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  1. Agree, would love to know the thinking behind the strategy of doing this. If it were worth it I would be buying, but for fours song, no.
  2. This is fantastic news. Morphine is one of the great forgotten bands of the 90's. This album is a classic
  3. Thanks for posting, got one this time.
  4. mondie

    PO NOW: Foxing - Nearer My God

    It does seem silly cheap, thanks for the link I went ahead and ordered. £15.99 delivered for 2LP is amazing, £2 for postage is the cheapest I have seen for years. I could not see a release date for this.
  5. Looks like they were all gone in 10 mins.
  6. After having a friendly email discussion with Turntable Lab a couple of weeks ago about their silly international shipping cost ($49) and pointing out Newbury Comics only charge $15, they assured me they had taken my comments on board and were offering much cheaper shipping. So I was a bit pissed off to find just now that shipping is still $49 but regardless, it still cheaper than paying a flipper £60. I have emailed them requesting they revise the shipping cost for me, hopefully, they do. Never seen a record shop claim to be 'international shipping experts' before, Their postage costs contradict that somewhat!
  7. They haven't with the signed Snow Patrol vinyl they are presently selling either.
  8. Yeah agree it was poor. Signed vinyl means a signed cover, I avoid releases now that come with signed tat. I got caught out on this CB release.
  9. My signed LP arrived yesterday from the Euro store.
  10. Thanks Alex, I wonder if this really is limited to 2,500 copies. The text sign up thing is totally stupid but now that the REM store is selling it both in the UK and US, its makes me wonder.....
  11. Thanks for posting this enforcer, I don't have this one on LP so glad I got in. I don't imagine 750 copies will last long at all.
  12. $25 for the LP, $45 for the cheapest shipping
  13. Yes they are, I looked everywhere but there £30.22 is a good price, ordered. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07D33NWMG/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. Cannot find it for less than $55 shipped to the UK and there doesn't appear to be any UK stockists. Think I will pass.
  15. Thanks for posting, I think I'II go this