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  1. Its poor that you don't know if that's what you are ordering. Their latest album is still available signed months after release, so there must not be much demand
  2. The edges of twilight was repressed again in 2018 but I have been unable to find any info on whether it is a better pressing. Good news on Splendor Solis!
  3. I got this from them Mike: The members of Powderfinger have been very busy personally & carefully signing this beautiful limited print for you, however as each of the band members live in different parts of Australia it is taking a little longer than the average signing! They will also be individually wrapped for protection and so unfortunately they will not be quite ready to ship at the same time as your music. Just saw your comments on Adelaide and had a laugh to myself as I was staying in Hindley St just last week and it sure got wild after midnight! Still, a great city though and not spoilt by relentless growth and overdevelopment. Cheers
  4. L7 is back in stock for those who missed it first time round like me: https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/l7-hungry_for_stink_exclusive_lp?variant=12584865857641
  5. Well, it made me laugh. I took it at face value and clicked the link thinking as derivative as it is, I have liked what I have heard of them and maybe its worth a shot to listen to them properly.
  6. The silver was initially promoted as /1000, has that now changed too?
  7. That's fucking pathetic, deceitful bastards. I emailed them to cancel too out of principal.
  8. UK Indies have a silver /500 available, I ordered from Norman: https://www.normanrecords.com/records/172853-smashing-pumpkins-shiny-and-oh-so-bright
  9. mondie

    Kurt Vile - Bottle It In (10/12)

    I landed an orange splatter /800 from Crash records in Leeds, it was the only seller I could find with stock. This will be my first KV album, I have liked his earlier work and wanted to like the album he did with Courtney Barnett but couldn't really, hopefully, this is more to my liking.
  10. Yes Mike, how are you mate? A red one these days
  11. shows what a wank the whole TP thing has become when the supposed TP being given away is different to the standard version that is supposedly being test pressed!
  12. This is fantastic news, thanks for posting as I would have missed it. A$40 for 2LP and a signed print is a good price in today's vinyl world
  13. mondie

    Swans Vinyl Reissues

    would love it but postage to the UK is $60!
  14. Does anyone know whatever happened to this, was it cancelled? Nothing on Discogs
  15. Absolutely fantastic EP which has become HTF quickly. Now being repressed on 12" here https://hot-wax-records.myshopify.com/collections/pre-orders-1/products/the-chats-get-this-in-ya-12-ep-random-colour-mix-vinyl-limited-pressing