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  1. Just stumbled upon this while selling my record by the Haunted from the same year, ooh am I excited! Why hasn't MOV done the Nothingface records!!!!
  2. firefoxUSSR

    FS: RxBandits, Dredg, Kyuss, deftones, SDRE

    And another one down!
  3. firefoxUSSR

    FS: RxBandits, Dredg, Kyuss, deftones, SDRE

    Someone did! It's on its way to its new owner! Adjusted a few prices, btw.
  4. firefoxUSSR

    FS: RxBandits, Dredg, Kyuss, deftones, SDRE

    You're right, I'll clarify. These prices are plus shipping.
  5. firefoxUSSR

    FS: RxBandits, Dredg, Kyuss, deftones, SDRE

    But are you?
  6. firefoxUSSR

    PO: Local H - Pack Up The Cats

    yes, they do. i'm happy when bands are able to work things out like that. Think of how long it's taken Matt Talbott to get that Heavenward is Downward reissue! haha SRC just saw you're in Russia and decided to sting you because us North Americans have to put up with...you know who in office.
  7. firefoxUSSR

    PO: Local H - Pack Up The Cats

    Oh, I want it all baby... Every single H record. I want P.J. Soles on vinyl a lot. LOL you can't win... G&P buys it from SRC !
  8. firefoxUSSR

    FS: RxBandits, Dredg, Kyuss, deftones, SDRE

    Sold as a package tonight.
  9. firefoxUSSR

    FS: RxBandits, Dredg, Kyuss, deftones, SDRE

    Probably, if no one wants the package by Monday. Fair enough?
  10. deftones - Saturday Night Wrist (green hot topic, NM, played once) -- $70 Dredg - Catch without Arms (on marbled green, NM) -- $60 Kyuss - Blues for the Red Sun (1999/2000 pressing, black, small tear in top of jacket from record otherwise NM) -- $80 RxBandits - ... and the Battle Begun (original maroon 10" double disc set, NM) -- $100 RxBandits - Progress (ETR 2010 pressing on black, NM) -- $80 Sunny Day Real Estate - LP2 (pink, played once, NM) -- $30 All prices plus shipping, media mail tracked and priority mail only. Armor for Sleep - What to do when you are Dead (on pink, played twice, minor bend in bottom left corner, NM) -- $70 SOLD Dredg - the Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion (black pressing, NM) -- $60 SOLD
  11. firefoxUSSR

    PO Now: Failure - LP5 and new EP

    Pledge is flaky but whatevs. Do you get a download of EP1 in FLAC now that it's out?
  12. Finally! This is the only album of theirs I need on vinyl. If (hed)PE's debut was on vinyl my 1997 vinyl wishes would be complete.
  13. firefoxUSSR

    Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy

    This was an easy decision for me... I missed Blonde by one day. Cherry Bomb was released as a legit Sony release for hhv.de, but only once and only 300 copies. I missed that one too, I was trying to save on shipping from Europe... dumb. https://www.hhv.de/shop/en/item/tyler-the-creator-cherry-bomb-sunshine-yellow-vinyl-edition-465831 I'm quite curious if this release has a noticeably different master than its digital counterpart (like Wolf, Goblin etc). Also curious if it really exists at all, I've never seen a photo of it. Likely the back cover would look significantly different than the bootleg/unofficial.
  14. Listen here's the pleasant part, you and I we fell apart. But for reals... this is disappointing. I have loved TJT's early work since I heard them on the split EP with Onelinedrawing.
  15. firefoxUSSR

    PO Helmet Meantime

    Yes, and re-recorded for the Size Matters sessions.