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PO: Keaton Henson "Dear..." Reissue

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Limited Edition re-issue being released through the Vinyl Factory on Feb. 9.


Product details:

* 'Dear' re-issue plus three 're-produced' bonus tracks
* 180-gram heavyweight black vinyl
* Bespoke matt sleeve with spot UV debossed artwork
* Exclusive fine art print by Keaton Henson
* Individually hand signed and numbered
* Limited to 1000 copies worldwide


Track listing:

Side A
1. Prologue

2. You Don't Know How Lucky You Are
3. Charon
4. Oliver Dalston Browning

5. Sarah Minor
6. Small Hands
7. Flesh And Bone
Side B
8. Nests

9. Not That You'd Even Notice
10. Party Song

11. To Your Health (re-produced)
12. Strawbear (re-produced)
13. About Sophie (re-produced)


It says £ 25 for the record but that dropped to £ 21ish when I checked out. Total was about $28USD with the cheapest option for shipping.


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Considering the cheapest copy on Discogs is $200, I will gladly fork over $29.

Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention. I would have shat bricks if I saw this thread before the repress was brought to my attention yesterday. So overdue.

I got incredibly lucky with a random Birthdays restock last week. Just pining for a copy of Romantic Works at this point.

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Fuck me, I was thinking euros. Still worth it.

Edging the cusp of what I'm willing to swing for a single LP these days, but I'd agree. Forcing myself to not hesitate, considering the demand for this album and the fact it's only /1,000.

it will look nicely in between my copy of romantic works and birthdays.

Sort chronologically or GTFO.

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VF easily puts out some of the nicest releases that I own. So I've never thought twice about their prices. And their customer service is hands down to best I've ever come across. I once ordered something that was supposed to be signed but wasn't and they ended up sending me a copy of something else that was way way OOP without me even asking for it. Even though my order was from Amazon and not them directly. Great folks.

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Wow. Happy to have this in my hands in one piece. DHL dropped it off on my doorstop and the box has a 2" gash on one side. Apparently the vinyl factory shipped it in a 14" box so that gash just missed the whole record and actually acted as a tab to hold it in place....I never had good luck with dhl after one incident back in 2004...beautiful packaging for sure and looking forward to cleaning this and giving it a spin...

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