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  1. Surprised this is going ahead after all the store closures in the UK. I would speculate this will be the last year, it was probably all planned and in place before the brown stuff hit earlier this year.
  2. That Rolling Blackouts LP is fantastic, if the pressing is up to Newburys usual quality I can highly recommend it.
  3. Thanks, Lethal, I didn't realise this was another vinyl club. Think I will just buy a regular copy. Cheers
  4. I have spent 20mins trying to order this but cannot work out how to create an account. There is an option to Login but not register an account and if I checkout the only option given is to log in. beats me!
  5. Thanks, I thought that was a good deal so bought a copy. It doesn't release until 18th October though, these PO's are really stretching out.
  6. Me too, I dont even remember seeing an email on the record of the month. They used to send these but I have only recently rejoined.
  7. Thanks Andy, it seems a few copies made it onto the market and found their way to Discogs a couple of weeks back. Now we have a few places taking orders again, MerchBar were showing an April 12 release date. May order from Johns site as a backup. Cheers
  8. I really wanted this but it seems impossible to find for under $120. Assuming it has been released and is now sold out everywhere it must have been a small release. Really wanted this, my order through Amazon was not fulfilled.
  9. A lot of their exclusives which I would expect to have sold out in a few weeks are still available. Is the vinyl market slowing or are they pushing on the numbers released? A few examples - Refused, L7, Spoon, Elliot Smith and Urge Overkill. I would expect these all to only hang around for a month or so but they are still there today. Just wondering....
  10. I see they have redone First Issue, this time in white vinyl instead of red. Is this the first time they have done a repressing of a previous NC release? They could have found another PiL to do!
  11. What a load of wank, No details on the origins of the source or mastering but £40 in the UK. I am amazed after 25 years the German 320 pressing remains the reference for the best album released since at least 1990.
  12. signed is still here https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/SIGNED-Wildness-Deluxe-Double-Heavyweight-Coloured-Vinyl/5VO30000000
  13. It was 39.99 yesterday, they are obviously marking up their last copies. You will get it on Discogs for less.
  14. Its poor that you don't know if that's what you are ordering. Their latest album is still available signed months after release, so there must not be much demand