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  1. longwalkshortpiers

    PO: Gaslight Anthen ‘59 Sound Sessions

    Yes! Hallelujah!
  2. longwalkshortpiers

    PO: Gaslight Anthen ‘59 Sound Sessions

    Great to know I'm not the only one. Thanks
  3. longwalkshortpiers

    PO: Gaslight Anthen ‘59 Sound Sessions

    Anyone order the poster/lp/vinyl combo from side one dummy and not get the poster? I reached out to the dummies but no response yet. Does the poster come separately?
  4. longwalkshortpiers

    Record Store Day 2018

    Touche Amore or Teenage bottlerocket?
  5. Two Headed Dog says they didn't get the Ike Reiko's they anticipated for RSD. Bummer.
  6. Anyone get their Ike record from two headed dog? My order still says awaiting shipment. Anyone else in the same boat?
  7. longwalkshortpiers

    FAT Wreck Grab Bag Trade

    I got a banner pilot-souvenir, diesel boy-Venus envy and screeching weasel-first world manifesto in my FAT Satan pack that I would like to trade if anyone got a bracket,snuff,or hagfish lp that they don't want. Thanks .
  8. longwalkshortpiers

    The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    I got a banner pilot-souvenir,diesel boy-Venus envy and screeching weasel-first world manifesto that I would like to trade if anyone got a bracket,snuff,or hagfish lp that they don't want. Thanks
  9. Help me thin the herd, Buyer pays shipping, 4 dollars for one item, 2 dollars for each additional item. All records in good shape and played only once or twice. Any questions please ask! Paypal only Thanks for looking Against Me!-White Crosses (Red, /1000)-$40 Against Me!-New Wave-(Black/Yellow split)-$30 Bad Religion-The Dissent of Man-(Blue /2000)-$25 Bad Religion-True North-(Clear/500)-$38 Barry, Tim-Raising Hell and Living Cheap-(Black-In-Beer w/ Splatter/200)-$20 Blink-182-Blink-182-(Clear with Pink and Green Splatter/2000)-$55 Blink-182-Enema of the State-(Peach 16/182)-$120 Blink-182-Neighborhoods(2xlp,Blue/White/2000)-$50 Botch-We Are The Romans(2xlp,orange +Blue/250)-$87 Brand New-Your Favorite Weapon(White/1000)-$60 Chamberlain-The Moon My Saddle-(2XLP,Transparent Gold/275)-$20 The Clash-Give 'Em Enough Rope-(Black/ Canadian Pressing)-$17 The Clash-London Calling-(Black/2XLP 2004 Repress)-$20 Code Orange-I am King-(Black/Green/700)-$17 Coheed & Cambria-The Afterman: Ascension-(Black)-$10 Cold World-How The Gods Chill-(Clear/700)-$9 Converge-All We Love, We Leave Behind-(2LP/Black 180 G/1003)-$27 Converge-You Fail Me (Redux)-(White/Red/500)-$30 (25) Sealed Dikembe-Mediumship-(Yellow w/ Red, Green & White Starburst/250)-$18 Elliott-False Cathedrals-(Black,180G/500)-$15 Fake Problems-Real Ghosts Caught On Tape(Red /500)-$10 Fake Problems-Real Ghosts Caught On Tape-(Blue /500)-$10 Fake Problems-Real Ghosts Caught On Tape-(White /500)-$10 Giants-They the Undeserving-(Cream/Maroon Center/300)-$14 Give Up The Ghost-Background Music-(180G,Black/1009)-$12 Give Up The Ghost-We're Down Till We're Underground(180G,Black/1012)-$12 Glass & Ashes - Glass & Ashes - (Purple Marble/418)-$4 Hendrix,-Axis Bold as Love-(Orange/Mono/2500 Numbered -$30 Hot Water Music-Forever and Counting-(3rd Pressing: Purple Mix/389)-$15 Husker Du-Warehouse,Songs and Stories(Black/2XLP)-$12 La Dispute-Wildlife-(Red/Clear 2xlp /500)-$55 Make Do And Mend-End Measured Mile-(Mint Green/300)$25 Make Do and Mend-End Measured Mile-(Purple Mix)-$15 The Mars Volta-Deloused in the Comatorium-(Gold/1258/3500)-$95 Mineral-The Power of Failing-(Black)-$30 Modern Life Is War-Fever Hunting-(Grey/Olive Green/700)$10 The National-Alligator-(Black)-$10 The National-Boxer-(Black)-$10 New Found Glory-Mania-(Black & Pink/500)-$35 Off With Their Heads-In Desolation-(Black)-$9 Pianos Become the Teeth-Keep You-(Cola/700)-$30 Ramones-Road to Ruin-(Black)-$8 Red City Radio-The Dangers of Standing Still-(Light Blue/300)-$18 The Replacements-All Shook Down-(Black/3000)-$18 The Replacements-Don't Tell a Soul-(Black 1st Pressing)-$10 Smoking Popes,The-Get Fired (Clear Green, 2nd Pressing, /150)$25 Snapcase-End Transmission-(Clear/1000 With Bonus 7")$25 Texas Is The Reason-Do You Know Who You Are? (Black/330) $17 Thrice-The Artist in the Ambulance(2xLP /Red/1000)-$50 Thursday-(Black And Silver,180 gram Cover-Black and Silver on brown, 177/1000)$20 Thursday-Full Collapse(Blue/650)-$25 Thursday-No Devolucion(White/500)-$25 Title Fight-Floral Green-(Green/2,500)-$30 Underoath -Disambiguation Deluxe(Picture Disc/1000)-$35 Valens, Ritchie-La Bamba '87-(Black)-$1 Young Livers-Of Misery and Toil-(Purple Mix/500)-$4
  10. longwalkshortpiers

    Brian Fallon - Painkillers (March 11th)

    the boxset will be worth it for the blues, mary alone. Just glad to have a non myspace ripped version of that song!
  11. longwalkshortpiers

    New GIVE releases coming this winter...

    anybody get the U.S version yet of Electric Flower Circus ordered from the GIVE store? These were supposed to ship in December and I have yet to get it.
  12. Thoughts on the new album since it leaked? I think it's kinda a mixed bag. Little bit better than dominoes but not by much.
  13. longwalkshortpiers

    FS: 1 ticket to American Football show at Webster Hall Friday 10/10

    bump, let me know if someone is interested in American Football today
  14. i have one physical ticket to American Football this Friday at Webster Hall in New York. My wife won't be able to go so i'm looking to get rid of one ticket for cost. I have the ticket in hand and can meet you before the show. Asking for 25 bucks. PM me if interested. Thanks