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  1. Bought the rough trade before I saw that VMP would have an option. I’ll have to decide where to go once it gets announced.
  2. That’s gotta be based on your history, doesn’t show that way for me with my browser or if I try it in incognito
  3. Ah goddammit I’m gonna be in PA when that happens. Thanks for the heads up, though.
  4. I like the way the early bird looks. Less so than the original mock, but I still think it’s cool. Also, initial impressions on the album are pleasantly surprised, there was really just one done I didn’t care for.
  5. Probably because of the slew of internet weirdos who think he's being a misogynist for having a similar album and song name to Mitski
  6. On top of this, I wish they'd add certain factors like "gatefold" and "180 gram" to the list of checkboxes that are default instead of freetext descriptors so that when you're looking at the list of variants that are all different colors you don't run into a bunch of the same "first-three-characters" on the list of descriptors
  7. This record is surprisingly good for how much I hate Mom Jeans, and I forgot to grab one from the Halloween press, so I guess this is a good opportunity for me to fix that.
  8. I really shouldn't give specifics cuz I was told this stuff in confidence but it boils down to what some people in that scene already kinda knew, which is that Connie and Jesse are really hard to work with.
  9. One of my friends is close with one of the now-former members of the band, the tensions going on between all of them is wack.
  10. He reminds me a lot more of Ariel Pink meets Lemon Demon than Ween, but I do think he's pretty good nonetheless. My buddy is close with him and says he's gonna try to keep the stuff in print (with several pressings rather than one unlimited run) and is also debating whether or not to release his upcoming 100-song project in a box set or just not do physicals at all.