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Posting a Picture

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Hi there,


A completely embarrasing noob question to ask but...


How do I put a picture in my post???


Do I have to upload the pictures to something like instagram/photobox and link them in from there using the image button in the options above?

Or do I have to use HTML tags and or copy/paste the picture in? The copy/paste thing didn't seem to work...


An answer please, once you've all finished laughing ;-)



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so it doesn´t work - can i somehow post a picture rom my laptop harddisk, like copy and paiste it from my desktop?

theres a sign comin up that i can use images of this extensions....bla bla...

what is the maximum extension i can use to paiste it in there? :blink:

You have to upload it to an image host first (e.g. imgur).

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