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  1. + One of my buddies that I haven't spoken to in a couple of weeks sent me a message today, containing two words: "Love you". Totally out of the blue. It made me smile. - Dealing with arrogant french people at work
  2. I wasn't really expecting much from this album, but man, it's pretty effing great! There's not a song on here that I'd wanna skip! VERY pleasantly surprised.
  3. http://cgi.ebay.com/NOFX-Coaster-Unused-....item3 361eec042 Hahaha.
  4. Just won SNUFF Vs URBAN DUB - Blue Gravy: Phase 9 - Dub Versions on eBay, after searching for it for a couple of years! So now I pretty much have a complete Snuff collection - as in I've got all the releases on vinyl (minus some variations). So happy right now.
  5. Woohoo! Ordered both. Glad to finally see a Snuff album getting the Fat classic treatment.
  6. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Mike didn't want FTC on Broken Van because of the lyrics.
  7. Yeah, there's still loads more vaginas than penises in this thread. So in the name of equality I suppose I'll have to contribute. My only problem is that I think most male celebrities aren't really all that hot... But I saw "A Single Man" recently, and I thought Nicholas Hoult was really cute in it:
  8. Loving this. I also got a good laugh out of that Magic Hugs guy that introduced the band members as "Like, this is Rivers, he's like, Oceans, and Streams, and I don't give a fuck what this guy is"
  9. I ordered two copies of the Diver 7" by AWS from Jump Start. It never showed up. I sent several emails over the course of 4-5 months. Never heard back from them, and never received the 7"s. I won't buy from them again unless I "have to".
  10. Totally. In my opinion, everything they released is golden, with Text Bomb being the exception....
  11. Didn't like the album on first listen, but it's starting to grow on me.
  12. I'm not entirely sure, but I think he mostly took 5 or 10 minute breaks. (From the times I tuned in, I never saw him taking more than 10 minutes.) Oh, and he also did quite a bit of improv/interacting with the audience, so it wasn't just all repeating the same jokes.
  13. Yeah, this doesn't sound real to me... Doesn't really seem to me that there's any genuine rage behind all the screaming. Edit: Oh, and the laddergoat kid.... I'll be surprised if he DOESN'T grow up to be a serial killer.
  14. He did it. New world record: 38 hours 14 minutes. Needless to say, he was absolutely exhausted when he finished. I didn't get to see as much of it as I'd want to, but from what I saw, he was pretty funny. Not amazing, but pretty good. Some jokes made me laugh out loud, while some wasn't all that funny.
  15. Wow. So a guy from my hometown is attempting to break the world record of continuous stand-up comedy. The record is at 38 hours and 6 minutes! At the time of writing this, he's been going for 22 hours. I'll be majorly impressed if he succeeds. Hell, I'm already impressed. Not that you'll understand a word he's saying (though you can tune in and see how tired he looks ), but there's a live broadcast at this address: http://live.vgtv.no/?eventId=18 The rules are that he gets a 5 minute break per hour (though he can save them up for longer breaks), that there's at least a 4 hour gap between repeating jokes, and that there at all times has to be minimum 10 audience members present.
  16. Thanks for all the input guys. I think I've figured out what to do. I'll go ahead and pay him, leaving a note with the payment urging him not to send me the LP before he has checked the pressing info. And that if it is not the 1st pressing, I'll ask for a refund, but offer to send him a few bucks to re-list it on eBay. Hopefully he will think that's fair. After making this thread I searched around on eBay a bit more and found a place where it stated that it is the buyer's responsibility to pay for return shipping, but that in some special cases the eBay buyer protection program would also refund return shipping. So if it should come to the point where I had to open a case against him (let's not hope it gets to that though!), I think I would have a fairly strong case, as it is the seller's responsibility that the description is correct. He DID write that it IS from the 1st pressing. Had he written something like "I believe it is from the 1st pressing", I realize I would have had no case at all.
  17. I'm kind of in a pickle, and would really like for some outside opinions. So the case is like this, and I'll try to keep it as short as possible: - I found a copy of HWM - Finding The Rhythms 12" on black vinyl on eBay. Description says 1st pressing. - It became clear to me AFTER the auction ended that the seller really doesn't know whether it's from the 1st or 2nd pressing (from the one message he DID reply to). And being a HWM collector, I'm only interested in it if in fact it is from the 1st pressing, as I already have the 2nd pressing. - Since the auction ended on July 25th, I've asked him THREE times to check the insert for the pressing info. But he does not respond to messages. - eBay has opened an "unpaid item case" against me, telling me I have until tomorrow (Aug. 16th) to pay. So what should I do? Should I just pay him and cross my fingers that it is the 1st pressing he's sending me? It's pretty clear that he does not intend to communicate with me at all, and I kinda have a suspicion that he's just waiting until the deadline runs out, forcing me to pay. It's just that according to eBay policy, if I open a case against him after I receive the item, I am the one who would have to pay for return shipping, even if I get refunded the original cost + shipping. And from Norway to the USA, shipping would be around $22. So I would lose $22 on this whole deal. Or alternatively I'm stuck with a record I don't want/need. Or should I NOT pay, and take on the eBay folks and hope that they understand my situation and take my side on this issue? And then, maybe they will put some pressure on him and have him check the pressing info, and/or just cancel the entire auction. OR am I just being a total lame-ass, and should have gotten reassurement from the seller before the auction ended that it is in fact from the 1st pressing? And it would be my own damn fault if I end up with a copy I don't need? (Some/most people might argue that "A black copy of FTR is a black copy of FTR!")

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