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FS: Variety of records (Disappears, Kite Party, No Joy, Rival Schools)


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These are all NM/NM, unless noted otherwise. Most have never been played, but they are not sealed. Please add $3.00 for media mail shipping for single LPs and $4.00 for double LPs. Multiple LPs will be a flat charge of $4.50. USA only, please. Consider any download codes to have been used. If that's a huge problem, PM me and I'll get the digital files to you. Payment through PayPal.
Any questions or offers, please feel free to PM me. Thanks for taking a look.


Bear In Heaven - Time Is Over One Day Old (Opened but never played - White w/blue haze) - $9.00

Disappears: Pre-Language - $9.00

Disappears: Era - $9.00 (Opened but never played)

Diamond Youth: Nothing Matters (Opened but never played - white w/black swirl) - $10.00

Kite Party: Come On Wandering (Opened but never played - seafoam green) - $12.00

No Joy: More Faithful (Opened but never played - white deluxe) - $14.00

Of Us Giants: Stitch EP (clear, lathe cut, edition of 25, silk-screened cover) - $6.00

Pinback: Information Retrieved (black) - $8.00

Rival Schools: Found (180G gold) - $13.00

Various Artists: SMM:Opiate (Ghostly deluxe version, clear splatter, out of 350 hand numbered - opened but never played) - $15.00

The Velvet Teen: All Is Illusory (black 2XLP) - $12.00



Beastmilk: Climax (white) - $13.00

Bush: Razorblade Suitcase (white) - $12.00

Colonies: Forest Floor (green) - $9.00

Daylight: Jar (HT brown) - $12.00

Dream Ritual: S/T (clear w/black haze) - $12.00

Eight And A Half: S/T (white) - $7.00

Flaamingos: S/T (black) - $5.00

Girls Names: The New Life (clear) - $6.00

Gold Fields: Black Sun (black 2XLP) - $6.00

Hemingway: Pretend To Care (gray marble) - $10.00

The Horrors: Skying (black 2XLP) - $10.00

The Horrors: Primary Colours (black 2XLP) - $10.00

Imogen Heap: Sparks (black 2XLP) - $8.00

Infinity Girl: Harm (180G black) - $10.00 (Side A has a surface scuff that does not affect play)

The Jealous Sound: Kill Them With Kindness (Clear repress 2XLP) - $15.00

Jesus Sons: S/T (black) - $6.00

Kill West: Smoke Beach (clear w/white, pink, and black splatter - numbered) - $35.00

King Woman: Doubt (black) MINT - $10.00

Lights & Motion: Reanimation (black 2XLP) - $25.00

Little Racer: Modern Accent (black) - $5.00

Mew: Frengers (pink 2XLP) - $35.00

Muse: Origin Of Symmetry (2xLP, black) - $13.00

Mylets: Arizona (black) - $9.00

No Devotion: Stay/Eyeshadow (black/white) - $8.00

No Devotion: 10,000 Summers (black/white swirl) - $8.00

Nothing: Guilty Of Everything (pink) - $16.00

Rival Schools: Pedals (180G black) - $16.00

Rival Schools: United By Fate (SRC repress blue 2XLP) - $20.00

Sway: Winter Heart (Saint Marie reissue 200G black) - $10.00 (Top of jacket has a small seam split from shipping.)

Whirr: Sway (brown/bone/yellowish) - $8.00

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Edited list/prices; added tags
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