sad to see them become a parody of themselves, the new track is dull and lacking energy. Pass.
  3. That is an odd one. An officl release in Korea in 2021 which triggered bootleg releases in the US and Europe. I probably dont need it but I am still tempted.
  4. This is fantastic news. The Bundle which includes a CD and signed card is not bad value in 2021.
  5. I got straight on it when the email arrived but the 2LP was already sold out, there must be a delay between the album going live and the email. Anyway, I ordered a bundle which meant paying £25 for a T shirt I dont realy want so I could get the LP at retail. I also bought a box but didnt notice that the other lbums were being offered at retail, I didnt even think to check. Its all so fucking stupid, just sell enough to satisfy the fans and spoil it for the flippers - I'm happy, they sell more and the flippers are up shit creek. Everyone that matters wins!
  6. Fucks sake, how are fans meant to get in before the flippers. It will be £120 now if I want a copy 🥵
  7. That was a great buy Fish, but alas, they are now sold out.
  8. Looks like I am in the hands of the flippers to get a copy of the Dinked version 🥵
  9. There are few details on this 2LP version, any ideas on whether this is likely to be 2LP 45rpm? Torn between this or the RT UK version.
  10. There is a clear /300 available from Rough Trade UK: https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/puscifer/existential-reckoning
  11. Piccadilly has the 2LP coloured vinyl with signed print for £19.99 which is a good deal. https://www.piccadillyrecords.com/counter/product.php?pid=136669
  12. Me neither, probably too late - the story of my life!