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  1. MERCHNOW says there are no digital downloads available with these records. Sucks.
  2. Is it confirmed that all of these are remastered or remixed?
  3. thanks for the link, picked up the Halloween color and a 10 inch. Good lookin out!
  4. Need boysetsfire after the eulogy pressed asap. Anyone know if there are legal issues preventing the reissue?
  5. i second the Mightier Than Sheath nomination for this record label. What a bunch of hosers.
  6. no tricolor shipment here either, also ordered a grab bag of distro lp's. Looks like it's time to file the paypal claim.
  7. "The Mylene Sheath are legit, but often slow as balls. You must be new to this; they have been around forever. They have Caspian. Relax, you'll get your record. " So has that Caspian repress been showing up for anyone? Sent an email with no response from the Sheath..
  8. Anyone order the poster/lp/vinyl combo from side one dummy and not get the poster? I reached out to the dummies but no response yet. Does the poster come separately?
  9. Anyone get their Ike record from two headed dog? My order still says awaiting shipment. Anyone else in the same boat?
  10. I got a banner pilot-souvenir, diesel boy-Venus envy and screeching weasel-first world manifesto in my FAT Satan pack that I would like to trade if anyone got a bracket,snuff,or hagfish lp that they don't want. Thanks .