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  1. Got the /200 earlier today. New songs are different bit rip
  2. Good band, Great dudes! These guys came up from around where I grew up. So many great memories of seeing these guys all over central IL. I regret selling my copy of Anhedonia years back for like 15 bucks. Would love to own these again but I'm afraid they'd be out of my price range these days. Good luck with the sale though!
  3. Been on there since 06. Don't mind my cringey name on there. I thought it was cool back in the day Haha. Is there a way to change your name on there yet? I remember I looked a few years back but couldn't find a way https://www.last.fm/user/WarpedPunk
  4. I'm selling that super duper extra rare pressing of Science Fiction if anyone is interested. $40 dollars and you can get all the goodies like dried leaves, a pair of Jesse Laceys skidmark stained tighty whiteys, and whatever else is inside it. Full disclosure- The Skidmarked stained tighty whiteys are not guranteed to be in there. I've never opened it so I assume anything could be in it.
  5. All orders have been shipped and tracking numbers provided. Thanks to all who have bought something!
  6. We've both been on here for a while and I've never had a problem with you (and I still don't) but sometimes your responses are so damn long winded, it's nuts haha I don't even know who the OP is because I don't get on here enough anymore but I guess it just rubbed me the wrong way with the way you responded to him right off the bat and then later saying that "it seems really unnatural to you" that he posted the link.
  7. Sometimes, I wonder why I feel like the boards have been slowing and arent as fun as they used to be and then I read threads like this and I find my answer as to why.
  8. Clearing out a bunch of stuff. Take these off my hands before I go the ebay route. Add $5 for shipping. Tried to price things around or a few bucks lower than the discogs median prices. Preferred payment is friends/family through paypal. I like to think my 91 flawless transactions here over the years speak for themselves and show that I'm a trusted dude! +44- When Your Heart Stops Beating - Blue White Swirl (Jacket has a few small dings, Record is great) $45 A Day To Remember-Attack of The Killer B Sides 7"-Clear w/Black Smoke /220 $10 The Academy Is- Santi-Clear w/Red Splatter /500 $30 Alkaline Trio- Past Live Good Mourning-Turquoise $20 Alkaline Trio- Past Live From Here To Infirmary -Blue $20 All Time Low- So Wrong Its Right - Clear Orange Splatter /1000 $30 The Amity Affliction- Misery- Blue White Marble /750 $20 (SEALED) Balance and Composure- The Things We Think We're Missing- Fuchsia /1000 $20 Balance and Composure- Slowheart 7"- 2017 RSD Exclusive /1000 $18 (SEALED) Bayside-Acoustic Volume 2- 180g Black /200 w/screenprinted cover $18 Boston Manor- Be Nothing- Half Blue/Half White /900 $20 Brand New- Science Fiction- Super Special Ultra Rare Limited Very Limited $40 (SEALED) Chiodos- Devil- White /1500 $8 Citizen Dick- Touch Me I'm Dick 7"- 2015 RSD /1500 $6 Comeback Kid- Rain City Sessions 10" - Red /150 2015 RSD $15 Dead To Me- Moscow Penny Ante - Yellow Black Swirl /497 $23 The Devil Wears Prada - South of The City 7" $5 Direct Hit!- Crown of Nothing- Red Green Split $25 Direct Hit! - Wasted Mind- Yellow /315 $20 Face To Face- Laugh Now, Laugh Later- Translucent Blue /500 $35 The Gaslight Anthem- Handwritten- 180g Blue $15 (SEALED) Green Day- Tre - Yellow /1000 $15 (SEALED) Have Heart- The Things We Carry - Yellow /1000 $12 Homesafe- Evermore- Cream w/Blue Splatter /200 $30 Homesafe- One- Cream in Blood Red /300 $15 Hostage Calm- Hostage Calm- Yellow $12 Hostage Calm- Please Remain Calm- 180g Black $12 Knocked Loose- Pop Culture - Grey /900 1st pressing $50 (SEALED) Knuckle Puck- Calendar Days 7" - Clear White w/Baby Pink Splatter $20 (SEALED) Millencolin- Life on a Plate- Orange /500 $20 Modern Baseball- Holy Ghost- Purple w/Bone and Blue Splatter /1000 $18 Neck Deep-Rain in July/A History of Bad Decisions- Orange Green Haze /1000 $15 Neck Deep- Wishful Thinking - Yellow w/Red and Purple Splatter /500 $15 (SEALED) No Doubt- Tragic Kingdom- Gold $18 NOFX-Frisbee - Orange /349 $40 NOFX- Sid & Nancy 7" - Red with Gray Splatter 2016 RSD /3086 $15 NOFX- Self Entitled- Tricolor Red/Yellow/Green /1002 $40 NOFX-Maximum RocknRoll- Clear Repress $20 NOFX- First Ditch Effort- Bone w/Bronze Splatter /1515 $25 NOFX- Ribbed- Red Reissue /500 $25 NOFX-Ribbed Live in A Dive- Black $15 NOFX-Punk in Drublic- Black Resissue $15 NOFX-The Greatest Songs Ever Written By Us- 2xLP Glow in The Dark /500 $30 NOFX- Fuck The Kids 7"- Orange /998 $15 Pennywise- About Time- Smoke Translucent /500 $25 Seaway-Hoser- White Red Swirl /175 $20 Senses Fail- If There Is Light It Will Find You- Ultra Clear w/Baby Blue Splatter $30 (TOUR PRESS) Senses Fail- If There Is Light It Will Find You- Baby Pink /500 $15 Slapshot- Sudden Death Overtime- Red /500 $12 (SEALED) Sorority Noise- You're Not as _____ You Think You Are- Blue White Orange Tricolor /500 $15 (SEALED) Stick To Your Guns- True View- Bone White /600 $12 Strung Out-Top Contenders (The Best of Strung Out)- 2xLP Pink White /439 $30 Strung Out- The Element of Sonic Defiance- Black $10 Sum41- Chuck - Red Black Haze $22 This Wild Life- Petaluma- Pink /500 $18 Thursday- Full Collapse- Olive Green / 500 $15 Tiny Moving Parts- Celebrate- Red in Yellow /400 $30 Tiny Moving Parts- Pleasant Living- 180g Black /250 1st Press Tiny Moving Parts- Swell - White in Red /250 $35 Tiny Moving Parts- This Couch Is Long and Full of Friendship- Lambeau Splatter /150 $50 Tiny Moving Parts- This Couch Is Long and Full of Friendship- Mt Dew Green /174 $45 Tiny Moving Parts- This Couch Is Long and Full of Friendship- White/ 500 $25 Touche Amore- Touche Amore - Clear /1500 2018 RSD $12 Trophy Eyes- The American Dream- White/1500 $12 (SEALED) Underoath- Erase Me- Clear w/Acid Green Splatter- Handnumbered 129/300 $20 (SEALED) The Unseen-Complete Singles Collection 1994-2000- 2xLP Black $15 Weezer-Everything Will Be Alright In The End- 180g Black $12 The Wonder Years- Sister Cities- Grey Marble Smash /2200 $15 (SEALED) The Wonder Years- Sister Cities- Maroon /1500 $15 (SEALED) Yellowcard- Southern Air- Red /300 $35 Yellowcard- One For The Kids- White /317 $12 Feel free to take a look at the rest of my collection at my discogs link but anything not listed here, I'm not huge on the idea of letting go but make an offer because you never know. https://www.discogs.com/user/Brock.N.Roll./collection SOLD SOLD Citizen- Youth - White/Red Split /900 1st press $25 SOLD SOLD The Devil Wears Prada- With Roots Above and Branches Below - Night Sky Swirl /1000 $20 SOLD My Chemical Romance- The Black Parade- Black Bone Swirl /2000 $60 (SEALED)SOLD SOLD My Chemical Romance- Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge- Clear w/Red Splatter /2000 $60 (SEALED) SOLD SOLD Taylor Swift-1989- 2xLP Clear Pink Handnumbered 1717/3750 2018 RSD $55 (SEALED) SOLD SOLDTaylor Swift- Fearless- 2xLP Clear & Gold Handnumbered 592/3750 2018 RSD $30 (SEALED) SOLD SOLD Taylor Swift-Taylor Swift- 2xLP Clear & Turquoise Handnumbered 382/3750 2018 RSD $30 (SEALED) SOLD SOLD Underoath-The Changing of Times- 180g Clear $20 AFI- An Essential Retrospective of AFI's Nitro Years-Picture Disc $12 The Wonder Years- The Greatest Generation- Blue /600 $20 The Wonder Years- Dismantling Summer 7" Bombs /800 $ 10 The Ataris- Blue Skies, Broken Hearts, Next 12 Exits- Blue White Swirl /800 $15 NOFX-Liberal Animation- Blue $20 NOFX- S & M Airlines- Orange /500 $35 The Menzingers- After The Party - Red Translucent Indie Exclusive $22 All Time Low- Nothing Personal- Half Pink/Half Blue /1000 $25 (SEALED) Rancid- And Out Come The Wolves- Red Hot Topic Exclusive $30
  9. Yeah, after doing some research I now realize what a shitshow interpunk has turned into. This was my first time ordering from them in 5 years so I had no clue.
  10. This deal still going on? If so, I'll put together some stuff I'd be interested in buying!
  11. Anyone who ordered the US indie exclusive from Interpunk get it yet?