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  1. So i heard back from the label, and apparently, my package didn't make it on to the airplane due to a dhl strike and was sent via boat (!!) to New York.. They said check back in a month. Anyone else in the United States get their copies or are we all shipwrecked??
  2. Thanks for the tip. USPS site states: Pre-Shipment: Origin Post is Preparing Shipment so it looks like it’s still in Germany.
  3. I'm in the same boat. Looks like the tracking info stops in Germany, and when it gets to the US, you're on your own. I've emailed the label a few times with no response. Is there anyone in the US that got their copies? Would be curious if it arrived via DHL or some other carrier. Thanks
  4. I need decent vinyl copies of Danzig II/III lp's. No boots please, og copies only. Hit me up.
  5. MERCHNOW says there are no digital downloads available with these records. Sucks.
  6. Is it confirmed that all of these are remastered or remixed?
  7. thanks for the link, picked up the Halloween color and a 10 inch. Good lookin out!
  8. Need boysetsfire after the eulogy pressed asap. Anyone know if there are legal issues preventing the reissue?
  9. i second the Mightier Than Sheath nomination for this record label. What a bunch of hosers.

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