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  1. firefoxussr

    PO Now: Failure - LP5 and new EP

    Pledge is flaky but whatevs. Do you get a download of EP1 in FLAC now that it's out?
  2. Finally! This is the only album of theirs I need on vinyl. If (hed)PE's debut was on vinyl my 1997 vinyl wishes would be complete.
  3. firefoxussr

    Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy

    This was an easy decision for me... I missed Blonde by one day. Cherry Bomb was released as a legit Sony release for hhv.de, but only once and only 300 copies. I missed that one too, I was trying to save on shipping from Europe... dumb. https://www.hhv.de/shop/en/item/tyler-the-creator-cherry-bomb-sunshine-yellow-vinyl-edition-465831 I'm quite curious if this release has a noticeably different master than its digital counterpart (like Wolf, Goblin etc). Also curious if it really exists at all, I've never seen a photo of it. Likely the back cover would look significantly different than the bootleg/unofficial.
  4. Listen here's the pleasant part, you and I we fell apart. But for reals... this is disappointing. I have loved TJT's early work since I heard them on the split EP with Onelinedrawing.
  5. firefoxussr

    PO Helmet Meantime

    Yes, and re-recorded for the Size Matters sessions.
  6. firefoxussr

    PO Helmet Meantime

    I sincerely want this on vinyl. I own the japanese CD pressing too so I have a good copy of 'blacklight' & 'just like me'. It does seem the CD is very dynamically compressed, so a truer-to-studio master would be a treat.
  7. This thread reminded me I oughta sell my copies of ETR RBF to some rube. For display only. +1 on the Fish Store pressing being superior. I also realized a year or so ago that my copy of Progress is not superior to the CD in any way but resale value.
  8. Yeah def. Still have a soft-spot for "Old Enough" too. Then I found out who Big Wreck was and the magic was gone the first time I heard "Mistake", a song so good that Nickelback covers it a lot. I would love to hear a well-mastered pressing of the Pleasure and the Greed. It's a bit of a bloated album but, so many great songs- "Ladylike", "Knee Deep", "Undersold", "Broken Hands", and "Defined by What We Steal" are great songs.
  9. Yet they still don't make the only one I'd buy.. the one with Leader of Men.
  10. firefoxussr

    Why vinyl?

    It's purely mastering differences for myself. I end up digitizing everything I listen to frequently. Once you hear a pop/rock/metal record closer to it's original studio recording mix... astounding. For many releases this is worth the price of entry. I've also found the imperfection of vinyl very annoying at times. But the mechanical nature of the sound reproduction is so endearing that you forgive it.
  11. It's not important if the mastering is done well for vinyl. Just get those cymbals un-smushed.
  12. firefoxussr

    Swervedriver- Mezcal Head MOV- 5/5

    Sweet, I've always wanted one.... in spite of the prices.
  13. Got my orange Congrats and blue NME. All looks beautiful. Unfortunately my "vinyl player" is in for service.
  14. To be honest. My copies had a slight warp, but nothing that affects play. That said the double-45rpm thing does sound incredible. And it seems like they got A&M's attention and that's why we get another version plus Congratulations I'm Sorry. I'll take it. No regrets. Furthermore SRC took a chance on pressing Far's records as well as Say Hello to Sunshine. Also Hum's Astronaut and Silverchair's first two albums were crazy expensive, so kudos for making that happen. And doing their diligence for remastering/remixing for vinyl, which in my eyes is the whole point of a vinyl release.
  15. firefoxussr

    PO: Mudvayne L.D. 50 (2/10/17)

    the best Mudvayne album is Violence by Nothingface. Mislabeled mp3s of "Blue Skin" were how I got into NF