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  1. Die hards are up!!! https://riseaboverecords.com/product/wasteland/ Got the /100
  2. Oh yessssss! Finally another album! Just take my money and give me the die hard edition!
  3. Love the song, can't wait for the LP! can only hope most songs will be as good!
  4. https://app.vinylmeplease.com/products/vmp-exclusives/courtney-barnett-spotify-singes
  5. New Single: Riverside will release their seventh studio album “Wasteland” via InsideOutMusic on September 28th, 2018 and today are launching the first single, titled 'Vale of Tears'. The album is also now available to pre-order on limited edition mediabook CD (with extended booklet, bonus track & sticker-set), standard jewelcase CD & gatefold 2LP + CD (including an etching on side D) here: https://Riverside.lnk.to/Wasteland There are various coloured vinyl versions available as below: Black 2LP+CD: Unlimited Clear 2LP+CD: 100x copies / IOM Webshop Europe Silver 2LP+CD: 100x copies / IOM Webshop Europe Golden 2LP+CD: 100x copies / Laser's Edge – IOM Webshop USA Lilac 2LP+CD: 200x copies / JPC Germany Dark Green 2LP+CD: 300x copies / Burning Shed UK White 2LP+CD: 300x copies / CM Distro Europe
  6. Living Creatures was /250 in the first press
  7. It's up here: https://bloomypetal.bandcamp.com/album/sky-time
  8. Crossing my fingers this will be good!
  9. I got the White with the Cloth patch, hopefully it's the same "White"
  10. KRM's black/white exclusive: https://www.kingsroadmerch.com/converge/view/?id=14102&cid=65
  11. Yum yum give me some...
  12. shifres

    PO Soon: Restorations - LP5000

    Alright, great news! In for the Sea glass!