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  1. Nobody ever ended up doing a proper rip of this with or without the hidden track, so I did. Here it is on YouTube: ...and here's more info (lineage etc) along with a lossless download of the full EP rip.
  2. i bundled this with like 5 newbury LPs when they had a sale not long ago assuming they'd all ship around now, but they actually sent me the other 4 last month and split them without charging me again (as far as i know). totally thought for a minute when i opened the box that they'd accidentally sent it out early, though, so i'm eager to get mine for real this time!
  3. Not a bad thing to consumers, but for the label I'm left scratching my head a bit as it's a drastic up-front loss for what is a clear overestimate of demand
  4. I knew about the 7" but I didn't know you could get it on its own--where at?
  5. i want to believe as a completionist nerd that i'll have the box set someday, but once i found out there's no material exclusive to it, i felt a lot better about having the individual ones already. happy to add dessau to it regardless, once that bundle goes out.
  6. damn....i want my 90s bundle! jealous of everybody who's already got their dessau LP
  7. Acoustic Sounds is the storefront I believe, whereas Analogue Productions is the label that produces audiophile pressings, and they're pressed at QRP/quality record pressing. Not usually one to nitpick, but that's an important distinction when it comes to this kinda thing, I reckon. Nope, they were expressing wishful thinking.
  8. Lee Buford, aka 1/2 of the experimental noise/industrial/drone/etc project The Body, was the drummer in EAAY
  9. I use the folders, but I’ve never figured out how to make them visible to others. Linking the folder always redirects someone not logged in as me to the full collection page, any insight around that?
  10. SUPER nerdy thing that I'm excited about: I finally got my hands on a copy of GAS s/t, and aside from obviously being stoked to spin it, I also really wanted to do a scan of the artwork since in all these years it never surfaced online in any resolution higher than like 400 pixels squared. So here are those scans! I try to upload scans to Musicbrainz since they're partnered with archive.org and auto-post stuff over there.
  11. albeit in low quality and really quiet volume (it's a straight-up screen capture), the livestreams have been uploaded to youtube by someone. if you want better quality and/or to support the band, they're still available on veeps for a bit
  12. sold out a few hours ago before i woke up fuck lol anybody nab one and feel pity on me
  13. Much better than the ETR version I had years ago. Love the spot-gloss diamond pattern, too!
  14. first neurosis thread i saw by searching so forgive the bump -- https://consequence.net/2022/08/neurosis-singer-scott-kelly-abuse-leaves-band/
  15. Apparently at the merch table they've got tour editions of akuma, maybe others...when I saw them on the tour that those originally were for, they had run out of that variant. Anybody able to get one this time and hook me up?
  16. vaguely remembering a VC thread remark from like 6-8 years ago to the effect of "i thought we all agreed no heroes is the least mindblowing converge" [with which i agree] and a similar, unrelated remark to the effect of "i thought we all agreed two conversations is the least essential appleseed cast record" [with which i disagree]
  17. I sold my copy of untitled because I can't stand will yip's dynamics-are-my-enemy mastering, if they literally took the stems and re-engineered it I'd buy a reissue lol