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  1. Need this for nostalgia reasons. Anyone not spinning their copy?
  2. https://bnds.us/tw9q10 Anyone else notice on Quicksand’s site they have a link to tour dates? Assuming this is announced later today.
  3. Late to the party, but looking for ALK3 👀 thought I still had a copy in my collection, and it turns out I don’t…
  4. https://www.wannahearitstore.com Support the new local spot in MA. They still got a lot of good shit.
  5. Have the dates leaked anywhere? I have so much going on Sept/Oct, but I need to go to at least one of these gigs.
  6. Finally got mine to go all the way through, and I only got my PayPal confirm email so far.
  7. I’m going to be in Dallas later this month. Any chance there are better record stores now?
  8. In the market to buy one. Figured I'd check here first before looking at brand new items.
  9. Didn't they record Slip without TC3? Live they really do need any one of their friends to jump in on second guitar and fill out the sound. I'm not a Will Yip hater, but I really hated how the guitar sounded on Interiors.
  10. Highly recommend anyone ordering the There Were Wires record to just pick up this bundle if they don't already own the Moment discography. Tor Johnson did an amazing job with it and it sounds GREAT. VFW Show Pack: There Were Wires & Moment LP (black vinyl) - $25.00 : Tor Johnson Records, Webstore
  11. NBHC 2021 STARTER PACK - Blind Rage Records (limitedrun.com) don't sleep and get the package while you can. Copies of the Internal 12" sent over from Europe are already gone individually, too.
  12. Saves the Day fans will never agree on what the best records are, so here is a tragic tale of remorse to reunite everyone. 12ish years ago I had the opportunity to buy a full I'm Sorry I'm Leaving set (test press, transition /10, pink copy, and a few white variants with different streaks and different butterfly covers including a one of a kind tiger stripe cover) for $1k when Kyle from Rivalry was selling off his collection. I committed to it, but then chickened out because I was a broke college kid. I've always wanted to collect everything from Saves the Day from 97-2000, so I have nightmares knowing I'll never own some of those. I at least got a Can't Slow Down test press from him, though.
  13. Paper + Plastick ripped off most of their bands. If you don’t already have the record, then buy it from Rev. Sixteen is also a really fun record. Worth picking up for anyone who doesn’t already own a copy.
  14. Anyone else get this from Dino Jr's site? The minimum quantity allowed for purchase is 2. Edit: It's been fixed
  15. For anyone looking at their catalog for the first time, make sure you pick up the Count Me Out and Suicide File records that are all back in print. The Unbroken Discography is also a must.
  16. If anyone doesn't dig the record and ends up wanting to part with their red copy, then hit me up please
  17. Any chance they mentioned to you if the Cursed boxset will ever happen at this point?
  18. Can anyone help me find Big L in the US? Said I wasn’t going to spend money today, but now that I changed my mind it’s sold out all over.
  19. Ended up taking it out of the frame and putting it up on eBay. https://m.ebay.com/itm/Brand-New-Fall-Tour-2007-litho-Deja-Entendu-Devil-and-God-Thrice-Title-Fight-/142903476266

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