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Figured I'd make a thread about this since I haven't seen anything about them. Anyone know anything about a physical release of the SATURATION trilogy?  Apparently Kevin Abstract said in a Q&A that he wanted to do a limited physical release, but I haven't found anything concrete. I did, however, find something interesting while looking around:


Maybe an RSD Black Friday release? Hopefully something comes soon!
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15 minutes ago, DecayToDeath said:

III is out and I like it the best of the three. I should've gotten a box set, but I spaced it out. Anybody regretting their purchase?

I also didn't get the box set mainly cause I would have no use for it, the last CD I bought is still sitting sealed on a stack of other CDs I'm too lazy to organize.


Also, Boogie has been on repeat since it came out, I'm gonna check out Saturation III tomorrow. 

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