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  1. Just picked up a copy from a local store (not the one I work at, sorry Mike!), it's definitely opaque pink. I find it really hard to believe that there are only 200 of these. Maybe they forgot a zero?
  2. Snagged a tour copy last night, stoked to listen to it after work.
  3. It did look like it was pink marble. No idea if it's actually the /200 variant or the /900 variant. The merch guy just said "pink" when asked what colour it was.
  4. Went to the London, ON show on Wednesday. Can confirm that they had the new album, it's on pink. Standard variant.
  5. Do we know if there will be a tour press yet? Going to see them tomorrow night.
  6. Just a few things for sale, PM offers : Osker - Idle Will Kill (pink) A Cosmic Gift - Kombu Tuxedo Forgotten Rebels - In Love With The System (includes daily rebel insert) DOA - Something Better Change (1st press with insert)
  7. Sorry for bumping this thread, but, I have a question about the Asian Man pressing(s). Which black pressing has the green text on the black label? I have both the white and green text, I was just curious about which one was the first pressing and which was the second.
  8. I think we might have one at the store. I'll check on Friday. I know it's $50, if it's still there.
  9. So proud of my local boys! I miss the days watching Drew play an acoustic set in our buddies apartment, in front of 8 people. Fun fact: I live on "Richmond Row", the place that Drew references in their songs.
  10. Saw The Creeps a couple weeks ago. Hadn't seen my boys in a couple years. It was nice catching up and playing pinball with Ian in between bands.

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