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  1. Just a few things for sale, PM offers : Osker - Idle Will Kill (pink) A Cosmic Gift - Kombu Tuxedo Forgotten Rebels - In Love With The System (includes daily rebel insert) DOA - Something Better Change (1st press with insert)
  2. Sorry for bumping this thread, but, I have a question about the Asian Man pressing(s). Which black pressing has the green text on the black label? I have both the white and green text, I was just curious about which one was the first pressing and which was the second.
  3. I think we might have one at the store. I'll check on Friday. I know it's $50, if it's still there.
  4. So proud of my local boys! I miss the days watching Drew play an acoustic set in our buddies apartment, in front of 8 people. Fun fact: I live on "Richmond Row", the place that Drew references in their songs.
  5. Saw The Creeps a couple weeks ago. Hadn't seen my boys in a couple years. It was nice catching up and playing pinball with Ian in between bands.
  6. Hate to bump an old thread, but does anyone have a copy they'd be willing to sell?
  7. Hey dudes, I work at a record store in Canada and we're bound to have lots of leftovers! I'll post a list after RSD.
  8. Jesus, I wish I could afford everything I want on this list.
  9. I do have a copy on mustard. Not really looking to sell it, but you could always shoot me an offer.