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  1. Theyve come down quite a bit since I posted as it looks like a few more copies are available. I guess POTUSA underestimated the demand for this which is understandable, it would be very hard to gauge.
  2. $60 for postage to the UK. Fuck right off you greedy twats.
  3. Mine arrived to the UK in good time and undamaged. Got hit with customs charges though 🤐 Prices of these on Discogs are crazy!
  4. Thanks Rip, that was a bargain with 30% off. Came to $38 to the UK. 😄
  5. This is great thank you, when I saw the thread back at the top I was hoping it was because of High 😁
  6. Thanks for posting Fish, I was able to order a copy 😁
  7. Thats good to hear, I have ordered and look forward to receiving my copy soon. It is a cool album and you guys certainly represent a time and place for me in the mid 90's and I am glad you have made this happen. There is a bit of discusion on Vlado's work here: https://www.discogs.com/artist/189744-Vlado-Meller My worst experience of his mastering was on one of my very favourite albums, RATM's self titled XX reissue . Simply a diabolical and pointless sonic mess.
  8. This was exciting until I saw that the master of murdering SQ is involved, Vlado Meller. Now I am not so sure, how much potential does this have to sound really really bad?
  9. I got mine from Banquet Records but I just checked and they are sold out.
  10. These have been out for five weeks so its odd they are only listed by an Oz retailer. I wonder if they are limited runs for the Oz market.
  11. Grabbed one too thanks. I wonder if they will keep pumping this album out like they have Demon Days.
  12. Fucks sake, no 'High' reissue and only/1000. Should be at least a 5000 release and High has never made it to vinyl.
  13. Thanks for the thread Roandy, I bought a Dinked edition which is selling fast
  14. I havent really followed this reissue program but Good seems like an odd choice given their is a readily available and readily 2019 reissue already available: https://www.discogs.com/Morphine-Good/release/5167426 There must be many other titles that should be ahead of the queue, say like Morphines 'Like Swimming'!