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  1. http://www.bombpoprecords.com/single-post/2017/02/01/BUNDLES-OF-LOVE-IN-FEBRUARY Here's a direct link to the vinyl bundle - http://www.bombpoprecords.com/product-page/000d7ef1-f99e-ada7-8f2a-9c8d2f4c9f75 Six records for $40 ppd, and I can vouch for the Four Lights (Weezer-ish pop-punk, one of my favorites of 2016), Bottlenose Koffins (surf-punk), and Bloodtypes (former members of The Epoxies) records, haven't listened to Squarecrow much though. It's all for a good cause though! Take a chance! Just for full disclosure, I'm friends with the guy who runs the label and the guys in Four Lights; I was actually in their music video. Check it out here:
  2. My ex-girlfriend and I bought a record player together. She had a collection of 80s and 90s stuff, and I only picked up about 4-5 records before we broke up. She got the record player in the "divorce." Fast-forward a few months. I've got a new girlfriend, but we're long distance. She buys me a record player as a birthday present after I mention having a couple of records but nothing to play them on. It was the most thoughtful gift I'd ever received, and I started going crazy buying records. It's been a while since I counted, but I bet I have over 500 LPs and probably 400-500 7"s. Also, now she's my wife. So, win-win, really!
  3. Ha, I was in every band my school had to offer - marching, pep, jazz, and concert. If I'm being honest, the ska and swing revivals were what kept me playing trumpet through the end of high school. I managed to snag bits and pieces of SNZ's vinyl output over the years, but it's cost a pretty penny. The only ones I still don't have are Perennial Favorites and the live album they did during a short reunion stint about 10 years ago. They're still one of my favorite bands to listen to on a hot summer night.
  4. A proper mailer and packaging with no damage, but the record somehow has dinged corners. I once paid $50 for a record that was listed as being NM but it clearly wasn't. It had nothing to do with the shipping. Hell, the mailer was in pristine condition in comparison to the sleeve itself! But again, I'm with y'all. If it's the worst thing to happen to my day, but I still get to listen to a new record, it was a pretty good day.
  5. Same here. Fellow former band nerd? I still listen to an embarrassing amount of ska, but that swing revival from 96-97? It's not that the music was so dated that it couldn't be enjoyed, or that the bands themselves weren't talented, it just permeated into everything. It was a fad, and a short-lived one at that. That said, I would buy the shit out of a Squirrel Nut Zippers boxset.
  6. If it's something that got damaged during shipping, whether new or used, sure it's a bummer. But if that's the worst thing that happened to me that day, it was a pretty good day. If it's a used record that I bought online whose condition was misrepresented in order for the seller to get more money, yeah, I'll be kinda pissed off. Again, if that's the worst thing, pretty good day. Overall, it's the record itself that matters. As long as I can listen to it, the sleeve doesn't matter.
  7. I like the song, but it's pretty repetitive. The "BRACE YOURSELF" got old after about the third time I heard it in the song.
  8. I saw this posted by a number of my friends who managed to go to FEST this year. They saw it and said it was amazing!
  9. Haha, yeah, I saw that too. This is what happens when you have non-fans running your music blog.
  10. Just checked out this track, and it's fucking incredible. Is the rest of the album really just not as good? Also, what gives with the lack of Media Mail option? All I'm seeing is priority mail and it's like $11.
  11. Love the new track and snagged a green. I wanted to snag a hoodie for my wife and I to share (though she'd probably end up wearing it 100% of the time), but it jacked the shipping price up by about $8 so I passed.
  12. I've never gotten one of these before, I'm curious what people have gotten in the past that they've really loved. I already own a solid chunk of No Idea's catalog, and if I'm gonna get mostly repeats of stuff I already own or stuff that I already know I don't dig, I'll be bummed. Also, is it all No Idea bands, or do they throw in distro stuff too?
  13. I got my orange about a week ago. It's warbly as fuck! It's not even warped, it's just a bad press, like the guitar tones will waver in and out of tune as the record spins, and the needle is swaying the entire time. Out of curiosity, is there a more proper term for that (other than "warbly as fuck")? Maybe I just got a bad copy, but if not, those of you that have missed out on the orange variant haven't missed out on much. I also bought the deluxe and was delivered a standard black. I emailed KRM and they told me to keep that and they would send me a proper deluxe version, which I received last Friday. So at least there's that. Haven't listened to the deluxe yet though. It's a rad album though.
  14. Motherfucker. I got my order last night. I got my translucent orange, as well as my deluxe with the bonus 7", except the deluxe was just the plain black retail variant. Now I get to deal with KRM's customer service, so that'll be a fun use of my time.
  15. Another new track. I love this band to the moon and back, but I think they've finally written a stinker...
  16. He drew an arrow to the necklace he's wearing that says "COOL NECKLACE." He also signed his name as "CHRS" which I find hilarious.
  17. I was on my computer when I was trying initially, but the problems seems to have been fixed now.
  18. While I assume this is the case as well, TTRO eventually got pressed and sold out (no pun intended) pretty quickly; I think there was even a second pressing that also sold out. I'd think a run of 500-1000 for each of the other Mojo/Jive albums would also sell well since RBF has a pretty solid worldwide fanbase who have followed them on their descent into obscurity* who would buy that shit up at a price high enough to justify the licensing. The idea that the label is still making enough off of those albums to justify charging an insane licensing fee or holding onto the masters in order to extort the band is pretty bonkers, but I guess nobody ever accused the music industry of being logical. I won't be buying these random novelty releases, as I already own digital copies of these songs, and I don't even listen to those, so I probably would never listen to the records themselves. * Just to be clear, I still love this band and will forever see them everytime they roll through whatever city I happen to be in.
  19. Anyone able to successfully preorder yet? The KRM site is being really weird on me and won't let me add anything to my cart. Clicking on any link takes me straight to the KRM homepage. Also, rad song, very nice surprise to wake up to on a gloomy Seattle Monday.
  20. I managed to snag Hot and The Inevitable for pretty reasonable prices in the past year. I'll be skipping this, but I hope they do a repress of Perennial Favorites.
  21. That's pretty rad! Now press the last two Gatsbys records already!!!
  22. That's totally fair, to each their own. I've never been a fan of SDF, and it's the one thing TA has done that I didn't absolutely love. But I didn't hate it.
  23. I am so fucking stoked for this. The only thing I haven't cared for is the 7" with SDF. Other than that, this band is absolute perfection to me.
  24. Whew, finally! Snagged the color, so fucking stoked to hear the whole album!
  25. I'm kinda with you here. There's a couple of songs that are amazing on this, but overall it's not as good as the S/T. I've been spinning it all week and I still feel the same. It's still a great album, they just had some mighty big shoes to fill.

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