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KRAZYFEST to return in 2011(!)(?)(!!!)

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I just think it's ridiculous that in one weekend I saw:

Boy Sets Fire


Dillinger Escape Plan

Further Seems Forever

Alkaline Trio

Saves The Day

Dashboard Confessional




Poison The Well

Small Brown Bike


Stretch Arm Strong

American Nightmare

and more.

Nothing will ever live up to their lineups.

Agreed. What makes me angry is how clueless I was to metal/hardcore at the time, so most of my Saturday was spent bitching about the rain and the "boring" bands onstage. To think, I got to see Botch and American Nightmare but have literally ZERO recognition of it -- argh!

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the jazz june to play the Medicine album

Backed. I had several opportunities to go to Krazy Fest and was always like, "eh, I'll do it next year." I should start punching myself anytime I say that because apparently I have some gypsy power to end shit merely by having that thought. The Dismemberment Plan broke up after I said that one time. Fuck me.

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Krazyfest was definately a good time.

seeing: Indecision, Original save the day lineup, Elliott playing in the rain, Snapcase, boy sets fire.

I drank river water from the Ohio river to stand on stage While Snapcase played, The MC guy said if anyone had a Snapcase tattoo to come on stage, I had one on my back. When Snapcase was getting ready to go on, I was on the side of the stage, and the singer comes up to me and says "God damn, I hate our intro music." shakes hands with me then walks off.

and the Krazyfest hotel was another story, at one point we had something like 50 people in one room, and there was a dude standing on the bed that was doing something crazy with his nutsack, its all on video somewhere.

the merch area was also unreal, so many good finds and labels.

one year we stayed at the same hotel as either Bane or Converge, and Jeff jawk was with them, I watched him tear up a bible and throw it in the pool, lets just say the hotel management was not happy.

and if your in the know you know what "VKHC" stands for.

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I went to 4 and it was incredible. Fri and Sat were amazing. I remember being so tired and not giving a shit about any bands on sunday. I laid in the grass in the shade of the tower and just rolled through out the day to stay in the shadow as the sun moved. I remember a lot of Donks in that town. There were always like 3 or 4 at that gas station. The road trip to KF ruled too. Felt like we were driving 120 miles an hour listening to Motorhead and Hope Con the whole way.

Would seriously consider going depending on the lineup. Will also bring the Snake with me.

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