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  1. Not sold on the track yet and that album artwork is the most hideous thing I've ever seen. I absolutely adored The Getaway so I'll keep the faith. Definitely not a fan of the autotunish sound Anthony has gone with. PS. Any Aussies looking for this, JB Hi-Fi has it up for preorder in red 🤙
  2. If it weren't for Silverchairs Diorama, I reckon I’d say that Sound Awake is the greatest album by an Australian artist… ever? As far as prog rock goes it's flawless, and right up there with Tool and APC as far as I'm concerned. This song sounds promising. Both Themata and Assymetry are hit and miss for me. I have zero faith in Ian Kenny after what Birds of Tokyo have become, so I won't get my hopes up... yet.
  3. Silverchair are up there with my favourite band of all time, with Diorama being easily my favourite album of all time. That being said, Talk was really hit or miss for me. The Aerial Love EP was really promising (go listen to Surrender if you've never heard it), but the full release fell pretty flat for me. Interested to hear what angle Daniel is going for on this one, so I've preordered one of each variant (I'm a sucker for signed anything), but I'm not overly optimistic.
  4. I think Mary Star of the Sea is probably my second favourite Billy release after Machina. You definitely should give it a whirl, it's actually insanely good.
  5. I had been umming and arring about what version to get so that was the easiest purchase of my life. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. Official Store: https://usstore.altjband.com/the-dream-exclusive-clear-vinyl.html Australia: Sanity (transparent purple): https://www.sanity.com.au/products/2652381/Dream---Transparent-Violet-Vinyl-SIGNED-COPY Sanity (clear): https://www.sanity.com.au/products/2652382/Dream---Clear-Vinyl-SIGNED-COPY First single U+ME: https://youtu.be/gFKhxi8b9SQ
  7. This is a top 10 all time album for me, and the first album I ever bought on vinyl. Had sweaty palms bidding on a blue copy on eBay and it's a record I'll treasure for a long time. Happy birthday Little Hell!
  8. https://youtu.be/EiyrXf4gBT8 New song - Last Train Home
  9. Don't think John has ever done any special releases before, but figure there will be people down for this. Release date July 16th, no new single or preorders announced yet. Will update post as they become available. www.johnmayerstore.com Black Pink Swirl - webstore exclusive
  10. Yeah. This. I spent extra to get the signed Cotillions box set. I bought tea twice to get a signed Adore and the lime green Monuments, but all those times I felt like I was getting something a bit more for my money (I love tea and deluxe vinyl box sets). They're literally charging a stupid amount for a 2LP, and then tacking an extra 100usd on for them to scribble on them. The sad thing is, these will sell out and this will probably be the benchmark going forward
  11. An extra 100USD to have Jimmy and Billy autograph it... You gotta be kidding me 🤯🤯🤯
  12. Hard Candy is definitely their most underrated in their whole discography. If you haven't given their latest a whirl, the single Palisades Park might perk your interest. It's a solid listen too! But yeah, I'm a fan of Elevator Boots and am hopeful for this. No reason to think it will be bad, as I don't think they've genuinely had a bad release. Even Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings was an enjoyable ride for me and something I go back to frequently.
  13. Looks like.tower records are stocking yellow splatter of this. Not sure if it's limited or anything. https://towerrecords.com/products/counting-crows-butter-miracle-suite-one
  14. Wow. What an idiot, this is what happens when you create PO posts before the birds wake up 🙄 Thanks man! Added to post. Thanks!
  15. I know the Crows aren't most people here's cups of tea but I'm sure there's a few lurking that appreciate the band. Below are the PO links for variants currently available: Counting Crows Official Store (Black): https://www.countingcrowsstore.com/product/Y3LPCW03/butter-miracle-suite-one-vinyl-lp?cp=109470_109611 Tower Records (Yellow Splatter): https://towerrecords.com/products/counting-crows-butter-miracle-suite-one
  16. White misses the cut?! Man, white is comfortably peak Weezer for me. Admit I'm certainly in the minority but I absolutely adore that album 🤍
  17. Ugh $98AUD shipped to Australia. But this is my favourite variant so far, missed out on the gold, and i know i'm going to like the album so i pulled the trigger... 801 in stock, most likely limited to 1000?
  18. I definitely would be happy enough if this is the style of the entire double album. Hearing "Colour of Love" the first time gave me something I genuinely haven't felt since Machina. The subsequent releases haven't hit that height for me, but they're all infinitely better than anything on SaOSB.
  19. I really like them. I'd probably rank them something like Color > Dopamine > Cyr > Wrath Pretty clear at this point we're not getting the throwback to Gish/SD everyone's looking for, but it's also 2020 and not 1993, so maybe people need to either move on or accept.
  20. I don't think i've ever pulled the trigger on something quicker in my life.
  21. I enjoyed parts of Oceania and on the whole I loved Monuments to an Elegy. Shiny and Oh So Bright did literally nothing for me though...
  22. Like Cyr.... But LOVE The Colour of Love. Sounds fresh, which I don't think I've said about a pumpkins release for 10 years. Already 100x better than anything on Vol 1. Really hope they haven't put out the best tracks first and were treated to a killer album

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