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  1. Where'd ya get Return from? I thought I'd ordered it when it came out and turns out I straight-up forgot to, now it's sold out everywhere that I can see.
  2. I like the variants we got, honestly it had been so long that I'd forgotten what the mockup was and just assumed it was aubergine & ice. Echoing this sentiment--part of the reason I've been doing rips on all these is because they're so drastically improved. The AB reissue a few years ago for the anniversary tour (1LP) was confirmed to use a CD master as source material, so based on how different each 1LP and 2LP has sounded to my ears, I've been running on the assumption most of the 1LPs (at least the older albums) use CD masters slightly modified for the medium and the 2LPs are dedicated remasters with higher dynamic range from whatever best source is available.
  3. the impression i get is more "warehouse find" or "we forgot to sell the extras a few years ago" (from exorbitantly low stock) w/ those tyler records, unless someone's gotten their copy and it has different stampers or something
  4. Anybody been able to find an isolated pic of the new Holland/Engine 7" art?
  5. Happen to have a Discord account? Some friends and I run a small server dedicated to hosting scans and rips of stuff for archival purposes like this, if you'd be interested
  6. https://squeakycleanvinyl.com/ One-man operation for 3D printed pieces to replicate a vacuum record cleaner, guy's really great about customer support and stuff, works like a charm.
  7. I rewatched Mission Hill recently and it got me on a Cake kick again, which was evidently well-timed. Can't get over how their open-window pre-order was $90 for the box set less than a decade ago and how far the industry's gone with inflation, christ.
  8. suuuuuper overlooked album that imo could’ve been pretty integral to the emocore canon if it was released when recorded instead of shelved for a half-decade
  9. IT'S NOT A GATEFOLD?!?! Pretty sick of this "the original wasn't a gatefold so why should this one be" notion when the price tag is already sky high
  10. where? can't find it in stock on their site or anything. i've got a listing up on discogs at a stupid highish price hoping someone will make an okay offer at some point, but if someone on here wanted it i'd be more reasonable. still, if it's supposed to be better than the standard then i can't exactly be competitive to the tune of matching the in-print worse version's price.
  11. could grab them from one of the equivalent stores eg brooklynvegan probably if you're particular, but it might all be the same warehouse or something idk. for what it's worth, never gotten anything fucked up in the mail by bv.
  12. Confirmed how? Did they post photos anywhere? Ended up impatiently grabbing one from Numero with the last Codeine LP I needed (Barely Real) and using another email for one of the 15% coupons they're always insisting I apply for when I visit the site. SIdebar: I love Numero Group to pieces, but I reckon they've been hit harder than a lot of labels by pandemic- and demand-related production cost increases by always using superior packaging, because their prices have absolutely shot up in the last year or two and it's breaking my heart. When I was placing orders w/ the plant for GNGM's Narrowing Type, the band and I toyed with getting tip-on jackets, but we were quoted literally 2x the cost for jackets alone direct from Stoughton Printing (300 units at $500 vs $1000). Anyway, I admittedly did shoot them an email regarding the steep price increases on represses of existing things released not terribly long ago (duster box going from $60 to $100, $40 to $80 for the Technicolor Paradise set), they insisted it was purely cost increase and they weren't happy about it either. In spite of this, a couple months back I intended to buy the Blondie 10LP set and when I went to buy it a couple days after the announcement, I noticed the price had silently increased dramatically (platinum color variant @ $330 initially, plus $120 to a new $450 price tag). The response: Which sucks, and I never ended up getting one because $450 is an absurd ask.
  13. Want the rose color, which it appears isn't exclusive to their store. Anybody see it popping up on other sites?
  14. I wish I could do a WTB thread for "want to borrow"....... Anyway, after borrowing and ripping a copy of the [Untitled] deluxe set without the packaging, I bought my own when it appeared on Discogs at only slightly above retail. I know I'm years late to this discussion because I saw it unfold in real time, but it really is the best packaging, design, and art direction of anything I've ever owned.

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