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  1. I remember the hall of fame thread, but it was just links to threads mostly without descriptions and details etc iirc, hard to read thru everything at this point lmao
  2. Listen, I hate lazy compressed vinyl mastering with everything I've got, but being remastered isn't mutually exclusive with sounding terrible. Most of the time I try to go for the original masters these days since so many modern remasters just sprinkle Jack Shirley dust all over the mix until there aren't any dynamics left.
  3. I joined this site nearly a decade ago and even at the time I had a lot to catch up on. The oldheads from the proboard days could probably assemble a coffee table book by now.
  4. Was about to say this...the uptick in hypebeast culture among vinyl collectors has bred a mentality of entitlement, which raises prices in situations like this. The rising costs create a greater sense of "I paid $XX for this, it should be the way it was advertised!". The cycle continues. People were insistent the bubble would burst when I joined this site 9 years ago. I've got no idea if or when that will happen.
  5. We are definitely at the peak of bullshit but I can't ever forget the $25 mewithoutYou/Say Anything 7" LATHE CUT in a brown paper bag generic sleeve
  6. Got the tour press and I'm rly happy with the sound of it, plus the packaging aesthetic is super cool. Never actually seen one of the CDs in person, so maybe it was the same way, but the vinyl packaging (and booklet) are ENTIRELY the same bright orange color, with detailing in translucent spot-gloss.
  7. insane how cheap these records used to be, not only because of inflation and shit but also they’re all tip-on gatefolds
  8. do you have anything to say that we might not know, or just generally any thoughts, regarding the child neglect/associated allegations and stuff? (i’m asking out of a genuine interest and pragmatism, not as a ‘gotcha’)
  9. it’s already there on the comp unless that got removed
  10. you can also use my referral link instead for trans rights http://rwrd.io/5wjsc4k
  11. https://www.discogs.com/user/DecayToDeath/collection I'll close this off once I hit a target $ amount, but I've got too small an apartment for the size my collection's grown & too many health problems to responsibly avoid thinning out at this point. Msg me with a list of whatever you're interested in, as there are some pieces I'm not keen to let go of.
  12. mine too! dunno why it’s so slept on comparatively, but i suppose they do have a rich discog of good choices.
  13. Unfortunately feeling this way except on the side of being simultaneously annoyed I missed out yet happy I didn't pay the sum.
  14. Sahan ended up engineering a safe way to ship everyone's tapes with their LPs, and those should've all gone out by now. If anybody with an order number up to #ECR1098 didn't get theirs by mistake, lemme know! The rest of the stock is being mailed to me so I can keep it with the other ECR records and handle distribution from here on out.
  15. I did shoot an email to the address listed on their facebook but never heard back. If you could let them know I'm serious about it and willing to do the legwork/put up the $ and defer as big a % of the profits to them up to 100% if they so choose, please tell 'em to hit me back at [email protected].
  16. If it’s still in stock I can buy it from SH and ship it to you, I dunno if that would cost any less tho
  17. Can someone put me in contact w these dudes so I can reissue RF thru Energy Crow and finally have a copy for myself lol
  18. wow that's shockingly low for something like this esp with the custom packaging

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