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  1. shifres

    PO Soon: Restorations - LP5000

    Alright, great news! In for the Sea glass!
  2. shifres

    PO/Kickstart: OTT - Blumenkraft

    That's awesome! That's the link for anyone who wants to join: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/529765689/ott-blumenkraft-on-highest-quality-double-vinyl Got the signed album + 12" single
  3. A new SUMAC? count me in!
  4. shifres

    BTBAM / TDH - Split

    Thanks for the heads up!
  5. The prophecy was true! Deafeaven threads never fail to deliver!
  6. shifres

    PO Now: GHOST - Prequelle

    Got Hotstuff version, Scandinavian version and US delux with 7" , can't wait to see them in May!
  7. shifres

    PO Now: GHOST - Prequelle

    First impression: I like it overall but it does sounds a bit Motley-Crew-ish at times... especially during chorus.
  8. shifres

    PO Now: GHOST - Prequelle

    They might turned a little more "goofy" but they still rock hard and their live shows (ceremonies) are a spectacle! I'll buy any music with their name on it at the moment.
  9. shifres

    PO: Petal - Magic Gone

    Ordered immediately , she's really great.